Massaquoi, Hardesty not doing much in training camp


The Browns entered training camp with big questions at wide receiver.  The team didn’t add a free agent as some fans hoped, and the guys in place haven’t eased any fears.

Presumptive No. 1 receiver Mohammad Massaquoi hasn’t practiced at all.  Browns coach Pat Shurmur says Massaquoi is out indefinitely with a “bone bruise” while Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer says Massaquoi has a small chip fracture on his left foot.  Mike Holmgren hopes Massaquoi isback next week.

Rookie Greg Little is tentatively scheduled to start. He’s been able to get open at training camp, but keeps suffering from drops. The Browns say they will get Josh Cribbs the ball more and second year undrafted player Jordan Norwood has opened some eyes.

While the wideout group looks like a work in progress, the backfield is more established. Peyton Hillis is the No. 1, Brandon Jackson is the clear backup, and last year’s second round pick Montario Hardesty still isn’t practicing as he recovers from a torn ACL.

The Browns say this was always the plan for Hardesty, but it’s hard to expect him to be a contributor early in the year at this rate.

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  1. Who cares who the WR’s are, they need a QB who can throw to them. This offense is doomed, the only hope is Hillis who very well could suffer from the madden curse… No one outside of Cleveland thinks Colt is a starting QB….

  2. Massaquoi got his bone bruise from watching tape of James Harrison. He was just lucky it wasn’t an actual fracture.

  3. i dont think massaquoi was ever the “assumed” #1 robiskie has been solid in camp and little will end up being the #1 they have been looking for. the undrafted fa chris matthews is a a great sign and has great potential. if heckert and holmgren think their receivers are sufficient, i am cool with it, they know more than you and me, well at least you

  4. Shakier health wise? talent wise? Both?….

    I love how writers can assume these type of things before a season has started and before a new offense has been installed. Who wouldn’t look shaky if transitioning to a new offense when there was a holdout? Its not like the Browns went to the playoffs last year either.

    Heckert & Holmgren have a plan and I’m glad they didn’t spend a ton of money on an average WR (Sidney Rice). Pay the players that produce when you have a strong nucleus to build around and not when you are starting from scratch basically.

  5. “We’ve been peddling for half an hour Mo, and we’re not getting anywhere. I think these bikes are broken. How about a little bocce instead?”.

  6. They had plenty of cap room and a couple decent FA WR options. I would say the fact they didn’t add any might have more to do with Shurmur/Holmgren/Heckert feeling that the scheme will fit the current group better than last year’s scheme did. Bradford fared pretty well for a young QB with average WRs under Shurmur.

  7. Holy wow. I’m a Browns fan, and therefore go to Browns-related articles. If I spent my whole day typing gibberish about teams I didn’t like, I’d probably be forced to re-evaluate my life.

    And further, Colt McCoy very well may not be the answer, but he certainly showed enough last year to be given a fair shake.

    ….and tonymontana, why don’t you tell me who outside of Cleveland thought that late round fullback was gonna be donning the cover of Madden this year, you tool.

  8. Even with all these issues I still think they get out of the basement of the division thanks to the dismantling of Cincinnati. But chalk up 4 easy Ohio team games to each of the Ravens and Steelers thanks to the great divide within this division. That should give them a nice head start on the free spending Pats and Jets.

  9. Gonna be a VERY long season by the lake. I think this offseason strategy was all in on Andrew Luck.

  10. It’s not going to be that long of a season, we all knew what to expect this year. Dropping from #6 to #27 or whatever it was, that was a clear indication that we need a couple more years of solid drafts before we do anything spectacular. In the meantime, we figure out what we’ve got on offense in our young guys — both at WR and QB. This is the year to figure out who’s going to hold his own from the group of Massaquoi, Robiskie, Cartlon, and apparently Norwood is throwing his hat in the ring too. Likewise, we’ll see if McCoy has got the physical tools to back up his impressive leadership skills and drive to win that he showed everyone last year.

    We’ve been strapped in for this sort of season for a few months now.

  11. Looks like Colt is going to have to use his runningbacks and tightends alot this year. Thats always the best gameplan for a young quaterback anyway. hugh??? Do you think Holmgren is smart enough to be doing this on purpose??? Did he build a team for a young quaterback to be successful? By Stacking up pass catching runningbacks/Hillis,Jackson and tightends/Watson,Moore,Jordan it looks like it.

  12. WCO is made for what the Browns have. It takes time to build, they are looking to build a dynasty, not a one year wonder. Colt McCoy will be fine, all of you who dont think he will be any good, just look at his games last year, he did pretty well against the Jets, Pats and Saints, all top tier teams.

    Who needs free agency, why spend big money on some old veterans or “possible” good players….i.e. Sidney Rice, hes unproven other than one good year. WR’s Robiskie, Little, Massoquoi, Norwood and Mitchell along with Matthews will be fine

    Not to Mention the TE’s Watson and Moore, Evan Moore will be one of the many surprises in the league this year!

    Browns 8-8, Steelers win the division, Ravens in 2nd and Bungles win 2 games because I am feeling generous.

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