Colts’ Gonzalez: NFL players use HGH, “Could be 10, could be 100 or more”

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Colts receiver Anthony Gonzalez is a vocal supporter of the decision by the NFL and players’ union to subject players to blood tests for human growth hormone, saying he’s sure some players are using, and suspects it’s a lot of players.

“How many guys are on it, that’s hard to say,” Gonzalez told the Indianapolis Star. “It could be 10, it could be a hundred or more; either way, it’s too much. But around the league, you see guys on Sunday, and things don’t add up; they don’t look right. I see guys I saw in college, now they’re in the NFL and they look totally different. I don’t know how prevalent it is at this point, but to say that it’s not being used, that’s wrong.”

Even an estimate of 100 players using HGH would be low compared to what some unnamed players told Mike Freeman of, which is that 10 percent to 20 percent of NFL players are using HGH. If 20 percent of the league is on HGH, that would work out to 10 or 11 for every 53-man roster, or more than 300 in the NFL as a whole.

Gonzalez says that before the agreement to test for HGH, players figured they were much more likely to gain an advantage from using the substance than they were to get caught.

“To think it [HGH] isn’t out there is really ignorant when you consider what can be gained by it with very little risk of getting caught,” Gonzalez said. “Before testing, the only way you got caught was if you were arrested with it or ended up on a supplier list.”

Although the exact details of HGH testing still need to be worked out by the NFL and the NFLPA, both sides agree that randomly selected players will be subjected to surprise blood tests during the season. The NFL is the only American sports league that has such testing.

74 responses to “Colts’ Gonzalez: NFL players use HGH, “Could be 10, could be 100 or more”

  1. If anyone, Gonzalez is the one person that needs hGH. Sombitch can’t stay healthy, even with his fancy hyperbaric chamber. hGH is a great treatment, but it shouldn’t be allowed in sports.

  2. shocker..Hgh in NFL.. next.. let them do it for christ sake.. random testing will now be controlled by Goodell and of course only test those that hit illegally right..I bet Pitts Harrison is the first one tested! they love picking on him cause he’s a badass!! ITS THE NFL… They breed and support weightlifters..this isnt baseball or hockey!!!!!!

  3. performance enhancing..???????? look at that picture of Anthony Gonzalez….see those “gloves” on his hands ?? an 90 year old woman could catch a football with those on …they are really tacky ..better than stikum (sp?)……this league and the media need to get their heads out of butts

    like gulaid26 said …..the fans dont care about this issue ….it is not an issue

  4. If nobody took HGH and simular drugs everybody would be on a level playing field. There is no reason that everybody should have to juice to stay in the game. Besides this is sending a skewed message to the kids. I hope that can fix the problem and the players would benefit from not having to juice. I know there is two sides to every story and my opinion is just one side.

  5. Atleast we know who the snitch is. I was wondering how Mannings head got so big! Wait, HGH don’t give you a big bobble head? ? Hmmm… the mystery continues.

  6. Unbelievable none of you are placing any value on the use of HUMAN GROWTH Hormones in any sport. First off from a health standpoint its just sad. Second off, this goes out to all the fans of lamer teams, dont you want to see an even playing field? I mean it is cheating is it not?
    SO if youre okay with HGH you should be okay with how the Patriots won a bulk of their championships in the first decade of the millenium… cheating

    Get Real

  7. The reward greatly outweighs the risk unless they make an honest effort towards testing. Otherwise you’d be stupid not to take it off you were some practice squad bum trying to get noticed and establish a career. Or you were some special teams also ran trying to earn a starting spot. Or some average starter trying to earn a big payday. Or a star trying to get in the HOF…

  8. Gonzalez basically just confessed to using HGH. He also sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber. Weido.

  9. @ottograhm, look man you can keep living in a fantasy land and pretend everybody in the NFL or any sport is noble, but the fact is everyone is looking for an edge. the scientists are always a step ahead of the regulators and since the beginning of sport people are looking for ways to get better at any cost. anyone who doesn’t think they wont find a better way, or adjust is just lying to themselves. also the general public does not give a damn in the end its entertainment.

  10. Of course he’s all for the testing. The guy is a tier 3 or 4 player. There are a lot of players using HGH that ends up keeping players like Gonzalez out of jobs. Without HGH and other PED’s, a lot of good players would be thrown on the scrap heap.

  11. The league hates the Steelers as much as all of you do.. Can’t wait til the league hits them w/ “random” testing so all you haters have to come up w/ another excuse that pittsburgh is better than your team.

  12. That last sentence sounds a little confusing. When i said “good players” i meant the ones that are extending their career by using PED’s.

  13. It’s sad that even NFL players don’t understand the use of HGH. It is not ‘performance enhancing’ it is ‘performance sustaining’. It helps the body to recover from injury more quickly. It’s not like a steroid, it’s not for getting stronger, or faster, or bigger, or more explosive.

