Dent snubbed Ryan and Ditka

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At first listen, defensive end Richard Dent’s Hall of Fame induction speech didn’t include any mention whatsoever of 1985 Bears defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan or head coach Mike Ditka.

As it turns out, I heard (or, more accurately, didn’t hear) correctly.  Dent indeed snubbed Ryan and Ditka.

John Mullin of confirms the apparently intentional oversight, explaining that Ryan “was hard on” Dent and that Ditka and Dent “had a frequently contentious relationship.”  Despite being a Hall of Famer himself, Ditka didn’t show up for this past weekend’s ceremonies.  Mullin writes that Ditka also frequently referred to Dent as “Robert,” apparently in a successful effort to get under Dent’s skin.  (At least Ditka used a different name of the male gender, unlike what a guy like Bill Parcells may have done.)

As Dent once told Mullin:  “Ditka was the reason we won a Super Bowl, and the reason we didn’t win three.”

Still, if Ditka was the reason the Bears won a Super Bowl, then Dent wouldn’t have been Super Bowl MVP but for Ditka.  And thus Dent may not have been a Hall of Famer.

So why not bury the hatchet once and for all?  Ryan and Ditka are old-school coaches, and anyone who has played for old-school coaches typically realizes with the passage of time that, even though old-school coaches can be gigantic pains in the butt, they’re simply trying to get their players to be the best players they can be.

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  1. Sounds more like a current player than a former one. Too ignorant to give credit to the two guys who had the biggest part in making him the great pro player he was. I’m surprised he didn’t just Stevie Williams them while he was at it.

  2. The Chicago Bears won the 1985 Super Bowl despite Ditka, and would of won acouple more if not for him.

  3. Did Ditka acknowledge Dent in his HOF speech? Players make those speeches from their hearts and generously thank those they truly believe made the biggest difference in helping them get there. Dent said what he believed he needed to – and didn’t say what he didn’t he believe he needed to.

  4. bury the hatchet?!?! well Ditka didnt show up, ofr his SB MVP, and Ditka called Richard ‘Robert’ after both retired, so the stuff about trying getting their players to be all they can be.. what a pile of bull.. Ditka, was an idiot towards Dent, always has been.. Buddy Ryan, well all the Ryans morally and ethically challenged, and never acts like adults, but Ditka, whould have be more style..

    I truly understand Dent snubbed Ditka and Ryan.. have in mind they were the adults and Dent were the youngster, and then to keep up provoking Dent after they retired is just low…

  5. Ditka was such a horribly overrated coach anyway. It was great players that won the Bears SB XX (that’s 20 for Bears fans), not great coaching.

    He was still a great player himself though.

  6. You’d think this would be a chance to bury the hatchet. I recall John Elway burying the hatchet with Dan Reeves at the HOF several years ago.

  7. Dent did the right thing. Those guys are old school racist jerks. They are looking worse and worse as time passes.

  8. As Dent once told Mullin: “Ditka was the reason we won a Super Bowl, and the reason we didn’t win three.”

    That’s very clever. Most likely accurate too.

  9. Pretty ridiculous. Can you imagine Peyton Manning doing this to Dungy in about 10 years. Saying we could have won more if it wasn’t for him.

  10. marvsleezy says:
    Aug 9, 2011 9:03 AM
    Dent did the right thing. Those guys are old school racist jerks. They are looking worse and worse as time passes.

    Huh? Racist jerks? Whatever. I probably couldn’t care less about the Bears but seems to me they won one Super Bowl with Ditka as their HC and none without him. That doesn’t make him a great coach but it puts him 1-up on all the others that have followed him.

  11. thetechnocrat says:
    Aug 9, 2011 8:39 AM
    Sounds more like a current player than a former one. Too ignorant to give credit to the two guys who had the biggest part in making him the great pro player he was.

    Utter nonsense.

    The idea that these walk into the NFL as undeveloped lumps of clay that are formed into great players by the wisdom and strength of their beloved coaches is antiquated and ridiculous.

    That may be true in high school or maybe even college, but not the NFL.

    Richard Dent would have been a great pro player if Cam Cameron had been coaching him.

    How great of a job did Ditka molding players into all-time greats in New Orleans?

  12. Getting elected to the HOF is a personal achievement. Dent can mention anyone or omit anyone he wants. Coaches like Buddy and Ditka are paid to gameplan and motivate. Whether you like the methods or not the results speak for themself.

  13. Robert – who werew you going to steal those other 3 SB’s from – the 49ers? You guys weren’t that good, pal.

  14. Wow. Big words from a guy who doesn’t deserve the Hall of Fame honor. Whatever. Good job Robert.

  15. Dent and Jordan, both seem to think they were successes inspite of coaching. You would think given their experience they would realize that all your experiences supported your success. This is true whether you agreed with them or not. This is particularly true for folks whose job it is to motivate you.
    Ungrateful ba….

