Ray Lewis will retire if the Ravens win a Super Bowl

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Derrick Mason believes the Jets have a better chance to win a Super Bowl this year than the Ravens.  If Mason proves wrong and Baltimore does win a title, Ray Lewis says he won’t play another season.

“My son will be a junior this year. I only play this game for another ring,” Lewis told Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com. “If we can win it this year, and I’m being brutally honest with you, if we win it this year, I’m gone to then spend as much time as I can with him. I’m gone to be with my son. And I feel like now we have enough pieces in place to make a good run at the Super Bowl.”

We tend to agree. The offense has questions, but it’s average at worst.  The defense should remain stellar.  Perhaps most important: The Ravens and Steelers get to fatten up against the NFC West in their out of conference games.   That could be the difference between making the playoffs or getting a bye for the AFC North champ.

Vegas has the Ravens at 14-1 to win a title. That makes them the eighth most likely team to win it all, which sounds about right.

That also means the odds are heavily in favor of Lewis playing longer than one season.

99 responses to “Ray Lewis will retire if the Ravens win a Super Bowl

  1. Then Ray Lewis will play on after this season. Baltimore will not win the SuperBowl this season. Not with Flacco running that offense. He folds in the post season.

  2. First ballot Hall of Fame. Statue will be outside of M&T. Ravens fans would love to send out the face of the franchise with a SB title. Maybe after a couple years doing TV work he will rejoin the organization in a coaching capacity.

  3. If they didn’t win it last year with all those offensive weapons, it ain’t happenin’ this year.

  4. Odds are, “Ray Rave” WILL be playing during the 2012 NFL season.

    Seriously, though, the fact that this first-ballot Hall of Famer can play today—even at 36—at roughly the same level as other top-tier linebackers like DeMarcus Ware, Patrick Willis, James Harrison, and Clay Mathews is truly a testament to the big heart he brings to the game. In my opinion, he’s still playing better than Brian Urlacher (age 33) and LaMarr Woodley (age 26).

    Sadly, at some not-too-distant future point, “Father Time” will remind him that the heart—no matter how big—can’t convince the body to do what it no longer can.

  5. What he didn’t mention is that if they don’t win a Super Bowl, he still will probably call it a day as well. He doesn’t need another ring to secure his legacy.

  6. “The offense has questions, but it’s average at worst.”

    Really? If they lose big bird, q or rice, they couldn’t put up points on a high school jv squad.

  7. Everyone already knew this, but the question is woul reed retire the same season? I doubt they would leave the franchise in the dust like that, but hey its their decision. Ultimately, this needs to be Joe’s team anyway. Ray would be a great analyst/ broadcaster/preacher/spokesman/ anything really a great human being considering where he started…..

  8. It would be easier for him to just say he will retire after this
    season super bowl or not
    reality is he’s gonna get shown the door and that day is coming

  9. Sorry Ray Ray, your defense is no longer good enough to carry a mediocre QB like before. No more rings for you buddy.

  10. “I only play this game for another ring,” Lewis told Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com.”

    That and the $4.5 million in 2011, not to mention the 2011 option bonus of $2 million with a base salary raise of an additional $250,000 from his 2010 compensation level.

    With all due respect, as good as you are/were Ray, you are playing this game for the ring, yes, but you are also playing this game for the millions of reasons listed above. OF COURSE you want a SB ring to put the finishing touches on your career. Who wouldn’t? But the ring isn’t the ONLY reason you play this game. You also play this game to absolutely take that ample salary that only the fans provide you with, and to enjoy your lifestyle in your post-football years. A SB ring won’t be paying your mortgage, nor will that HOF induction you are surely to get.

  11. as a die-hard steelers fan, i have nothing but love for ray lewis. any nfl fan is full of crap if they say they wouldn’t love to have him on their team.

  12. This is easy for me. I don’t want the Ravens to win a Super Bowl … and I don’t want Ray to retire 🙂

    Seriously, though. I hate Ray the Raven, but I respect Ray the player and like Ray the person. When he does retire, I hope he continues with the league in some capacity. He’s a positive influence on younger players, and he epitomizes the love of the game.