    It simply speeds up the healing process, something that the game would surely benefit from. It should certainly be allowed. What a stupid, pointless witch hunt.

  14. If an advantage exists that is either not clearly illegal or there is no way to get caught some, people will take it. Millions of dollars are at stake.

    I think it’s more like 20% of the league doing HGH and/or Steroids from time to time and likely a very high percentage of players that have done it at some point in their life.

    The effects of Steroids don’t completely go away when players stop taking them. Much of the gains remain, and with HGH it is more so, where gains are nearly permanent given a continuous work our schedule. Look at Barry Bonds and his hat and shoe size changing. That doesn’t ever go back to the way it was.

    To get to NFL level muscular size players have to do something. There are running backs that are 5’9″ and 210 lbs that can do over 30 reps of 225 on bench press. That’s probably a max bench of over 400 lbs. Players just can’t get that strong coming out of college without something.

  15. They could start by putting posters of The Blessed Individual Of Carolina’s head in all the schools to warn of the long term effects.

    I think it is being given to young kids by over ambitious parents. Todd Marinovich Syndrome taken to the lab level.

  16. Any of you that really think illegal use of HGH and/or steroids is OK are truly ignorant beyond compare. Most fans do care about the issue.

  17. Do you really think they are going to be testing the best players… You know the only ones subject to random testing are going to be the ones who straddle the personal conduct policy line and second and third stringers… They know the superstars are too valuable to the product on the field.

  18. I’m going to assume that the clowns who would prefer Goodell go spineless/Tagliabue when dealing with deviants and rulebreakers are also in favor of no HGH or steroid testing.

    At least you morons are consistent.

  19. if the league tips off high profile players then it is useless. i don’t think they are as concerned about ped’s as they are about looking concerned about ped’s

  20. Explains James Harrison’s fines and inability to control himself on the field….. 6… As in 6 Times Troy was burnt in the Superbowl lol….

    Ed Reed > Troy Polamalu

  21. Gonzalez really doesn’t have to worry about HGH since he is soon to be delivering packages for UPS.

  22. Gonzalez is 100% right. I’d definitely say more than half of the league is on hgh.
    The only positions that wouldn’t require it so much would be the kicking positions, wr, cb and maybe qb. Pretty much everyone else is taking or has taken something.
    Great genetics are possible for some but look at a majority of these players bodies. That is not natural I don’t care how much you lift.

  23. Breaking news. Aqib Talib gets suspended for shooting his teammates with HGH.
    Talib will appeal, claiming his teammates we’re beating his sister.

  24. It’s amusing how much fans of other teams are obsessed with the Steelers. I’m not usually one to say something like that but it’s getting fairly pathetic.

  25. Some of these comments make me laugh and others puke. I love when the steroid issue pops up because the normal fan is so totally ignorant on the subject but also so willing to run their large and very stupid mouths on the subject as well. Clueless ramblings above for the most part.

  26. at first I thought he was talking percentages with that 100 business. He must think he’s funny if he really thinks only a few dozen guys are using.

  27. @gulaid26

    by no means do i find anything about any ofthese players noble. In fact born and raised in Pittsburgh I have found that just about everyone on our squad lacks any integrity or humility next to Troy. But when it comes down to it you cant put yourself above the game. Using HGH is putting yourself above the game and theres no reason it should be allowed in the NFL. Thats the point I am making. Regardless of their “nobility”. There is not one player that should be allowed to use this garbage and get away with it. Im excited to see alot of these names dissapear and the draft and free agency start pumping clean players into the game. That does in fact bring some “nobility” to the game. Could care less about the players.

  28. I agree with some above.. this could get ugly real fast..and they know it..which is why the testing will be “random”. If teams were tested together than you’d have half a team suiting up on Sunday..and then ticket holders screaming and wanting their money back!!!! I say Screw HGH testing and let them kill each other if they want too..we”d buy more tickets!! and stop with the “kids get the wrong idea” testing this wont help that..they”ll just be more careful!!!

  29. and people knock the Steelers cause they draft the hbest and hardest hitting Linebackers.. which is why they have the best and scariest defence! GO STEELERS!!!!! When Worilds gets his break this or next yr they will say the same crap about him..he”s too dangerous..he hits too hard… This is the NFL.. stop crying!

  30. I wonder what percentage of Steelers hate is actual jealousy of their success, and how much is a reaction to some of the absolutely ridiculous behaviour/homerism/blind love from a few of their fans here.

    For me, I wish my team had a few SB wins; would be fun. On the other hand, some of the folks on here make me laugh. And not in a good way.

  31. I’d say if the NFLPA or whatever you’d like to call it during negotiations allowed HGH testing then the simple conclusion is the players have moved on to something better than HGH therefore they are not worried about being tested for HGH.

  32. Not to say Gonzalez uses HGH, but players in his “position” are some of the most likely to benefit.

    If you were a player on the bubble, and were in serious jeopardy of losing a roster spot, and thus several hundred thousand dollars, anually, wouldn’t you do just about whatever it took to keep that paycheck???

