Brady Quinn gets more snaps with No. 2 offense


The Denver Post said it a week ago: Tim Tebow’s real competition in Broncos camp is with Brady Quinn, not Kyle Orton.

After a lackluster performance in the team’s scrimmage over the weekend, Tebow mostly watched Quinn get the majority of reps with the No. 2 offense on Monday, according to Josina Anderson of FOX31 and the Denver Post.

Tebow is No. 2 on the depth chart, but the Broncos brass may want to see how Quinn looks against better competition. He had a strong scrimmage against the No. 3 defense on Saturday.

The Broncos are going to be one of the most fun teams to watch this preseason.

63 responses to “Brady Quinn gets more snaps with No. 2 offense

  1. Honestly, does anyone REALLY care about this? Do we need a daily update? I mean, who gets up and says “can’t wait to see where Tebow is on the depth chart today!”?

  2. The one other NFL QB you can most closely compare or equate Brady Quinn to in terms of stats and experience, is Kevin Kolb. Only significant difference is that Kolb was with a much better team and coach.

  3. i remember when me and tebow where accountability buddies at pray the gay away youth camp. he told me he would be a starting nfl qb. and, i thought that wasn’t the most ridiculous pledge he made that day.

  4. Honestly, does anyone REALLY care about this? Do we need a daily update? I mean, who gets up and says “can’t wait to see where Tebow is on the depth chart today!”?

    This type of news is more welcome than the updates we were getting a few weeks back. I’ll take depth chart updates over arrests and labor talks any day.

  5. Horrible story.

    Why dont you report who’s the 4th string TE or who’s backing-up the back-up DT?

    Tebow-mania is almost over. Hopefully he can fade into obscurity like Favre. Great guy, not-so-good player

  6. cakemixa says: Aug 9, 2011 10:54 AM

    Honestly, does anyone REALLY care about this? Do we need a daily update? I mean, who gets up and says “can’t wait to see where Tebow is on the depth chart today!”?


    It’s the first thing I do when I wake up. I love watching Tebow unravel as I have always said he would.

  7. i guess I am glad that Kyle is still here cause I would hate it if Quinn started for the Broncos, cause we all know he likes to choke under pressure

  8. Yeah. Nothing more “fun” than seeing who ends up with the title of “least crappiest QB on a team that will be picking in the top 5 again next year” goes to.

  9. Like I said before, Tebow will be lucky to win the back-up QB position. I guess Merril Hoge does know a thing or two about NFL QB’s….

  10. As much as I’d like to see Tebow succeed… I just can’t see it happening. However, I am not a football scout, and the guys on the Broncos get paid much more than I do to make these decisions, so hopefully I’m wrong.

  11. Maybe Denver can trade Quinn for something. Lord knows they won’t get a thing for Saint Tebow, and trading Orton is as good as throwing up the white flag on the season.

    McDaniel stuck them with a first-round pricetag on a guy with scout team skills.

  12. If you can’t beat out Quinn you can’t beat out anyone. Quinn doesn’t have the arm strength to throw a 15yd out route or other passes you need your NFL QB to make. All his passes in all his starts dating back to Cleveland where short little passes across the middle. Passes anyone can do. You can get away with lobbing them in college but not in the NFL.

  13. These stories about the Broncos scrimmage are really starting to irritate me. I’m a huge Tebow supporter but I think Kyle Orton should start and let Tebow sit for another year. But these stories come out and say that Quinn is doing better with the No. 2 offense then Tebow did. Well of course he did! If you read the stories Tebow was playing with the No. 2 offense against the No. 1 defense. Quinn was playing with the same offense but against the No. 3 defense. How about PFT stops being so biased and give the facts as they are. (And no I’m not just saying this because they dissed Tebow.)

