Britt inadvertently blows the whistle on the Titans

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Titans receiver Kenny Britt, who had an eventful offseason for all the wrong reasons, possibly has made the preseason even more eventful for his coaching staff.

Despite a clear prohibition from the league office against teams contacting players during the lockout, Britt told 104.5 the Zone’s 3 Hour Lunch in Nashville that he regularly heard from Titans receivers coach Dave Ragone.

The hosts didn’t even have to pose the question directly.  Instead, they simply asked whether Britt became nervous when his phone rang during the offseason, given that he possibly will be suspended for multiple brushes with the law since the 2010 season ended.

“No, not at all,” Britt said, “because I don’t answer no phone calls that I don’t know the area code.  You can even ask my Coach [Raggone] about that, he’s been calling me all summer long.  I told him, he’s got to send me a text before I’ll answer it.”


In the Titans’ defense, we suspect that every team at some point or another broke the no-contact rule.  But every other player and coach has been discreet.

Unlike Britt.

57 responses to “Britt inadvertently blows the whistle on the Titans

  1. gosh how are these players SOO STUPID, if they attend college ?…arent our COSTLY universities teaching these idiots anything ?

  2. file this one under “crimes nobody really gives a $#!+ about” with all the rest. Honestly, you guys care about NFL policy more than the NFL does.

    But then again you got me to click the link, so joke’s on me I guess…

  3. What is equally inept is the Titans organization. If they didn’t cut the guy, they should, at least, have somebody monitoring this genius everywhere he goes so he DOESN’T give the organization any more black eyes. They have had him on the team for a few years and had to know how mentally challenged he is. Stupid is as stupid does – Forrest Gump had it right. This guy should maybe consider a shrimp’in boat business. Coconut shrimp, fried shrimp, boiled shrimp…………

  4. Who cares? Like every other team didn’t do the same thing? If you were trying to prove that Kenny Britt is an idiot…… you’re too late. We know.

  5. kehav1, because most players don’t stay all 4 years to get their education, so colleges don’t get a chance to fully educate them to use common sense.

  6. Wow. That could have been a really bad break for the Titans.

    Except for the fact that no one cares and absolutely nothing will be done about it.


  7. We all know the teams was in contact with the players but no one came out and said it.
    The league seem to look the other way but now they have to do something about this its out loud real loud.

  8. what a narc…. c’mon man, have ya’ seen “THE WIRE!”

    anyways, love how People try and Hate on Jermichael Finley and MJD for trash talkin’ on twitter, but it’s not like they’re off drinking and getting into trouble with the law during the off-season…. just sayin’

  9. You don’t know the area code of the place that you have lived for 10 months out of the year for the last 3 years?

    Just hit me up on my cell with a text. The number is 201-666-TARD

  10. Well there you go, Eagles fans. This guy scored 3.5X higher on the Wonderlic than the backup QB you just hired.

  11. Was it a dumb thing to say? Sure. Have all of the people here leaving these comments about him being an idiot ever said anything as dumb or dumber? Sure. So you’re the real idiots.

  12. For some damn reason I smell a trade to the Jets in the future and believe me I hope I’m wrong

  13. Un his defense he could have ment since the lock out ended. Just saying. At the same time he is from Jersey, and as anyone from the surrounding areas knows, not a lot of geniuses from that waste basket.

  14. I have a former co worker who.had a great phrase for guys like this: stuck on stupid & dipped in dumb.

  15. Andy Reid and Brian Westbrook talk all the time, even when he went to Frisco, tampering is a technicality that’s extremely difficult to enforce. Britt had alot of run ins with the law during the off-season so I’d let this one go, his coach was probably trying to keep him from getting into more trouble for all we know.

  16. God get off the kids case. The media is almost as much to blame as Britt when it comes to his off field problems. You guys will pick someone and single them out and write story after story about them doing this wrong or that wrong even if it isnt against the law it doesnt matter as long as you can twist it to make that player look like a bad guy you’ll take it.

    You guys create a perception that that player is a malcontent or trouble maker. Have you ever had perception is reality because it is. When people are told enough how bad a guy is they will eventually start believing it. So then where ever that guy is people are looking for him to do something wrong. And they start to see wrong in everything he does. You guys surround these players with it making it basically impossible for them to stay out of trouble.

    And it nearly is impossible. For example its like people going around constantly saying a guy is a thief even if he really isnt, everywhere that guy goes people are going to be watching him seeing if he is gonna try to take something, if that guy ends up somewhere where something is stolen automatically people are gonna look at him. And even if he really didnt take it and tells them that they arent going to believe him. They wont even look for the truth they will just use their preconceived notions of what and who he is and use that as the only proof they need. They will accuse him and blame him for it. And eventually they will tell everyone that he did it. Adding to the notion that the guy is a thief. And no matter how innocent the guy is the perception of him will make these instances continue to happen.

    It is basically the same concept of what happens when the media decides to latch onto a celebrity or athlete. They create this self perpetuating image of someone that they cant escape. I bet if people stopped talking about how horrible these people are the things they supposedly do that make them horrible wont happen anymore. And not because they changed but bc the perception of who and what they are changed.

    (by the way when I say “you” I dont mean pft specifically I mean all of the media in its entirety)

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