The Bucs in one word: “Youngry”


Tampa’s first depth chart of the year was released Monday, and the average age of the starters on the team is 25.9 years old. Only three starters are above 30.

Combine that youth with a 10-6 season last year that fell short of the playoffs, and coach Raheem Morris has coined a new word for his players: “Youngry.”

(Yeah, Morris first said this a while back. But we didn’t see it until Tuesday on and it’s too great to pass up.)

We continue to be disappointed there was no Hard Knocks this year about the Bucs.

It would have been fun to learn more about the youngriest team in the league.

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  1. 8 and 8 at best this year. You heard it here first!(Probably not, but I’m adamant that they’re not making the playoffs again this year)

  2. C’mon…. I have been patiently waiting for days for PFT to post something about the Bucs, and then you post this short story stating what everyone already knows? How about the Bucs ESPN Power ranking if 12? Could have thrown that in there at least.

    Hurry up Friday, I can’t wait to see them on the field!

  3. TDRowdyWHite: I expect the Falcons to go to and win the Superb Owl this season. With that being said, the same way ATL had it in for N.O. last season, TB will come gunning for ATL this season.

    Im a Redskins fanatic and I think the NFCS is the premier division in the league.

  4. Our schedule this year is tougher this year, but Josh Freeman is proving to be a GREAT QB for us. I believe if we can get some D this year, we have a great chance to win our division. Go BUCS!

  5. much tougher schedule this yr 9-7 at best. and don’t fool urselves buc fans u can’t n won’t beat the aints or fowl cons this yr.

  6. I know a win is a win but more than any other team last year, it ‘felt’ as though the Bucs record was a little misleading. It didn’t hurt that 4 of their games were against the NFC west teams.

    I think they are a .500 club.

  7. It’s not like the Bucs are winning it all this year; I said at the start of the 2010 season that this team was built to contend from 2012-2016 or so, and that’s pretty clearly the goal. Last year was a surprise, but they won 10 games on a team that was just ravaged by injuries (two starters per week onto IR for three straight weeks at one point). They’ll play well, the defensive and offensive lines should gel better, and Freeman will continue to be ridiculously good.

    Young teams get better over time. Barring injuries or the best players in the secondary continuing to try to use people as target practice (Talib) or be unable to stay off the bong (Tanard Jackson), this will be a good team for a number of years.

    If Freeman stays healthy, the team wins 8-10 games. He gets hurt, we’re drafting in the top five next year. He’s that important.

  8. The Bucs will be solid again this year, but this team is not deep enough to handle a playoff run, IMO, youngry or not. It is unlikely they even get to the playoffs, but if they happened to somehow get in, the other NFC playoff teams will send them home early.

    They overachieved last year. They looked good doing it, too. I think they come back to earth this year, and a playoff appearance will be very difficult, especially in that tough division with Atlanta and New Orleans both improving over last year via the draft and FA. Carolina shouldn’t present too much of a problem, but the bucs could easily go 2-4 in their division.

    Opposite Mike Williams, they have little threat in the vertical passing game. Benn will be improved, but not to the extent he is a threat. Cadillac is gone, and so are his 46 receptions that were a nice relief valve for Freeman. Blount was a true find, but he will be hard-pressed to stay healthy with that bruising running style and he is one dimensional with the lack of passing yards out of the backfield.

    Time will tell, but I think the Bucs are lucky if they win 8 games this year. Detroit, Indy, Dallas, Houston, Tennesee, GB – all difficult games on the schedule in addition to the 4 tough division games against Atlanta and New Orleans. That D better step it up against some of these high-powered offenses.

    I like seeing this young team play, but they need more experience and more years together as a unit before they are to be considered a true threat in the playoffs. Maybe they prove me wrong, and I would love to see that, but I doubt it.

  9. I’m youngry dog? The bucs are going to fall flat on their a$$. They have a coach that allows his players(that get arrested as often as I have slurpies) call him “Dog” and owners that are maybe worse than Dan Snyder. They are going to IMPLODE. Quote me and point it out if I’m wrong.

  10. I am not a bucks fan but love the youth of this team, if they can get a groove going, and Freeman is the real deal , they could make a run for years to come! Toss in a few vets and they could be on to something!
    My only question would be Raheem Morris? He really seems out of his league??? Thoughts

  11. I predicted the Bucs to go 10-6/9-7 last season ( and I’m predicting 11-5 this season. The schedule is tougher, but this team has gotten better in terms of experience, as well as physically stronger (young players do that), and have added talent at key areas of weakness (DE, the areas ravaged by injuries last season). This is a team on the rise… like them or not, it’s a fact!