    I think we all know the answer is yes.

  33. Good call on the sticky gloves comment. HGH doesn’t belong in any sport, which is why I can’t believe the league ever let players wear what amounts to two palms of double sided tape.

  34. To those ignorant posters who say the fans don’t care about HGH or steroids, you do NOT speak for the majority of real fans who care that the game is played clean and with integrity. Perhaps you should take a look at your own lack of character and honesty if you condone cheating.

    Most people have values and don’t wish to teach our children that cheating is ok.

  35. Maybe he is saying that there are way to many Colts players using it!!! That’s how Manning got the big head! lol

  36. @6bigbenrapecharges6 You get my nomination for user name/comment of the year.

    I’m by no means a Steelers hater, but a small handful of fans (granted, they’re mostly band-wagoners) really make that team/city look like nothing but trash.

  37. stairwayto7 says: Aug 9, 2011 11:57 AM

    Clay Mathews, Ray Lewis, Shawn Merriman, Brian Cushing, DeMarcus Ware enjoy your 8 game suspension!

    I thumbed this up originally before I caught the name. If I’m inferring the meaning correctly and you are a Steeler fan, this has got to be one of the more hypocritical comments I’ve read on this site.

  38. Baldinger asked gabe carimi on live nfln tv what hes doing to prepare for the season. gabe carimi says he just went on a cycle, pauses akwardly, then corrects himself and says workout cycle. LOL He was very anxious by how quickly he was talking and one could easily tell he was being honest before he realized what he said. Now being a normal man who has been involved in athletics for 25+ years i know he didn’t mean anything else but the obvious. It was a very funny live tv moment baldinger gave him funny look too. haha

  39. Couldn’t agree with you more tjg25…what a joke.

    @granadafan…what sport do you think there is a level playing field??? Racing, football, baseball, hockey, basketball, what about golf???

    I can drive the ball over 300 with Tiger’s clubs!

    Go ahead and test for it…guaranteed the new and improved hgh is out there and is being bought as we speak.

    Why not…I’ll shoot that sh@t in my arse if you give me a 10 million dollar contract.

    Don’t go giving the health issue either…where are the dead bodies if it’s that bad?

  40. I bet that 90% of all NFL players are currently using, or have used at one time, AAS and/or HGH.

  41. “both sides agree that randomly selected players will be subjected to surprise blood tests during the season. The NFL is the only American sports league that has such testing.”

    Why not test the entire team? Once the rosters are set, have everyone on the team tested. It’s expensive, but if you don’t want drug use in the league, then you test everyone–that way no one slips by. Then randomly give the test a few more times throughout the season.

  42. Integrity, for the most part, is gone. Many people on here are defending cheating. They aren’t just trying to maintain, they are trying to get an unfair advantage. That said, the testing used by the NFL is a joke. They may as well set up an appointment 3 weeks in advance. Make it truly a random system with no advanced notice. Failure to comply should equal a 1 yr suspension and so should any confirmed positive test.

  43. edreedisgod says:
    Aug 9, 2011 12:00 PM
    Explains James Harrison’s fines and inability to control himself on the field….. 6… As in 6 Times Troy was burnt in the Superbowl lol….

    Ed Reed > Troy Polamalu
    That is very debatable. What is not debatable is that the Steelers own the Ravens.

  44. Funny how your “defence” is so great but you still cant spell the word defense @jerzyman …. Pitt trash.

  45. Probably too late into the game here for most to read this but here goes anyway. (If any wish to double check me, I’m quoting straight from Mayo Clinic’s website, feel free to look this up yourself.)

    1) HGH does not enhance anybody’s performance. “Although it appears that human growth hormone injections can increase muscle mass and reduce the amount of body fat in healthy older adults, the increase in muscle doesn’t translate into increased strength.”

    2) HGH has many bad side effects that should be mentioned more often. “Leukemia has been reported in a few patients after treatment with growth hormone. However, it is not definitely known whether the leukemia was caused by the growth hormone. Leukemia has also been reported in patients whose bodies do not make enough growth hormone and who have not yet been treated with man-made growth hormone. However, discuss this possible effect with your doctor.
    If growth hormone is given to children or adults with normal growth, who do not need growth hormone, serious unwanted effects may occur because levels in the body become too high. These effects include the development of diabetes; abnormal growth of bones and internal organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver; atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries); and hypertension (high blood pressure).”

    To those above spouting misinformation, please read credible sources. To those above who’ve said they’d take it, please think again. To those who think this stuff makes athletes stronger, wrong. It’s not safe to use the stuff except for actual medical problems. Also, catching anyone will be nothing but luck as the body metabolizes it very quickly (within hours).

    To sum up: using HGH is a waste of time and potentially risky. Testing for HGH is a waste of time and money.

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