Report: Cardinals interested in Lee Evans


The Bills may be shopping veteran receiver Lee Evans.  And the Cardinals may be interested in acquiring him.

Mike Jurecki of XTRA Sports 910 in Phoenix reports that the Cardinals are showing interest in Evans.

It’s not known what it would take to get Evans.  The Cardinals already have shipped cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2012 second-round pick to the Eagles for quarterback Kevin Kolb.

The Cardinals need help at receiver, given the recent departures of Anquan Boldin via trade in 2010 and Steve Breaston via free agency last month.  Evans has only two 1,000-yard seasons in his seven years as a Bill.  In 2010, Evans had the lowest receptions (37) and yardage (578) totals of his career.

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  1. Lee Evans is a great WR who’s had crappy quarterbacks his whole career. However, I’d be OK with us trading him to the Cardinals as they’d probably offer us a 1st and Patrick Peterson, knowing what they gave up for Kolb….

  2. A change of scenery for Lee Evans would probably be a good thing, he’s had terrible QB support over the years. 4th or 5th rounder should be good enough for the trade to go through.

  3. That wouldbe a really good idea. Lee Evans number 2 to Fitz. They would both go over a 1000 yards receiving easily.

  4. Considering his salary and the depth at receiver, the bills can’t be intersted in this unless its a really sweet offer.

    Otherwise there is really no more hope for the buddy nix era then there was in the previous administration that drafted whitner, maybin, and these other 1st round busts.

  5. Evans has been wasted in Buffalo. He has never had a QB that could hit him on homerun plays. It would be interesting to see him play as a #2 WR. Wonder who Zona is offering.

  6. Mike Jurecki of XTRA Sports 910 reported months ago that Bulger was going to be a Cardinal and you see where that went! He is a hack and from Buffalo, so he knwos very little about the Cardinals and he calls himself the inside reporter! What a joke!

  7. Complete speculation/hypothetical discussion between to AZ sports radio jockeys. One guy looked at what the Bills had on the roster and wondered out loud if their might be a fit. Blown way out of proportion.

  8. I have loved watching Lee Evans play since his college days, as much as I do want him to have a successful career, it does bug me a bit, that he would need to be a number 2 WR.

    Its impossible for a solid WR to string solid games week in and week out, if the QB is inconsitant.

  9. who wouldnt be interested in Evans? great reciever. I wish the raiders would go after him.

  10. Gurantee this guy ends up in Baltimore, ive heard the Ravens have been talking to the Bills about him for about a week now. Boldin, Evans and Torrey Smith…..i wouldn’t mind that….

  11. Evans was a beast coming out of Wisconsin, too bad he wasted so much time and energy playing for Antarctica(Buffalo). Larry Fitz is a possession receiver and Evans would be able to stretch the field and be that “speed” guy that would compliment him.

  12. IF it happens, It will be for either a first rd pick or their starting LT. Evans is a great receiver who never really had a good QB to get him the ball like he needs. The best QB he has had has been JP Losman. The only reason Evans got the majority of passes that year is because they were good friends, otherwise he hasn’t gotten much from the organization that drafted him.

    I would hate to see him go. He’s one of the most liked players on the team.

  13. I’d like to see Evans get traded somewhere…anywhere, just get him outta Buffalo, his talents are being wasted and he isn’t getting any younger

  14. im beginning to think buffalo management doesnt understand football. evans presence is the primary reason steve johnson had the year he had. remove evans, and you will see rather pedestrian numbers from johnson

  15. Bills fans here… Evans is good but I think the Bills need to move on. Some say Evans is one dimensional (deep threat) and that is it… and truthfully it seems like it. I’d like to see what David Nelson / Buster Davis / Donald Jones can do as a #2

  16. As a Seahawks fan, I’d approve of the Cardinals giving up young talent and/or draft picks to acquire a 30 year old WR.