  12. I love all the Buc Haters.

    I hated Raheem at first, how he ruined Josh Johnson’s chances, in his second start, made him throw almost 60 passes. Hated his offensive play calling. He looked much improved last year, and seems really focused this year.

    Freeman is a “God-send” to the franchise, and I can’t wait to see his game this year. Williams will emerge as an ELITE wideout, and our defensive line will surprise a lot of people.

    I don’t know about a superbowl this year, but, that’s why they play on Sundays!

  13. Reviewing the bucs schedule we are going 10-6 at worst (considering we split games with Atl & NO) goooooooooo bucs!!

  14. With 3 teams built for speed and to outscore the opponents, the Bucs have as good a chance as anyone. Those 3 QBs are getting better and better. Carolina is trying to catch up and I think they will be in the mix.

    There will not be a more exciting division race in the league. The brand of ball is going to be very fast. No more 3 yards and a cloud of dust. Coach Morris has his guys ready, but so is everybody else. Whoever wins the division will be 4-2. No sweeps. It could be another worst to first.

  15. The Bucs won 10 games last year, but only one of them was against a team with a winning record. things get a little harder when you actually play good teams.

  16. Youngry? Clever is good. Different is good. Non words may be good. But what is really good is winning. The Bucs are good but we need the Bucs bad and winners before we all get ‘OLDRY’.

  17. You guys keep talking about there easy schedule last year. The falcons and saints played the same schedule but they were great teams not cause of there record. The bucs had the falcons beat at home if not for and insane kick return. And were 6 inches away from winning in Atlanta. And I know we wooped up on the saints. And we all no the bucs weakness was he the d line. We drafted 2 of the best 4 de in the draft. The falcons drafted Julio drops the ball alot jones and they got better and we didn’t. You lost your third down back to Atlanta and new Orleans. But we lose caddy and were worse you are all haters cause you have one year left before your in such cap trouble your teams are done. The bucs are set up to sign all there talent and rule the NFC south

  18. I am a Bucs fan who know’s we had a good year but a soft schedule. I don’t think people are giving the Bucs enough credit though. Both the Atlanta games the Bucs had the chance to win and their inexperience and youth caused them to come up short. I can’t wait to see Freeman, M.Williams and A.Benn this year. Rah and Dom have assembled a great group of talented young players(on both sides of the ball) that are going to fun to watch for years to come!!

  19. The falcons won 5 games against teams with winning records 3 of those vs the bucs and saints so they beat 2 teams with a winning record outside there division. And the saints they won 3 games all year against teams with winning records 2 of those were against the bucs and falcons.

  20. TDRowdyWHite its so funny that you talk smack bout the bucs when ATL was nearly beaten by a team of basically college players. Hilarious now that they actually have some experience under their belts which would not take much to beat ATL. When ATL could not even make GB punt last year I would hold my tongue before I would talk smack about a rival team. Any given sunday homey, Any given sunday.

  21. remember all those teams with positive records the bucs beat last year? remember when they beat the lions? oh wait. theyre pretty good but they lucked into a good schedule last year. keep it real now, there is no 11-5 season ahead.

  22. jeeperaz says: Aug 9, 2011 7:47 PM

    I know a win is a win but more than any other team last year, it ‘felt’ as though the Bucs record was a little misleading. It didn’t hurt that 4 of their games were against the NFC west teams.


    As did the other teams in the NFCS.

    Bucs won all four of their games. How many did the other teams win?

    Bucs took down Seahawks easy, and how did the Saints do against them again?

  23. Everyone that dogs the Bucs 2010 season obviously does not know how the NFL schedule works. There were only 2 games out of the 16 that count towards the regular season standings that were different from the schedule the Falcons and Saints played. The two different teams the Falcons played both finished 10-6 and all four of the teams that the Bucs and Saints played finished 6-10.

    So using this as the only point in your attempt to ridicule is pointless.

  24. “How about the Bucs ESPN Power ranking if 12?”

    Didn’t hear about that…. I’m sorry, I thought the bucs had to play against The Packers/Colts/Bears/Lions/Jaguars/Titans/Texans/and Vikings instead of the NFC west/Browns/Bengals/and 2010 Panthers twice….

  25. Actually we have been moved up to #10 on the power rankings… Freeman will be an mvp candidate this year!

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