  16. Shannon Sharpe did NOT mention Mike Shanarat by name either. Hell, he even named Dan Reeves and Wade Phillips.

  17. Statistically, Chris Doleman was a better defensive end than Dent. The one thing that Dent has that Doleman did not was a Super Bowl ring and a Super Bowl MVP trophy. Neither of those would have been possible without Ditka and Ryan!

  18. Bears NOT winning three more Super Bowls has more to do with having terrible QBs more than Ditka/Ryan. A great defense with no QB maybe can get you one, but that’s about it. Just ask Tampa and Baltimore.

  19. He didn’t slam them, call them out. He took the high road and talked about other things.Ditka and Ryan were both good coaches, but dicks!Obviously, this Pro Hall of Fame player felt disrespected even after all these years.Ditka didn’t even show up, was probably scared.

  20. Is it so wrong that Dent doesn’t think Ditka was his best coach? Or even Buddy?

    He also played for different NFL teams after Chicago, as well, so the memories may be different for him than others.

  21. richard dent was a great player, but so were several other d ends of that era.

    what separated dent was his playing on the best defense ever. buddy ryan’s defense. ditka coached the stuttering offense; buddy coached the all-time defense.

    from what i’ve seen over the years, most of the defensive players from that team love him. and look where they all ended up: mike singletary, leslie frazier, jeff fisher, ron rivera, and i’m sure a couple others i have forgotten.

    for dent to overlook the fact that the scheme was responsible for some of his success, and to decide to omit buddy from his speech is classless.

    and for those who think buddy is classless, how about the fact he cut chris carter (said with a straight face that calvin williams was a better wr) and let him take his hall of fame career to minnesota rather than telling the truth, which was that carter was a cokehead, which would have made him radioactive?

    carter knows this and has acknowledged as much. and of course buddy suffered the loss; fielding kenny jackson (who was running a restaurant in camden three weeks earlier) and greg “garbage” garrity as his starters in the playoff loss that year.

  22. Ditka is so overrated. Other than the 85 superbowl what did he do. Nothing…

    Really ?…….there is still a great number of coaches in the League who have zero Super Bowl rings.

    Dent and Ditka have no business carrying a grudge and should forgive and forget.It would make both of them a better person and quell their conscience. Pride and arrogance has no place here !!!!

  23. Maybe Richard Dent saw Ditka and Ryan do enough self promotion over the years that he figured they didn’t need his help.

  24. Ditka:

    Consensus All-America, 1960. . . Bears’ No. 1 pick, 1961. . .First tight end elected to Hall of Fame. . . fast, rugged, outstanding blocker, great competitor. . .Big-play star of Bears’ 1963 title team. . . Scored final touchdown in Cowboys’ Super Bowl VI win. . .Rookie of the Year, 1961. . . All-NFL four years, in five straight Pro Bowls. . .in 11 years as head coach of the Bears:

    6 Division Titles
    7 years in the playoffs
    1 Super Bowl

    As a player, 5x Pro Bowl selection (1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965)
    3x Super Bowl champion (VI, XII, XX)
    NFL Championship (1963)
    2x AP NFL Coach of Year (1985, 1988)
    1985 Sporting News NFL Coach of Year
    1988 Pro Football Weekly NFL Coach of Year
    2x UPI NFL Coach of Year (1985, 1988)
    1961 UPI NFL-NFC Rookie of Year

    Receptions – 427
    Receiving yards – 5,812
    Touchdowns – 43
    Fumbles recovered/returned for TD – 2

    On top of his excellence as a player, assistant coach, and head coach (only one of 2 NFLers to ever win a SB in all 3 roles), he’s also become a cultural icon, a business (restaurant) owner, a broadcaster, an actor, part-owner of the Chicago Rush (Arena League Champions), an advocate for retired players, and was a (one-time) politician:

    in July 2004, Ditka was considering running against Spendocrat Barack Hussein Owebama for an open seat in the U.S. Senate for Illinois in the 2004 Senate election. The seat was being vacated and leaving the Republicans in a bind. Local and national political leaders met with Ditka in an effort to persuade him to fill the spot on the ticket.
    On July 14, however, Ditka announced he would not seek the nomination, citing personal and business considerations (his wife was against the run and he operates a chain of restaurants). Unfortunately (for our country and our kids), Kenyan Barry Soetoro (Owebama) went on to defeat former ambassador Alan Keyes in a landslide in the November 2004 election, and eventually went on to become the Spender/Pretender/Campaigner/Teleprompter/Thief-in-Chief.

    Ditka came THIS close to saving our country from economic ruin!! If only!

    Anyway, the point of all this is to say:

    When Bill Swerski and co. liken Ditka to God himself — yes, it may be a bit of hyperbole…but not by much.

    Dent was no slouch either. Nor was Buddy.
    None of them would be where they are without some degree of positive influence from the others.

  25. I love all the idiots bitching about how he doesn’t belong in the HOF, despite being 6th all time in sacks, a Super Bowl MVP, and one of the 3 most important players on one of the most dominant teams in the history of the game. Does Howie Long not belong? Or John Randle? How about Lee Roy Selmon? Jason Taylor doesn’t have a ring, does he not belong, too?

    Get a grip, people.

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