  13. It’s not fair that Ray Ray would be playing football longer than Rae Carruth would be in jail… I wonder how much of his salary that his “partners” got to accept all the blame and stay quiet?

  14. 808raiderinparadise says:
    Aug 9, 2011 7:05 PM
    Then he won’t retire a Raven if thats the goal.
    …says the…Raiders fan?

    Goose and his big, fat bellyfloppin’ ring say hi, chucko.

  15. Running backs, quarterbacks, receivers, offensive coordinators and head coaches around the league would be relieved if Ray retired. The HOF selection committee would be relieved to have a “slam dunk” eligible in 5 years.

    Say what you will about Ray Lewis, the game of football and the world are better off because he is involved with it!

    P.S. I hope he feels the itch for a third ring after he gets one this season! Go Ravens!!

  16. the two numbnuts that gave me a thumbs down above gave them for the simple fact that I said “Steelers.” Love how that one word controls so many people’s emotions on these threads…muuaaahhhh hahahahahahahahaha

  17. Best LB ever. Hands down.

    And don’t start with Butkus.

    Butkus played in the old days, old rules.

    This NFL is tougher, faster, harder, smarter, etc.

    And I’m not even a Ravens fan…

  18. Would hate to see Ray retire,but,thats life and sometimes you have to move on. Why not a SB win? stranger things have happened.

    On another note,get some new material on Ray Lewis,haters; of course,that takes imagination. Yawn. You wish you had someone as dedicated to the game as he is.

  19. I have a feeling he’ll be adjusting that statement to something a little more realistic for the Ravens: “I plan to retire if we can win a first round playoff game.”

  20. Great, another decade of watching Captain Stabbin jump on piles like the king in History of the World Part I.

    At this point the only way Ray could have less lateral range is if one of the tennis balls on his walker fell off.

  21. Derrick Mason said earlier this year that if the Ravens won the Super Bowl this year, he’d retire.

    …then the Ravens cut him.

    I wonder if Ray Lewis would be lucky enough to be able to go find a better team. When’s the cut coming, Ozzie?

  22. If your son is a junior you’ve pretty much missed your chance to spend a whole lot of time with him.

  23. doctorfootball – really????…he’s got one of the top post-season records in history at this point in his career………that’s folding?

  24. benh999 – thank you……i was going to insert the typical moronic stabbing reference in here, but, before i did, I am glad some moron took care of it for me………thanks…….stupidity is consistent!

  25. The man deserves another ring. Ed Reed deserves one. Needless to say, I hope they get it!!!

    Ray will not coach after he retires.

    If you want to see what Ray will be doing (in part) & especially you haters who need to learn what a good guy he is, google 36ofootball academy & visit the website. Ray and a handful of other former players (I believe Hannibal Navies & Terrell Davis are involved) are developing academies in every NFL city for high school kids, emphasizing academics and leadership in conjunction with an unparalleled football experience. The idea is to help develop the entire man so that these kids have the skills to succeed and excel even if they never see the NFL. It’s quite an undertaking, and with Ray’s leadership & passion I am sure it will be a resounding success to the benefit of hundreds of at risk youths. YOU GO RAY!!!

  26. “And I feel like now we have enough pieces in place to make a good run at the Super Bowl.”

    By pieces in place does he mean that their team is in pieces since they let so many of their best players go?

  27. Great guy? He has 6 kids from 4 women. Not to mention the murder he was involved with. Not such a good guy. He used to be a great Linebacker though

  28. Y’all hate because you’ve never had the best middle LB of ALL TIME! 1st ballet all the way. He keeps himself in better shape than any NFL player could ever hope. I would retire too if I’d win this year but don’t expect RAY to go away anytime soon. Fear is why you hate!!!!

  29. I’m not even a Ravens fan but you have to love Ray Lewis, a man who plays with moe passion than guys half his age. Good luck Ray if not my team than I hope you get that ring you deserve it!

  30. Problem is that the one piece they are missing a QB. Or at least one that can perform in the post season. Used to like Flacco but I think its pretty clear he’ll never get past the glass ceiling, and you can’t blame the team either cause he’s got a great team surrounding him.

