Hasselbeck not concerned about Johnson holdout

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The Tennessee Titans made a big investment in their offense when they decided to pay Matt Hasselbeck $9 million this year, but they’re resisting making another big investment in their offense as they refuse to meet running back Chris Johnson’s demands for a new contract.

But while Johnson’s absence could be a problem for Tennessee heading into the season, Hasselbeck said on the Dan Patrick Show that he’s not worried.

Asked whether he’s more concerned about the status of Johnson or of the often-troubled receiver Kenny Britt, Hasselbeck said, “I’m not concerned about either one.”

Hasselbeck then compared Johnson to a former teammate of his who skipped multiple training camps, ex-Seahawks left tackle Walter Jones.

“I played in Seattle when Walter Jones was doing his holdout thing,” Hasselbeck said. “He was holding out and he’d show up on Wednesday before the first game. And the feeling in the building was, We know Walter Jones is good enough just to show up, and the best part about this is that there’s no chance he gets hurt. No chance someone rolls up on his ankle or knee or whatever. We know that we’re at least going to have him healthy.”

Hasselbeck said that because he’s seen Jones step in and contribute immediately, he believes Johnson can do the same.

“I’ve sort of been there,” Hasselbeck said. “Not stressing about that.”

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  1. Hasselbeck sohuld really retire. He played the game of his life in the playoffs against the Saints and that was all he had left. He’s done. No playoffs for the Titans for at least 5 years.

  2. I wouldn’t be concerned either. Johnson is insanely fast, but only had one of his three seasons as a truly elite RB.

    I would be curious to know how much money he wants in return for a 1228 yd season. I’m sure it is way out of line with what backs with similar production earn. Add into the mix that teams are finally realizing how few years most RBs have in their prime, and it is no wonder they aren’t willing to break the bank for him.

    If he was going to hold out, he clearly should have done it last year.

  3. Hasselbeck isn’t concerned because he is going to gag either way. Hasselbeck is done, I have been watching him for years. He will have a good game every 4th or 5th start, at least that is what he has been doing the last few years and I doubt it gets better with age.

    Titans are morons, they pay Hasselbeck fat, but don’t take care of the most explosive back in football who is right in his prime?????

  4. I think Al Davis is grooming Bud Mcadams to take his place as the worst owner in the NFL. First, you draft Vince Young against the wishes of your coach, which was a mistake from the get go. Then, you let one of the best coaches in the NFL leave your franchise because he doesn’t want to start Young, then you cut Young anyway?!?!?! Then to start this year you overdraft a rookie QB and overpay a veteran QB.
    Now, you accidentally drafted the best RB in the league a few years ago and are f’ing that up too. You could have resolved this contract issue last year, and now you just refuse to pay him and he is holding out. When he does come back, I hope he has a career ending injury. Not because I wish him bad luck, but because the Titans won’t be able to steal the services of the most dynamic back in football anymore.

  5. Keep Hasselbeck’s quotes in mind when you hear idiot reporters blathering on about hold outs being a distraction to the team.

    This is how almost all players feel. If a guy holding out is good, he’ll be good when comes back.

    No problem.

    If the guy holding out isn’t good, who cares about him?

    No problem.

    Nothing in football is more overrated than the “distraction” caused by a player holding out.

    No one in the Titans locker room is worried about Johnson not coming back and contributing.

    And believe me, they all have his back on his contract situation. Players, with a few notable exceptions (Brett Favre) never begrudge a player trying to get more money.

    Especially one as under paid as Johnson.

  6. jetsjetsjetss says:
    Aug 10, 2011 11:58 AM
    Hasselbeck sohuld really retire. He played the game of his life in the playoffs against the Saints and that was all he had left. He’s done. No playoffs for the Titans for at least 5 years.


    Would you retire if someone paid you $9 mil?

  7. NFL Daddy: I was with you 100% until you said “career ending injury.” As much as I’d not like to see CJ run over my Jags, I’d rather see him play than hurt himself. He’s an amazing talent.

  8. How do you pay an over the hill QB 9 million and one of the best backs in the league 1 tenth of that?

  9. redguy12588 says:

    Matt hasselbeck signed with the titans? How did I miss that?

    And they fired Jeff Fisher, let go of Vince Young and Bud Adams is still stupid. Now you’re up to date.

  10. Titans are morons, they pay Hasselbeck fat, but don’t take care of the most explosive back in football who is right in his prime?????

    Every indication is they want to pay him, they just want him to report first. Munchak and Reinfeldt have not exactly been doing AJ Smith impersonations in their comments about their willingness to get something done and how important CJ is to the team.

    Having Hasselbeck gives CJ a much better chance of playing this year on a more competitive team. He should be happy they invested that money.

    Just feels like it’s going to get done before the season starts.

