Peyton is “coming along,” but it’s unclear when he’ll return


The preseason launches in two days, but Colts quarterback Peyton Manning has yet to practice, after offseason neck surgery.  Coach Jim Caldwell addressed the situation on Tuesday.

“Doing well, coming along,” Caldwell said of Manning, in comments distributed by the team.  “He’s working extremely hard at it.  Doing all the little things that it requires to get him where he wants to be.  I think you guys know as well as I do he’s ready to go and will be out there because he is chomping at the bit, that’s for certain.”

So will he be back for training camp?  “I’m not certain of that,” Caldwell said.

“He’s doing what the doctor is telling him to do, let’s put it that way,” Caldwell said of Manning.  “He is going through his rehab, they have everything mapped out for him and they’re adjusting as it goes so I think he is comfortable with the plan they have set for him.”

Late in the lockout, Manning complained about the lack of access to Colts’ trainers.  It remains to be seen whether this has delayed his progress.

Receiver Reggie Wayne thinks that, even without Peyton, the Colts offense is getting better.

“Absolutely,” Wayne said.  “I feel like we’ve grown already.  A lot of guys are buying into the system, especially the young guys are buying into the system and know what’s going on.  We have a game coming up. We’ve got some guys who are excited about that, and even though 18 is not in there, we still have a job to do.  Hopefully he can get back sooner rather than later and he can kind of be that extra piece of that puzzle, but there’s nobody with their head down, there’s nobody in the full practice out there just walking through the motions.  Everybody is full speed ahead and doing their job.”

They’ll all be able to do their jobs better once “18” comes back.  But if he comes back too late, it may not matter.

24 responses to “Peyton is “coming along,” but it’s unclear when he’ll return

  1. no story here. 12-4 like clockwork (until they lose to the jets in the playoffs, of course)

  2. Why is it that in 99/100 pics of this guy he looks like a whiny douche? Granted IMO it’s an accurate portrayal of his public persona (waits for avalanche of Indy fans thumbs down)but still.

    He still beats Brady there at least. Brady’s only at about 50/100 (though it’s increased vastly since he started sleeping w/the underwear chick). 😛

  3. yeah typical jets and eagles fans here all idiots. manning will be ready for the season just like after his knee surgery. it may be a slow start but they’ll take the division yet again…so keep hating.

  4. Colts will not win a game without #18.

    The last two times the Colts lost to the Jets were gifts from a mildly retarded coach.

  5. @shaunymac424 thats what we do. we hoot and holler and reference a superbowl any chance we get. we’re an optimistic bunch, but we have reason to be optimistic.

  6. Jets fans are annoying. The season hasn’t started, you haven’t made the playoffs yet. Until then, quiet please.

    Don’t feel bad, some of those same Jets fans think Sanchez is better than Manning, and Brady.

  7. He could have been a lot further along if he would have worked with any one of the many eminently qualified trainers in Indianapolis rather than waiting for the only one he allows to touch the sacred neck.

  8. “he’s getting old quick”? Huh, last i checked he has still never miss a game, he had the 2nd best qb rating last year under the new formula, and he got the Colts to the playoffs last year with half of the team on IR. I’ll take old Peyton over any QB out there(we could debate Brady and Rodgers all day) .

  9. @ eaglesfan

    Really dumb comment. What were you thinking? What in the last 10 years has Peyton done that would make you think he only cares about the $. He could have raped the Colts for another $30 million if he wanted to. And they would have had to pay him.

    @ rajuncajun28

    Um, obviously you do. You clicked on the link.

  10. @indywilson40

    ya Rodgers took his team to the playoffs with the most roster spots on IR and then won the SB. eat it dude.

  11. Same old Brett Favre! Skip training camp, not get in rhythm with receivers and blame everybody else for his INT’s.

  12. Peyton will sit most of camp and play a quarter total in the preseason games and STILL will throw for 4000 yes, 30+ td’s, 15 int’s, win 12 games and the division and be the worst fear of possible playoff opponents defensive coaching staff.

    On a side note, the Jets should sign Marvin Harrison to teach Plax how to handle a firearm.

  13. I don’t think anyone is worried about this but a few idiots are hopeful.

    I’m sure for a guy who knows the playbook and can read defenses that well sitting in rookie remedial meetings is just irritating if not boring.

    Not only has he earned special treatment but with his age and value to the team there is going to be more and more rest. He is at that stage of his career.

    Anyone questioning his ability/willingness to crank it up on Sundays should be dismissed.

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