  31. Haha if you idiots think the ravens don’t have a chance, your foolish and too far up your own teams ass to respect a good team when you see it, were young, fast and have a great balance of vets. And youth, and for all of you who use the sane bs comment woodley said, I laugh at you, if you think flacco isn’t a good football player, you are obviously retarded. Rays a legend and part of the best defense of all time, If it wasn’t for billick not knowing what a quarterback is supposed to look like, the ravens would have all of the pats rings, #1 defense for 5 years straight, you people are foolish, can’t wait for sept 11th!

  32. Hey Bubby, explain to me how you have any clout to assess anything. You just hate and your judgment is clouded.

  33. Love how everyone talks about the unfortunate murder in Atalanta when none of you are lawyers or have any knowledge or respect for the judicial system. Always throw the book first before conducting the process on which this country was founded. Ya’ll funny because half of you probably have been in jail before. Losers! And don’t make fun of Baltimore if you’ve never been here and don’t think Pittsburgh’s any better because that’s a city in turmoil as well.

  34. Heck, I’ll retire if the ravens win the sb. Seriously, He’s been a good player for a long time. But its time to hang up the cleats, Ray. Thats sb isnt coming. Sincerely, Steeler Nation.

  35. @mswravens …

    That’s why I mentioned him remaining with the league “in some capacity.” Didn’t know about the program you mentioned, but assumed he’d be doing work with kids. He could do that and still be some kind of NFL ambassador. I don’t know if it’s connected or not, but Deion Sanders introduced kids from a similar program of his at the Hall of Fame induction. Great thing for these players to do! Wish we’d hear more about the positive things players are doing in their communities.

  36. @trickbunny-
    We have won 1st round playoff games in each of the last three years. You are clearly uneducated and an idiot.
    Stay on your team’s posts

  37. People who refer to their fan base as a nation are stupid, and shouldn’t be taken seriously, it’s a football team, and you are a fan, that is it, get a damn girlfriend for crap sakes! Go ravens, steelers fans are so gay, and I am sure all other teams in the nfl fans will agree, get over it, your no longer knocking on sevens door, your teams old and worn out, go put your idiotic opinions on your own stories…clowns

  38. Dear Ray,

    As much as I am sure you would like to ride off into the sunset with another SB ring, here is the deal. Whether the Ravens win another SB or not, and I say they won’t, you will still retire at some point. Because every player has to a some point.

    And when you do, I will holler and prance around the house just like you do before every game, or watch you in a presser all dolled up like Rooster (the pimp from Baretta – look it up you young ‘uns), because I will be elated I no longer have to watch you make a fool of yourself.

    Although I will be saddened knowing you wont have your arse bounced from the playoffs, over and over again, by the Steelers.

  39. Say what you want about him, but I find it hard to find an NFL player w/ as much heart and passion for the game as that guy. I hope he gets the chance to go out a winner, but even more important. He stayed w/ Baltimore when he easily could have gone else where. Loyal player for some serious loyal fans.


  40. By this time next year, Ray will be applying for AARP benefits because there’s NO WAY them “Yard Birds” will win it all this year.

    Keep playing Ray……….this Steeler fan will surely miss you!

    “Here we go STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!!!”

  41. charmcitysittinpretty says:
    Aug 10, 2011 12:20 AM
    “People who refer to their fan base as a nation are stupid, and shouldn’t be taken seriously, it’s a football team, and you are a fan, that is it, get a damn girlfriend for crap sakes! ”

    Google “Raven Nation” and do a little reading before you make yourself look foolish.

    And the “LOL I guess Ray won’t be retiring then!” jokes? Ugh. One thing is for sure, Ray deserves to go out on his own terms, he’s done wayyyyy too much for that team to get ran out of town.

  42. golonger,
    You’re right. He is a hell of a football player — bringing up the stabbing is totally unfair.

  43. “Perhaps most important: The Ravens and Steelers get to fatten up against the NFC West in their out of conference games”

    The NFC WEST….geez-us….The Browns will have a freaking 10-6 record against that…..*cough (points at bucs) cough *

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