Maurice Jones-Drew: I won’t apologize to Jay Cutler

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Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew led the charge of players ripping Bears quarterback Jay Cutler on Twitter as Cutler sat out the second half of the NFC Championship Game. Having reflected on it for several months, Jones-Drew isn’t sorry.

In an interview with NFL Network, Jones-Drew said he has no regrets about going on Twitter and saying Cutler should have finished the game despite suffering a knee injury.

“I don’t regret anything I do,” Jones-Drew said. “You think about everything you put out there. I’m not going to be one of those guys to say, ‘I shouldn’t have done it.’ Because I did it. I knew what I was doing when I tweeted it. I just didn’t know that many people were following me at the time.”

Asked if he had apologized to Cutler, Jones-Drew said he hasn’t seen Cutler but sees no reason that he would need to reach out.

“I haven’t gotten a chance to, but I wouldn’t apologize because I didn’t do anything wrong, I don’t think,” Jones-Drew said. “I didn’t commit a crime. I didn’t kill anyone or rape anyone or anything like that. I mean, I stated my opinion, and it seems like you get more backlash for that than committing a real crime in some sense. I feel like I didn’t do anything wrong, I just said what everybody else was thinking.”

108 responses to “Maurice Jones-Drew: I won’t apologize to Jay Cutler

  1. coming from a guy who was in a playoff race late until last year and didn’t play due to a knee injury. Why do we care what he says?

  2. I didn’t rape anyone (Big Ben), I didn’t kill anyone (Ray Lewis) … I just stated my opinion (Cromartie).

    I like it.

  3. 4 some reason I don’t think Cutler gives a rats u kno! But MJD why didn’t you finish the year?

  4. solid reasoning skills. does anyone know if MJD got finished his degree?…..

  5. Shows arrogance and immaturity on his part to think he shouldn’t ever regret anything he does and see no reason to apologize.

    I hope the situation gets reversed on him sometime.

  6. He was out of line. That deserves an apology. One would think that a guy who chose his jersey # based on the # of teams that passed on him would understand that. He was upset that the teams felt other players were better. Cutler has a right to be upset about MJD’s thoughtless comments.

  7. Ain’t nuthin wrong wit appoligizing when your wrong that’s the problem with some athletes these days won’t own up to mistakes! He put out false info say my bad!

  8. Jones-Drew said,

    “I didn’t committ a crime like when I came out of UCLA in the draft and pummelled a defenseless student at Denny’s with three of my boys”

  9. immature. hasn’t grown up yet. be a man, admit that you spoke out of school because you didn’t know the whole deal. punk

  10. See alot of this attitude these days–No character!

    Nothing I do is wrong, so I can do anything I want.

    Do we really need pro sports?

    It just creates the worst people and those people seem to have the most kids.

    Let’s just put all sports under the Olympic banner and celebrate this stuff every four years. Play with your kids. Read a book. Write a book. Learn to juggle!

    We waste too much energy on these idiots.

    I quit.

  11. Stay classy! Twitter is the real joke! Impulse , off the cuff! 98% of what comes out is debatable by class standards.
    I think Cutler is soft and just doesn’t have the ” warrior ” in him (#4)
    but players already sound stupid most of the tine, give them a twitter act???? Lol, recipe for disaster’

  12. ampats says:
    Aug 9, 2011 8:44 PM
    Jones-Drew said,

    “I didn’t committ a crime like when I came out of UCLA in the draft and pummelled a defenseless student at Denny’s with three of my boys”

    don’t forget he used the student’s laptop to beat him

  13. I think he could have put it better, but I think what he is saying is that before he put’s anything out on Twiter he thinks it through and he has conviction.

    MJD was right if you want to lead a team you have to lead by example. It’s implied that as a franchise player sometimes when a big game is on the line you have to put it all out there. Players respect guys who walk the walk not sit on the bench.

