Mike Shanahan: “I’ve never even insinuated a starter”


Redskins presumed starting quarterback John Beck was limited in practice Monday because of a groin injury, but hopes he’ll be recovered enough by Friday to suit up in Washington’s preseason opener.

But will Beck be the starter?  Mike Shanahan says he wouldn’t assume that.

“First of all, I’ve  never mentioned a starter,” Shanahan said on NFL Network via Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog. “I’ve never even insinuated a starter. I said I had a lot of belief in John Beck, I had a lot of belief in Rex Grossman. We’re gonna play the best player at the end of camp, but I do believe in both those guys.”

Shanahan is right. He never said Beck was the guy. The guy Shahanan wrote a book with — ESPN’s Adam Schefter — first declared that Beck was going to be the starter on ESPN on draft weekend.

We’re not sure whether to read much into Shanahan publicly keeping his options open, but it makes sense. If Beck tanks in the preseason, Grossman should at least have a chance to be the guy.

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  1. At this point, I’d likely rather have Kellen Clemens starting than Beck or Grossman.

  2. Not that i’ve ever cared what Shanarat had to say, but you really should edit your headlines before you post them. You know, to catch typos and stuff.

  3. Without an “under the table” salary cap and a QB at least as good as Elway, Mike you will NEVER win another SB. The players on your team hate you!

  4. Just like usual, a head coach is a mastermind (as long as they have a great QB), see: Belicheck, Dungy, Shanahan, (bad qb no mastermind)see: Belicheck(Browns), Dungy(Bucs), Shanahan(Broncos post Elway and Redskins), I dont think any of these coaches are that smart….more lucky than smart

  5. You know what John Madden always says; If you have 2 starting QB’s , you really have none, because if you had one you liked, he’d play all the time. I know he managed to blame last year on McNabb , but I have the feeling the game passed Shanahan by several years ago, while he was on “hiatus”.

  6. Schefter and Shanahan writing a book together years ago doesn’t mean as much as you seem to believe about what Schefter knows about Shanahan today. Obviously.

  7. Honestly, with the Redskins, it’s all about managing expectations internally. I really think if either Beck or Grossman work out, it will be a surprise bonus. No one expects anything out of these guys and, while Shanahan has praised them publically, as PFT has pointed out, the salary numbers tell the real story. That said, what is Shanahan supposed to say about Beck: “he sucks?” That’s pretty naive. He needs to avoid making the mistake he made with McNabb and not tear his QBs down in the media, even if he’s not sold 100% on them.

    So, if Shanahan is not sold on Beck or Grossman as long term, then why not take a QB this year? The answer may be obvious, that the Redskins are on a multi-year rebuilding plan. They didn’t take a QB this year because they didn’t see someone they liked in the draft as a long term starter. Then, why not get Palmer or Hasslebeck or someone? Because they are doing a youth movement to build for the future and not trying to win the SB this year. That’s the mistake they made LAST year. Instead, draft and aquire needed players that are young, available, and cheap this year, so they are in place for next year. If Beck or Grossman strike, then it’s a bonus. If they fail, then draft a QB. Not necessarily luck, but Barkley or someone else even.

    So, why do I say it’s all about managing internal expectations. All this business about how Shanahan has to win now or he’s out come from people who have no say over the Redskins organization. The person with say is Dan Snyder. If he will give Shanahan more than this year to build the team, then actually, no they don’t have to have the QB of the future this year. It all depends on how they are managing expectations with Snyder. Shanahan should be telling him internally, “boss, we may go 5-11 this year but we are setting the table…” Only if he’s not doing that, is he in trouble.

    But the media woudln’t know that because he’s not going to say that publically. We’ll see how it plays out.

  8. thats what happens when you get old your faculties go. this guy is stating I have no idea who is my QB at this point and we all know if you have no QB you have a losing record…..last place guaranteed.

    Boy…talk about total dysfunction in this org. same old same old with this org…LMAO.

  9. I wouldn’t want to play poker with Shanahan, for every lie, there’s 80% truth. The Redskins are clearly rebuilding, Rex signed a 1 year deal, Beck has a 3 year deal. These 2 will probably both play this throw away season, and The Redskins will get their long term QB in the draft, Rex will be gone and Beck will be the experienced back-up and mentor. As a Redskins fan, I’m not looking forward to the embarrassments that lie ahead this season.

  10. gulaid26 says: Aug 8, 2011 12:54 PM

    Does Shanahan even know what a good Quarterback looks like?


    Sure, his teams make sure one lines up for the other team every week.

  11. In other words, Mike is just realizing HE’S SCREWED! !

    Mike to McNabb: Please come back, you never have to wear a wristband again.

  12. Wouldn’t be surprised if all that Beck love Shanahan was saying months ago was to get Rex to sign at 2nd string money. Rex is making around 1.5mil, which is still more than Beck. The D should improve a lot from last year, but this is probably going to be a very long season on the O side of the ball.