  17. Don’t do it Buffalo. Bad, Bad, Bad idea. Look what happened at the end of last season when Lee was out, SJ was double covered and put up poor numbers. Evans is the only receiver on this team that can draw the attention away from SJ at this point. I’d say they wait until after 1 or 2 Pre-Season games before/if they ship him out, to see if Easly or Buster Davis can step up to be the other flanker. I would be very upset if he goes, though. He is one of the best leaders this team has. I also think he clicks with Fitz, something he hasn’t been able to do since his first season with Losman. I also do not see a OL on that roster that would significantly improve our line like Lee would improve their WR’s.

  18. @ Forstbelt

    I would realy hate to see 2 of those 3 in a starting role outside. Buster Davis has upside if he can stay healty, same with Easly. Easly has the proto-typical WR build, and I think could put up monster numbers with some good coaching and staying healthy. Thats where my comment about 1-2 pre-season games in is when you should see talks pick up.

  19. You guys don’t know the Bills! Donald Jones, Buster Davis, what what what…

    Pay Attention: Steve Johnson, Roscoe Parrish, Marcus Easley, David Nelson, Brad Smith, Naaman Roosevelt

    Yes we will be fine without Lee Evans and so will Steve Johnson.

  20. Evans is a great receiver but hes getting towards the older side, and Buffalo is a young team. If you pay any attention to the pre-season, you will know Stevie Johnson has surpassed Evans in talent. He cant be covered by a single player. (Donald Jones 6’0 220, 4.49 40) and (David Nelson 6’5 225 and runs a 4.5 40) are both fast beasts. They finally figured out how to use Roscoe Parrish (thanks Jauron, you’re a joke) and local talent Naamen Roosevelt has been tearing up the defense (biggest surprise). Add in Brad Smith, former first rounder Buster Davis and Marcus Easley and its very crowed with young talent. Nix said it best: We don’t care for the 8th year household name guy, we think we have guys that can play and we will develop them together. Don’t be surprised to see big numbers from the Buffalo wide-outs this year. I’m sure they would love to keep him, but with bigger holes to fill, its a no brain-er.

  21. This would be a steal for Arizona, and it would immediatly put them in the conversation of being a Super Bowl contender. Right now Wide Reciever is a HUGE area of need. I have been to 2 practices and they are struggling outside of Fitz. If they are able to add Lee Evans, a proven depp threat that could draw some attention away from Larry Fitz, it would propell there offense into the top of the NFC. They would probably give up a 4th round pick for Lee! Seriosly, look at the 4th round draft picks in recent years, this is a no brainer for the cards. If the Bills are willing to part with him, I’d probably be willing to give up more than that.

  22. Love Lee Evans. Very good player and a real pro. But the Bills aren’t built to win this year and trading players from position of strength is always good for tomorrow. providing they can get a good deal. Their first rounder would do it. 2 first rounders might get you???…. Andrew Luck? Anything short and it would be tough as he still provides alot for Buffalo. They list his numbers on this article without pointing out that he was injured? Also, didn’t Lee just sign a big deal? Might make it tough to pull off a trade

  23. I just want to inform people that Evans did play one season with Bledsoe (rookie season) and had his highest TD total (9) and avg (17.6) in his career. But he played opposite Eric Moulds. Evans is a great deep threat but the question remains, is if he is a true #1 receiver or a great complement receiver. It’s hard to know which is true because since Eric Moulds left he has had only 1 really good season and another where he produced in yards and catches but only had 3 TD’s. However he has played in conservative offenses with bad QB play. Many say that he doesn’t run clean routes and doesn’t do a good job of getting open underneath and thats why he doesn’t consistently produce. I can’t say for sure, all I know is that he has produced in the past and seems to have the physical ability to play, so whether his lack of production is because of the QB’s, conservative offenses or himself I can’t be sure. I tend to believe that if he played for the Patriots, he would be one of the best receivers in the league, unless he really does have a problem with getting open underneath.

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