  14. Probably shouldn’t have tweeted or responded to a reporter bringing it up again, but he did run the ball almost 300 times for 1300 yds in 14 games on a run first offense (everyone in the box) on a meniscus and cartilage he tore in the preseason and kept quiet about it till he could no longer go in Indy, and is finally just about healed from surgery.

    When was Cutler’s surgery for his sprained MCL?

  15. I always thought MJD was a bigger man than he obviously is. A big man could admit that even though his opinion hasn’t changed maybe he should have kept it to himself. Instead he proves that his stature matches the kind of man that he is–a small one

  16. I never thought I would say but I hope Jay kicks the Jags arse the next chance he has. MJD needs to shut his yapper. Has he even sniffed the playoffs?

  17. wassup with players with hyphenated last names.. I thought those only apply to girls who wanted to keep their maiden names

  18. When they did an MRI on MoJo’s head, they were amazed to find that for the past few years he has been playing with a “bone on bone” situation.

  19. the diff from MJD and cutler, jones-drew hurt his knee playing in the pre season and and played the season esp for 2 games , still was the start tailback in the probowl

  20. It wasn’t criminal, Maurice. It was just a classless move from a guy who ought to know how a bum knee can keep you on the sidelines sometimes.

    From a guy I thought had more class, too.

  21. He’s not wrong, Cutler quit on his team when they were on the cusp of a SB berth. But, its very ironic that MJD would choose to criticize him for that when he himself sat out against the Colts because of his knees when a playoff berth was on the line.

  22. Jones-Drew said. “I didn’t commit a crime. I didn’t kill anyone or rape anyone or anything like that.”

    Because yeah… an apology would be warranted then I guess. Good grief.

  23. “I didn’t commit a crime. I didn’t kill anyone or rape anyone or anything like that.”

    Right… because murder and rape are things that warrant an apology. That would make them OK…

  24. He was valid in his opinion…he just needed to finish the season himself, which he couldnt. Cutler “I couldnt care less” image and body language will haunt him…

  25. Too bad class and talent rarely go hand in hand anymore in the NFL.

    MJD, you’re one of the most talented losers in the NFL. Have fun watching more playoff games from home.

    Now say what you want about Cutler, but he didn’t respond to any of this crap. He’ll just go out there and kick the hell out of your team next time.

  26. Im not into how much MJD runs his mouth these days. Too much bad energy. Gabbert gets drafted, he tweets bad energy. Cutler sprained his knee, went out to play in the 3rd and had to come out. Talk that his knee isn’t fully healed? He blurts out something about Rashad Jennings not needing to take away his carries.

    His hyphenated name, by the way, was to put his late Grandfather’s name on his jersey. He was a mentor, but had the last name “Jones.” He was Maurice Drew until his Jr year when his Grandfather had a heart attack at a game and died.

  27. At least he didn’t say, “it was taken out of context!!” i hate that phrase almost as much as “it is what it is.”

  28. wow pride can be a bad thing ” I don’t regret anything I do” really? must be the first perfect human ever created. how bout taking the high road MJD.

  29. Without knowing the whole story, Rush Limbaugh criticizes Donavan McNabb so obviously its racist.

    Without knowing the whole story, MJD criticizes Jay Cutler so obviuosly its constructive critism.

  30. “the diff from MJD and cutler, jones-drew hurt his knee playing in the pre season and and played the season esp for 2 games”

    He still took himself out of the Colts game with the playoffs on the line…so he should know what it feels like to quit on his team

  31. Who even cares what this shrimp has to say? Just shut up and keep thinking of yourself as a ‘media’ darling because that’s all you are, just like flapping your gums which is fine, just turn the station or OFF when you come on, punk.

  32. This is NFL Network interview is a NON-story that has chosen to report, for what? Anyways, onto commenting on this “article”

    First of all, it was unnecessary for the NFL Network interview to bring up MJD’s comments via a TWEET from LAST season. What was the point? Unless he was trying to stir up some controversy..

    Second of all, I see where MJD feels like he doesnt need to apologize – it was his opinion. Does anyone need to apologize for their opinion? Everyone has an one. On top of that, these are grown men – I doubt Cutler even cares. If he does, he is just bein a sissy.

