Report: Pryor plans Friday Pro Day


Though he has yet to be declared eligible for the August 17 supplemental draft, former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor plans to work out for scouts on Friday, August 12, according to Len Pasquarelli of The Sports Xchange.

Pryor will engage in the Pro Day workout at an undisclosed location in Pittsburgh.

There’s still no guarantee that Pryor will be included in the pool of eligible picks.  As Pasquarelli reports, former Georgia tailback Caleb King also has applied for the supplemental draft.  Given that King has flunked out of school, his path to the supplemental draft is more clear.

Thus, it remains possible that King will get in, and that Pryor will be left out.

There’s a school of thought in league circles that the NFL will find a way to exclude Pryor, ostensibly to ensure that players can’t render themselves ineligible for college (and thus eligible for the supplemental draft) at will but as a practical matter to please the keepers of the NFL’s free farm system.

37 responses to “Report: Pryor plans Friday Pro Day

  1. Mr. Pryor will not be hanging out there very long. He is a new wave QB and teams are wising up. 6’6″, 250lbs and very mobile, um, where have I heard that before? He comes in with the physical attributes to be very good for a long time. Good luck Terrell.

  2. Jets should scoop him. fills the void brad smith left. rex would love him– he’s great on his feet

  3. Certainly a mmmmmm prospect. Potentially, a mid to late round pick…in next year’s draft…could net a Cam Newton-esque prospect. If a team got his kid with, say, a 5th…and he did BETTER than Newton…a GM could drink free on that move the rest of his career.

    If he’s eligible, someone will roll the dice.

  4. His ego is too big for him to do anything at the pro level. He doesn’t deserve to be in the NFL. His behavior at OSU says it all.

  5. So if you are too stupid to get decent grades, which are handed out like Halloween Candy, you can get in, but if you are smart enough to sidetrack the almighty “system” you’re not worthy.

  6. Does anyone understand the rules of the supplemental draft? Who gets first dibbs, and what penalty does the teams get that draft a player? In other words, if the Dolphins picked one of these guys do they lose a pick in next year’s draft? It doesn’t seem right that someone could pick up next years potential top 20 draft pick for nothing. Someone please enlighten me.

  7. Letting Pryor in at this point could set a nasty precedent. I know he was suspended for a few games and he subsequently quit but has he been declared ineligible by the NCAA for this year? Without that, I would think he has to wait until next year for the NFL.

  8. Pryor getting ready to be a 3rd string QB eh? This guy has shown nothing in college that indicates he will be a successful NFL QB. Move to Slot receiver and maybe get some playing time.

  9. I don’t see how they can keep Pryor out. It becomes a human rights issue if they try to stonewall him at this point. NFL has a lot to lose in terms of their draft rules, etc. if they push the point.

  10. I fail to see why it’s not known if he will or will not be eligible. Ohio State declared that he was banished from the football program for five years. He is ineligible for college and thus eligible for the supplemental draft process.

  11. He will go undrafted. If he were white, he’d be picked with a 1st rounder and installed immediately as starter by he team that drafted him. He is a great QB and a winner. Didn’t any of you watch that Rose Bowl?

  12. I think he has the potential be a fantastic wide receiver. But as a quarterback? Too weak of an arm with questionable accuracy. Maybe if he lengthened his arm action instead of pushing it like a dart thrower, he could throw harder. He’s the anti-Tebow, anti-Kaepernick.

  13. The NFL may very well exclude him from the supplemental draft. Pryor may very well sue to be included. He may very well win the suit. There are no clear rules about Pryor playing football anywhere but in the NCAA. Big Whoop.
    There should be some rules in place to make certain that rule breaking NCAA athletes, administrators and coaches don’t get Wall Street like golden parachutes. Most of these guys break rules and rarely have to face the consequences. That is unless you consider moving onto play or coach in the pros or an administrator just taking a similar job at a similar school.
    Keep Pryor, Tressell and OSU administration out of NCAA and professional leagues until The OSU is off probation and sanction.

  14. if I was a GM I would take a mid round flyer on him, 6’5″ 250lb athletes who can move like that don’t grow on trees. Maybe not a QB but as a TE/WE. Forget what he did at OSU, that’s behind him now

  15. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my Steelers take a chance on him. I mean he is from PA. and lets face it he may be a little shady and immature ,but man can he runs fast as a gazelle. and he is super athletic and I think his personality would fit in well with all the classy responsible veterans we have here in Pittsburgh.Plus Ben is looking like Crisco lately (you know fat in the Can) ha ha I made that up myself! So he could be a great #2 QB. He may be just what we need to get us our 7th. ring baby! woo woot HERE WE GO !

  16. good luck to whatever teams picks up this garbage qb/player. actually i shouldnt say that because i guarantee itll be the dolphins adding ways to make this team more of a circus.

  17. Sorry, it’s not a “human right” to be in the supplemental draft. Or any draft for that matter. You have a basic misunderstanding of the term “human rights.”

  18. kcfanatic They go in the same order they did last year. The teams put in a bid. They take the team that drafts him the highest, so whoever puts in the highest bid gets him. They then lose the round they pick him in. So if the Fins take him in rnd 3 and they are the highest rnd pick they get him and lose their 3rd rnd pick.

    briang123 You are so right the whole NFL is racist. Maybe it is because the guy is selfish and talentless. Man I get tired of hearing that. Years ago a black QB was passed over, but that is not even close to being true anymore. Keep up with dumb posts though.

  19. @briang123….Lets pull the race card in the NFL…..cause nobody gets a shot without being white, right? Your comment was by far the most ignorant asinine thing ive ever read. white or black it takes talent, and pryor is a joke, PERIOD! Ohh, and the whole race thing….name one NFL team that doesnt have a black guy on there roster…..exactly!

  20. Come on you guys….everyone has missed the boat. Pryor was born to be a Bengal……..that’s so easy to call!

  21. Really….some people need to stop getting caught up in things that they have no knowledge of. Who knows what’s going on @ osu? These things happen all of the time. Just like the Yankees pick up all of the best player’s (which they can do because the have the money to pay all off those pay roll hits) its life they’ll get caught sooner or later, because u can’t control greed.

  22. But at the same time the whole bday ranking is a joke. So how can they try to penalize schools, when they can’t even even control the rankings…sorry for the rant lol.

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