  14. Quinn is a better quarterback than Kornpone Kolb. He was in 2007 when they were drafted, and he is now. Craziness.

  15. How about the fact that the only media outlets that SHOULD be giving daily Broncos QB updates are the Rocky Mtn News and Denver Post? Never before can I recall a 4-12 team getting this much national attention….on a bunch of non-stories.

  16. 2 words Tebow should familiarize himself with if he wants to get on the field. Tight End.

    Tebow alwasy talks about how God is leading him and he is listening. Well, if I can hear God scraming “You can play in the NFL you just cant play quarterback!”…then why cant he?

  17. Wow if Broncos are wondering if Tebow should even be a back up then he’s got problems. That throwing motion is always going to be a hinderance.

  18. Timmy Rah Rah wears those “WWJD” (what would Jesus do) bracelets…..

    I know exactly what Jesus would do. Not let that bust Timmy Rah Rah play QB…….

  19. The Paris Hilton of the NFL, for a third string QB he sure receives a bunch of Media time. Funny how the number 1 Pick in the Draft is lucky to receive a quarter of that, white black, black and white you think?

  20. Can someone explain why people care so much about this kid? Why is he so different than any other successful college player that has been drafted with high expectations? I just don’t get it….and nobody has made sense of it. This whole thing is making Denvers fan base look like a bunch of tweens at a Justin Beiber concert

  21. Tim Tebow is one of the biggest frauds ever to stumble onto an NFL roster. He has played the religious card almost to perfection gaining fan support and sympathy despite the fact he does not anywhere near the talent to be an NFL quarterback.
    Tim Tebow will be out of football in 3 years.

  22. Good to see Donkeys got three quarter backs, they’ll need all three come opening night. Code Black! !!!

  23. @xxspartanx109xx

    I think biased is the wrong word, I think they are sensationalizing the whole QB situation.

    Is it really so shocking that a QB battle is being won by the more experienced player?

  24. The Broncos have 50 other problems on both sides of the ball and if they are not addressed, it won’t MATTER who the quarterback is. But let’s focus on how Tim Tebow should be the starter just because he’s a celebrity, even though he can’t even beat out Brady Quinn.

    Luckily, the Broncos have made a lot of progress this offseason and have their list of issues down to about 25. Kyle Orton will be the starter and the team will be better because of the other, more important issues they’ve addressed so far this year. Tim Tebow is a non-story until he proves he can play.

  25. @wannabeqb Is it really that surprising the two QB’s who actually have some TALENT are winning the QB battle?

    Tim Tebow will be out of football in 3 years or less. Mark my words.

  26. I will tell you why this site is doing this. They want to see Tim fail. Why do they want to see Tim fail? Because he has convictions and stands for something most on this site hate. What does he stand for and what do many who operate this site hate? Christ.

    It will be interesting to see if they let this comment on the board.

  27. As a Cleveland fan I’ve seen Quinn play alot, he does have some talent, he just was on a talentless team and some bad coaches. If he is given a chance with a O line and some WR”S he could be very good. The media and the “browns” stigma tend to overhype the negatives about players.

  28. “Tebow is the LeBron James of the NFL. OVERRATED!!!!”

    Really?? And you are baseing that on what….daily updates? The fact is he was 1-2 as a starter last year. Until he gets in there and starts, you can’t make a career judgement. Even if he does start, chances are he’s not going to successful right now. Very few go in and dominate in the first couple of years of playing. For every Flacco, there are many more who struggle to learn how to play the position at this level. Lastly, it ceases to amaze me that people clamor for Orton and he won three games last year.

  29. hobartbaker says: Aug 9, 2011 11:46 AM

    Quinn is a better quarterback than Kornpone Kolb. He was in 2007 when they were drafted, and he is now. Craziness.


    Bakerboy, you missed your calling. The Redskins could benefit from your brilliant QB assessment skills.