    I see a lot of comments that he was out of line for what he said and he should apologize for his mistake. What did he say that was exactly out of line, which warrants an apology? And what mistake did he make, that also warrants an apology? The only mistake he made was making his opinion public which caused football fans to question his character; that is a mistake he made on his personal image. His comments dont warrant an apology to Cutler.

  33. Cutler played a total of zero snaps on his phantom injury and MJD played 14 games with a real injury to his knee.

    Cutler is a punk who got benched because he was playing like crap. Some random no name scrub backup came in and played slightly better than him in that game. The Bears didn’t want to catch too much flak for benching their QB in a playoff game so they lied that he had a real injury.

    to nflhof, yeah MJD sniffed the playoffs when he scored 2 TDs and had a 96 yard KR to help the Jags beat the Steelers in their own house in 07.

    to ampats, MJD has never beaten anyone up at a Denny’s. Get your facts straight.

  34. Good for MJD for sticking to an opinion and not backpedaling at the slightest bit of backlash. It’s a breath of fresh air in today’s media world of forced, fake apologies for just PR sake. I love athletes on twitter because you get real opinions that are hell of a lot more entertaining than listening to the same canned, generic answers to the same questions at every press conference.

  35. He’s right. If Cutler had any guts he would have insisted on playing. If the coach then decided that he was hurting the team by playing, then the coach would have pulled him from the game. But a player should never pull himself from a game. That’s the coach’s job. Say what you want about Mike Vick, but Andy Reid would have had to order him off the field. He never would have voluntarily left a game as long as he could stand up.

  36. good to see him back up what he said instead of offering some fake ass apology…and he was saying what everyone else was thinking

  37. “I think what he is saying is that before he put’s anything out on Twitter he thinks it through and he has conviction”

    That’s the problem with Twitter in general. People tend to tweet before they think… if anyone cares what they think anyway.

  38. PFT needs to apologize to me for not posting a new story in an hour and a half.

    We’ve got a lot of time to make up for here, people. Keep ’em coming.

  39. So the only thing you need to apologize for is rape and murder? Nice reasoning, superstar! The next time I accidentally bump into someone at the grocery store, I’ll tell them to shut their cry holes, that I did it, and I don’t apologize for nuthin’ unless I killed or raped somebody. We have now all been liberated from being decent human beings by an idiot in a #32 jersey.

  40. He’s telling the truth. Stating one’s opinion is more damaging than commiting a crime in this society.

  41. If Cutler is a wuss in the way he went out then so would Jones Drew. It seems like Jones Drew should be the last person to speak out on an injured player sitting out considering he sat the last 2 games of the season when they only needed to win 1 to make the playoffs.

  42. This jerk sat out the last 2 games of the season, with his team having the division lead, due to a knee injury. But I guess that is alright. Just another dumb ass who likes to hear himself talk and see how many followers he can get. You’re my boy Jay.

  43. To the last few morons above that seem to think Cutler took himself out of the game, refer to the earlier adjective.

    He was taken out of the game by the staff. He played more than your guesstimate of, “zero snaps” too. He was actually hurt during the second quarter. During half time, he got a shot in his knee hoping he would be able to go back out there and play.

    It took one series for the staff to realize he couldn’t plant his foot. They took him out, not Cutler.

    I also don’t want to hear anything about his pouting or whatever. Fox showed every clip they possibly could of Cutler to try and make him look bad. I know quite a few people that were at that game. Bears and Packers fans. They all said he was more involved than what the cameras were showing and surprised to see how bad Fox did showing Cutler.

  44. Well he may be correct in expressing his opinion but it isn’t very polite.

  45. Keep in mind this is coming from a guy who’s kneecap can explode on the field at any given second… yea. Credit to him for sticking by his opinion though and not going the BS route that everyone else does.

  46. Its his opinion and he has a right to it. Same as all of you so don’t give him crap about it. Difference is he did not attack Cutlers character like most people who post about players here

  47. He’s such an ass crack. Did he have any comments on himself being a soft pansy with the playoffs on the line when he sat out the last couple of games last season.