  13. boysroll says: Aug 8, 2011 1:02 PM

    thats what happens when you get old your faculties go. this guy is stating I have no idea who is my QB at this point and we all know if you have no QB you have a losing record…..last place guaranteed.

    Boy…talk about total dysfunction in this org. same old same old with this org…LMAO.
    meh, look who crawled out from under the Texas cactus. 😀

  14. majicman you miss the point. The Skins have been so dysfunctional the last few years it is what gets the attention. It’s one thing to be in rebuilding mode but to give up what they did to bring in Haynesworth and McNabb (and those are just two huge mistakes) only to have an egomaniac coach bench them immediately and subsequently get rid of them for nothing is absurd. If Luck is there when they draft I would pull an “Eli” if I were him.

  15. Shanahan wouldn’t know how to develop a QB if he had one with talent to develop. He has been a failure when it comes to taking a young QB and making them a star.

    The only two QB’s he coached, which brought him success were Elway and Plummer. Both of these were establish pros when he coached them. He has no idea how take a young qb and make them a pro. He and his son are basically ruining the career of Beck and any young guy who wants to grow as qb.

    Snider’s biggest mistake in the long run just might be the hirering of Mike and Kyle Shanahan.
    Not Hanseworth, Gibbs, Portis, correcting newspaper articles, not Zorn(though that was stupid) no it probably is hire this guy and his boy.

  16. Shanny just needs a little time to measure which QB has the cardiovascular endurance to play 4 quarters.

  17. I know he managed to blame last year on McNabb , but I have the feeling the game passed Shanahan by several years ago, while he was on “hiatus”.


    Actually, if you look, it passed him by about 1998 when that guy wearing # 7 decided he’d had enough… since that point Shannahan did nothing with the Broncos, except take advantage of a weak AFC west when he could. 1 playoff win against NE… in the snow, that took a BS PI call for him to get… other than that, his teams got blown the hell out every time he sniffed the playoffs. I just don’t get why people don’t realize what little success he had was with Elway after they gave him a ground game to work with… without Elway and Davis, the rat was a pretty average coach….

  18. As a redskins fan I feel they are headed in the right way. The only scary part is not having a Qb. I personally dont believe grossman or beck will get it done this season, but I like how Mike is trying to build the team then get his franchise QB. It would make no since to have a young QB on this team, all he would be set up for is failure until he gets a good supporting cast.

  19. Get use to the coach’s Shanahanigans. I’ve been saying for years that Elway carried coach Mike, but few Bronco fans will agree.

    His drafts are weak, he ignores defense and he is a control freak.

  20. @bwisnasky: Come to think of it, you’re right , it didn’t pass him by while he was on hiatus, it happened while he was still with Denver. I guess between Elway and Terrell Davis, Shanahan got credit he really didn’t deserve; people just assumed he must be a great coach because of the Supe he won in Denver.

  21. @ Boysroll….Man you really need to shut up! Did`nt your Cowboys finish last with an equal record of 6 and 10? You can talk about the Redskins QB situation all you want but Dallas secondary is in worse shape than the Redskins QB situation!
    Anytime Rex Grossman can throw for over 300 yds and 4 TD`s this says volumes about your secondary!!!! Terrence Newman=Bum!

  22. “I’ve never even insinuated a starter. I said I had a lot of belief in John Beck, I had a lot of belief in Rex Grossman. We’re gonna play the best player at the end of camp, but I do believe in both those guys.”

    Had? Does that mean he came to a conclusion that they are not starting caliber QBs?

  23. you guys should go after Culpepper that’s the only option out there for you and he’s a lot better, even at this stage, then any QB on your roster. and at least your security guards would recognize him.

  24. Bengals aren’t trading C.Palmer, Kolb wasn’t going to get traded within the division and Orton is a stop gap QB.
    You just learned a hell of a lesson in trading for McNabb, yet you guys want them to do that again?

    Build your team through the draft, pick up free agents that fit your team and build some cohesion in the locker room. The Redskins are slowly doing that…it’s gonna take time, btw the rookie cap has actually made it easier to trade up in the draft to acquire a higher pick, so it doesn’t necessarily matter what their record is. I expect them to be better than last year though. 7 or 8 win team max.

  25. Wow, Shanarat already talking out of both sides of his mouth. Shocker there

    Up next, a report that Shanahan rates “McNabb as a top 5 QB in this league”

    This guy is nutty, too many hours next to Al Davis

  26. After seeing what this “Coach” has done to the Redskins, I am grateful for the fact he didn’t go to the Cowboys! What an egotistical piece o work! This guy is the little kid who was bullied in school and now has a chance to torment people.

  27. Hey you casual idiot fans who only watch Sportscenter tell me this..Which of the 3 have won an NFC championship Game, Been to A superbowl, Way over 500 as a starter, and threw for 300 yards in 2 out of 3 starts last year while sitting on the bench for 2? Your answer on who the QB should be is the easiest decision anybody in the NFl can make..The guy was leading passer in the Nfl in week 17 with trash as receivers..They now have Hankerson and Gaffney things willbe much better..might even see a 400 yard game or two..Would had one last year if not for the drops..