  30. When will people realize that college success does not equal success in NFL? Leinart had a much more successful career and he flopped. Being surrounded by unbelievable talent, especially on defense and in an offensive system where he didn’t have to make too many reads, is setting him up for failure, not success. There’s a reason why just about every single Heisman Trophy QB since the early 90s has been a bust in the NFL. They’re not tough enough to deal with adversity or were in the perfect COLLEGE system.

  31. @mikehamdan
    Maybe Quinn is a choker, or maybe not. I really can’t make those assessments from the less than 10 games he played in 3 years for a Cleveland coach whose offense consisted of run, run, dump-off pass, punt. I am not a BQ apologist, but I don’t like seeing a young talent destroyed by a dumb-bell coach and a head coach who had treated the kid with the spite directed toward an unwanted child. If Tebow, given all the chances the football gods can convey, is that bad, don’t you think Quinn, with some good earthly coaching, could do better? Remember, Quinn played very well in the shadows of “touchdown Jesus” and Notre Dame.

  32. Let’s not forget that Brady Quinn had all kinds of endorsement deals and was all over the commercial when he was drafted. What a complete bust.

    If the Broncos are smart, they cling to Orton like a bottle of water in the desert. He’s their only option.

  33. Let’s not forget who Brady Quinn played for in college. He’s not a bust yet. He hasn’t been given the best oppurtunity. C’mon he was drafted by Cleveland who had one of the worst O-lines. Give him a decent chance and you’ll see why he’s getting more snaps than Tebow. Kyle Orton only has a good 2 years left.

  34. Quinn deserves a chance. He was with a pop warner team in Cleavland and last year falls to number 3 on the depth chart with Denver. He has a cannon for an arm and is a tough kid.

  35. “As a Cleveland fan I’ve seen Quinn play alot, he does have some talent, he just was on a talentless team and some bad coaches. If he is given a chance with a O line and some WR”S he could be very good. The media and the “browns” stigma tend to overhype the negatives about players.”

    As a Cleveland fan, you’re either lying or you didn’t watch many games. Guy has the arm of a 12 year old and the accuracy of a weatherman. He didn’t have much talent around him and he had some bad coaches, but that doesn’t explain away his inability to hit freakin’ water if he fell out of a boat.

  36. The irony is that Brady Quinn was the media darling in Cleveland when Derek Anderson was the starter. The fans all wanted the bright-eyed new comer BQ…and he sucked. Now he is looking in the mirror in Denver. Any words of advice for Tebow, Brady?

  37. Wait, wait, wait – so Brady Quinn is a quarterback and is not a Medicine Woman?????
    I feel lied to.

  38. Wow, misinformation everywhere.

    1. Cleveland does not have one of the worst Offensive lines. Their O Line is actually pretty decent. Quinn never played a game where Joe Thomas wasn’t protecting his blind side. Now, if you want to shoot them down, you can complain about their WR’s, but just assuming that Cleveland has a bad O Line b/c they are never any good is false.

    2. Not even Quinn’s mother would claim he has a cannon for an arm. Maybe you’re thinking of Derek Anderson.

  39. If you don’t like the Broncos, Tebow, Orton or Quinn why are you even reading this article at this point and taking the time to complain about it? Seriously… I am not a Favre or Kolb fan so I skip all the damn articles about them on this site. Bitching, whining and moaning is for other sports not football.

  40. I’ll explain it like this. My college roomate was a no studying beer drinking fool! He made straight A’s and now he’s very wealthy Lawyer. What im trying to say is we saw Brady in Cleveland and Orten in Chicago. They were mediocre at best, F##$ who’s better in practice put Tebow in and lets see what he’s got. I do know one thing Tebow won a national championship and played in the Sec that more of a resume than ether of the other two Lum’s on the team! Hell if he fails blame it on the fans or Josh McDaniel! On the other hand if they play Orten or Brady and fail, John Fox can bend over and kiss his ass goodbye!

  41. the real competition is who is sexier between Brady and Tebow, I have Timmy with the better biceps while Quinn has the better face

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