    His radio show should be called: “Sitting it out with the playoffs on the line with MJD” on Sirius XM Radio.

  48. Maturity is refraining from expressing an opinion which is insulting to other people. Anyone can shoot their mouth off…and many get their lights dimmed for doing so. Urlacher has Cutler’s back – MJD might need to apologize to Brian before the next Rams – Bears game.

  49. As usual more wanna be football fans..first off ninjapleaze you’re an idiot. Jones-Drew changed his name after his grandfather passed away whom he was very close yeah you’ve already made yourself look like a fool. Second, Jones-drew played with a tear in his knee for most of last season yet still came in 4th place in rushing while missing tthe final two games..again you people are idiots. Third playing for the java with a 4th string qb who they just picked up, having lost to the colts and the volts winning their next, it was play and risk 60% of your offense for next year or sit, have suregeory, and be ready for the opener next year. All this while facing 9 men in the box unlike foster,. Learn about football and then post stuff…otherwise go be cutlers boyfriend, I hear he’s single. This coming from a saints fan too.

  50. I recall him sitting out two games because of a similar knee injury, while his team was competing for a playoff spot. Some aggressive reporter should ask him why he’s the biggest hypocrite in the NFL?

  51. I love how some you guys are ripping MJD, calling him names, and saying that he needs to grow up… How many of you same guys were also calling Jay Cutler weak and other things during and after that playoff game?

  52. i’m not a fan of either of these players but i really dont get why cutler has taken so much crap for this. the man hurt his knee and tried to return to the game and he just couldn’t go so he came out. players come out of games and even big games all the time and i’m sure that cutler did not play his ass off all year long to get to the nfcc game and decide to say oh well i’ve gone far enough i think i’ll quit now.anyone who believes this is a complete idiot.and as far as his body language goes i would think cutler simply accepted what had happened and knew there wasn’t anything he could do about it.would some of you prefer that he pull off his helment and sit on the bench and cry in front of the cameras?then he would catch a bunch of crap about being a crybaby i suppose. this is just real unfair to cutler and mjd of all people has no business passing judgement especially because he has done the same thing-i guess it was different for him tho-mjd is a pos

  53. mjd does say some stupid things. like “shouldn’t have drafted gabbert. so far gabbert sounds like a stud. didn’t know mjd was the jaguars gm.

  54. MJD you hypocritical little skirt. Shut your pie and apologize. Your only good for 3 fantasy games a year anyway. Whoever drafts you before the second round should be locked up

  55. In the end…MJD is right. He didn’t commit a crime and he does have the right to state his opinion on things. It doesn’t mean, however, that he has a right to question other players heart and desire. Dangerous game you play when you are questioning the severity of others injuries and their will to play. I wonder if he bangs up his ankle or knee this year… if people will extend him that courtesy. Just cause something is legal dosen’t mean its in good taste.

  56. “I didn’t commit a crime. I didn’t kill anyone or rape anyone or anything like that”

    In the literary world this is called “foreshadowing”

  57. I don’t understand the obsession in today’s society with “keeping it real” or whatever they call it. Dude needs to keep his damn mouth shut about things that don’t concern him.

  58. Well, the truest part of MJD’s quote is the part where he said: “I don’t think.”

    Thanks for clarifying that for us.

  59. cobibones13 says: Aug 9, 2011 9:32 PM

    Cutler played a total of zero snaps on his phantom injury and MJD played 14 games with a real injury to his knee.

    Thanks for being so very wrong in the first part of your comment–saves me from having to read the rest.

    I love all these people sharing all the first-hand knowledge they have of the situation. I wish I had shelled out for whatever TV package they had that puts you on the sidelines and the lockerroom to hear exactly how it went down.

    Bottom line: The two most vocal leaders of the clubhouse–who in the past have had no qualms about criticizing teammates and the franchise–came out immediately and vehemently to Cutler’s defense. That tells me all I need to know.