  28. Skins beat the Best teams in the NFC last year..Chicago, Green Bay and Philly..u really think their that far off?

  29. Was the 2011 QB class as deep with quality talent as next year’s class? No

    Would a new QB, drafted or brought in, have ample time to learn an entirely new offense in is lockout-shorted off season? No

    Is this Rex’s 3rd year in said offense, as well as Beck’s 2nd? Yes

    Other than the QB situation, did we address the team positively through the draft? Yes

    Free agent/Trade pick ups? Absolutely

    Were we the 2011 ‘off season’ champs once again? No

    Are we headed in the right direction? You betcha

    I, for one, find this approach refreshing…HTTR

  30. davemeisner says:
    Aug 8, 2011 12:53 PM
    at least the QB (whoever it is) will have a strong game with…. Ryan Torain and Keiland Williams?!!

    … good luck. with. that.

    People that post on this site are so stupid sometimes.. hey man, if you hadn’t noticed, the Redskins traded for Tim Hightower (a good RB if he could stop fumbling the ball) and have some very good prospects in Helu and Royster. People need to learn to check their damn facts before posting on this site.

  31. 5-11 season coming here. Man the Redskins are going to be bad.


    Perfect spot…Deion’s speech was horrible. So dramatic and overdone and to much god reference. Just embarassing really. It’s the same thing when rappers accept their awards at award shows.

  32. My fellow skins fans need to come back from the ledge.

    It might be a cliche but it’s true; things are never as good or as bad as they seem. The skins might not put a lot of tallies in the W column next year, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the level of play of the guys on the team not named Beck or Rex. Heck, they might be able to actually *gasp* raise the level of play of a mediocre QB.

    People have screamed for a plan and for reality based management of this franchise for over a decade; now that it’s actually happening there’s burgundy and gold hoards marching on Ashburn ready to put Shannahan’s head on a stake. SMH

    Like good love making, this thing takes time.

  33. It is baby boy Shanahan that has created this mess (Beck vs. Grossman = LOL) & yes, rexsuperbowl06, Washington is as far away from a championship as the Cincy pinstripes are. Andrew Luck must be thinking now that Carolina wasn’t such a bad option after all.

  34. Didn’t he say he’d risk his reputation on John Beck? Right… This guy needs to go away. Poor Redskins lol

  35. @ baddegg

    Not one person read your ridiculously long post. I took one look at the size of that thing and kept going. Im just going to assume your a redskins fan so i will thank you in advance for the two wins this year

  36. Their playing games with Rex, they realize they have to keep pushing him and making him think the job isnt his..Rex will win the job easy just like he did over Orton in Chicago..If you dont like those last 3 games Rex started your out of your mind. 2 of them were for over 300..Im a bears guy and Cutler I dont think has thrown for 300 yet..or maybe just once..Rex did it twice sitting out for 2 years..The kid is obviously talented and if you wanted those last 3 games you got to see some throws that not many Qbs in the league can make. If your depending on finding another Manning or Brady your not gonna find it. Play good D, protect Rex and watch the wins rack up

  37. ravensfan4life52 says: Aug 8, 2011 2:09 PM

    you guys should go after Culpepper that’s the only option out there for you and he’s a lot better, even at this stage, then any QB on your roster. and at least your security guards would recognize him.

    I would probably worry more about Flacco and his ability to gel with his new (and inexperienced) supporting cast. I do like the Ricky Williams pick up, though. Ratbirds runnin game should be pretty damn fierce this year..

  38. “I’ve never even insinuated a starter”? Maybe that’s because you don’t have one currently on your roster?

  39. OK All of you fantasy GM’s where was Shanahan going to get a QB for this year? McNabb sucked last year. If he drafted one there is no way they would have played this year with the lockout and not having the offseason to learn. A bunch of cluless people that dont understand football comment on here. And to the one who says the game passed Shanahan by when he was off years ago… Hey moron he was off one year and went around visiting teams and watching game tape. The media jumped on Shanahan because he “disresprcted” McNabb. Oh well…tough s&&t McNabb sucked last year missing open receivers, throwing balls in the dirt and smile walking off after throwing a pick. But the media has always been afraid to say anything about him.

  40. I have been a Redskin Fan since 1971 and I have seen the good & the bad with the Redskins. You so called skin fans need to shut the hell up. You hate on Shanahan but he did not destroy the franchise Vinnie Cerrato did. I took him 12 years to make us the laughing stock of the NFL. Mike cannot fix it in 1 year. The mistake he made was in aquiring Mcnabb but we have had a good off-season except the QB position. As for Beck let’s see what he can do before we crucify him. He did have very similar stats coming out of college that Aaron Rodgers did. Rodgers sat for 4 years and this is Beck’s 4th year. Hail to the Redskins

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