  11. Matt should not be blowing off the CJ holdout like it’s nothing…. What an idiot, if CJ doesn’t show up you won’t win more than 3 games.

  12. Ol’ Matt’s not stressin’ ’bout that? Well of course not – he’s a middle-aged bald guy who just got paid nine million bucks to play a kids game for nine months! I can’t imagine anything short of an asteroid bearing down on their living room stressing anyone in his shoes! It’s kind of nice to see someone not getting too caught up in all the overhyped issues of the NFL-starved media. Go Matt!

  13. “Now, you accidentally drafted the best RB in the league a few years ago and are f’ing that up too.”

    How do accidently draft someone? Finger hit the wrong button?

  14. PAY HIM! I agree totally Hasselbeck 9 mil???? what a bunch of idiots! They could probably CJ in camp for about 3 or 4 mil a year! What the hell are they thinking?

  15. Teams use some stupid reasoning. Sign a veteran QB for 9 million, but let your main offensive threat holdout??

    Whatever, I can care less as long as Forte gets signed, which he will.

    Bear Down!

  16. opie333 says:
    Aug 10, 2011 12:33 PM
    PAY HIM! I agree totally Hasselbeck 9 mil???? what a bunch of idiots! They could probably CJ in camp for about 3 or 4 mil a year!

    CJ and his agent would get a great laugh out of this. But then they probably have a clue what other quality RBs have been paid in recent years.

  17. Is Hasslebeck really comparing Johnson and Britt in the same breath as future HOF’er Walter Jones?

    Jones could show up last minute because he had the skill and ability and didn’t want(need) to practice.

    And, his positoin mattered. Jones knew the playbook, and blocking scemes, and knew how to execute along with his natural ability.

    No matter how talented Johnson may or may not be, running backs have a completely different set of vairables to get into shape and up to speed… and this year, with a new Oline, new QB, new coach? He’s not going to jump right in day 1 and be up to speed 100%.

    So there should be concern by the QB, if he really did care about winning as opposed to just collecting his $562K per game as his career winds down.

  18. CJ is the idiot. The team already told him to show up and get his new paycheck. No brainer. Unfortunately all of CJs brains are in his wheels. Friggin agents…

  19. nfl daddy: It’s Bud Adams, not Mcadams. Which makes the rest of your franchise bashing irrelevant.

    I’m all for CJ feeling entitled to more money, he definitely deserves it for both the workload he’s taken on, and for his production. The Titans will pay him, but they’re dealing with a guy that now as of yesterday, has 2 more years until he’s a FA. To expect that player to be in camp practicing and preparing with the rest of his team before discussing a new contract is completely reasonable. CJ will be just fine regardless of when he shows up, despite what someone said up there ^, he is NOT running behind a new o-line, if anything Eugene Amano and Leroy Harris may swap spots at C and LG, but that’s it. Javon Ringer (CJ’s more than capable backup) has been sending him info regarding the playbook to he can be up to speed when he does report which is obviously important with the new coaching staff. He doesn’t need a ton of reps before the season, he’s an all-pro running back people. As far as Hasselbeck, he’s only had a week full of reps with an entirely new offense and playbook and has started off relatively well. There’s still plenty of time for him to become acclimated. There’s enough good players on that offense (far more than Seattle) for him to be just fine as our QB this season. Nobody expects him to put up all pro numbers, he was brought in to mentor Locker and in the meantime provide some stability at the position so the team can hopefully be somewhat competitive. Everytime the Titans make a move or are in the headlines, the media and people who are fans of other teams spew out some ridiculous things about this Franchise and it’s rather irritating. Look at it from other angles and bring facts please.

  20. Being from Nashville I have seen the Titans self destruct so many times and yet it still amazes me. Some of you people either don’t follow closely enough or are not football savvy enough.

    For openers, Jeff Fisher should have been let go long ago. Any Coach with his record in any other camp would have been. He was mediocre as a Coach and from people I know who have been around him he is an a$$ to boot. His philosophy was more to hit hard and hope than to have an intelligent team, and in this day and age you need more of the latter than the former. As for Vince Young he has legs and a sometimes arm but he is a mental midget and throws tantrums that makes my five year old shake his head in wonder. Good riddance to him. On to Chris Johnson. First he says he wants to be one of the highest paid RB’s in the league to which the Titans agree, and suddenly he decides he wants to be one of the highest paid PLAYERS in the league. Wow! That is some ego you have there buddy. Sorry, but I would rather have a year or two of mediocre seasons than to see them give in to that butt munch. With the sharpness of Matt (who was paid what he was to teach Jake Locker, and a good choice I might add) and the running ability of Ringer I think we will be just fine. Nobody expects a winning season this year anyway after the tearing down and rebuilding that is going on.

    Anyway, I wish nothing bad on Fisher or for Johnson for that matter, but if neither one of them ever came back I would not miss them.

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