    And not for nothing, but people who were at the game said that Cutler spent most of the time sitting next to and talking with Hanie when the offense was on the sideline. I wonder why Fox didn’t show that.

  60. Yeah, Cutler is totally a wimp by taking a enormous amount of sacks all year, including like 9 in one half!!

    Total wimp. Haha shut up MJD, who is jacksonville anyway, your team blows.

    Bear Down!

  61. 808raiderinparadise says: Aug 9, 2011 8:35 PM

    I didn’t rape anyone (Big Ben), I didn’t kill anyone (Ray Lewis) … I just stated my opinion (Cromartie).

    I like it.
    I didn’t rape anyone (Mark Sanchez), I didn’t kill anyone (Donte Stallworth) … I just stated my opinion (Cromartie).

    There, I fixed it for you. Mark Sanchez is the only active player to be CHARGED with rape. Stallworth actually killed someone.

  62. I dont know why any player in their right mind would intentionally piss off another team/fanbase in the NFL. Hard to tell what the future holds and it could make for an ackward meeting if MJD ever wants to become a bear in his career.

  63. All this time later, it seems to me people are still debating the an incorrect reality.

    1) Cutler “healthy” was playing like crap in the NFCCG.

    2) He hurt his knee, not in a deeply painful way, but in a “can I/he go MECHANICALLY” sort of way.

    3) The Bear braintrust seemed to have decided that maybe –

    Cutler playing like crap + a mechanics altering injury MIGHT = improved performance, so he played a couple of more series. It couldn’t be much worse.

    4) They didn’t offset, so they pulled him.

    Cutler was mainly pulled for not getting it done. The team doesn’t want to say so, Cutler doesn’t want to say so. The injury didn’t help the matter, but if he somehow was getting it done on a laterally wobbly knee, I’m sure he would have stayed in. But he wasn’t, before or after, so why leave him in? Something needed to get done, and Cutler playing at a 5 out of 10, and then falling to a 4.5 out of 10 after the injury, pretty much left few options for the braintrust.

    But at no time do I think Cutler pulled himself out of the game because of pain. For the first half of the 2010 season Cutler was a walking tackle dummy, and he just got up and took more. Do I detect that sour and dour attitude everyone else does? Sure I do, but the reality is he continually got the snot beat out of him and he kept playing.

    It wasn’t pain, it was performance.

  64. Again fan base chooses whom they chew on or love by stupid comments by a certain player. Again who is MJD to throw stones at anyone.

  65. Another scumbag in the NFL. There are just certain players. I lovehearing about getting hurt, because they deserve it. This MIDGET is another one on my list.

  66. really?….this hate on MJD?
    Did anyone really read what he said or are we still goin’ on this “Media says this guy is a jerk, let’s jump him!” bandwagon?….

    C’mon, everyone called out cutler, that’s the bear’s coaches fault that they didn’t inform everyone on the severity of Jay’s knee….

    so without the information, MJD called him out….

    Do people get their panties in a bunch when Larry Fitzgerald tweeted that “Matty ice melted”?

  67. ramsfanjoe says

    MJD, and your winning record is? Why don’t you shut up and actually win something before you run your mouth.
    This is to funny coming from a team in the worse division in the nfl.
    I could care less about fantasy football, but I am positive more then half of you in here commenting will have, if you already don’t, #32 lol. As far as who is Jacksonville, Jags suck, check your facts from year 1. Pretty sure the Jags have givin most of you a headache to go along with that hangover on a few monday mornings so….”suck it” in the words of your favorite office manager. 😉

  68. ROBDOGGS – im a jackass? LOL thats your opinion.. for stating your opinion, I EXPECT AN APOLOGY!! Haha!

    MJD tweeted
    “Hey I think the urban meyer rule is effect right now… When the going gets tough……..QUIT..”


    “All I’m saying is that he can finish the game on a hurt knee… I played the whole season on one…”

    Does he really need to apologize for those few words!? Get off your moral high horses.

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