Jake Locker will get first-team reps


Matt Hasselbeck was signed to be the Titans’ starting quarterback right now. But Jake Locker was drafted to be the Titans’ starting quarterback eventually.

So it makes sense to give both of them snaps with the starting offense in the preseason.

Titans coach Mike Munchak said he’ll remove Hasselbeck early in every preseason game so that Locker can get some experience working with first-stringers.

“I think the plan is to have him work with the ones each week probably,” Munchak said. “We will probably take Matt out sooner, and leave him in there with the first group.”

Titans offensive coordinator Chris Palmer says Hasselbeck has been “struggling” to learn the offense, but he sounded impressed with what he’s seen of Locker.

“He’s exactly what we thought he was,” Palmer said of Locker. “He’s a student of the game. He works hard. He wants to get better. You tell him that this needs to be corrected, and he works to correct it.”

The way Palmer is talking about both quarterbacks, it may not be long before Locker replaces Hasselbeck in a regular-season game.

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  1. Your spell-checker messed up again:

    “The way Palmer is talking about both quarterbacks, it may not be long before Locker replaces Hasselbeck in a regular-season game.”

    Should be:

    “The way Hasselbeck constantly throws into double and triple coverage (giving up 3-4 picks per game), it may not be long before Locker replaces Hasselbeck in a regular-season game.”

  2. How many times a week do you think Tim bothers Matt to borrow a few bucks?

    “C’mon bro, can you spot me twenty? I need to feed the kids.”

    “God damn it, Tim. I just gave you $50 last week!”

    “I spent it on lottery tickets & a slurpee at 7-11.”

    “Ugh, fine.”

  3. Well… It took 14 years this time but Reese is gone, Fisher is gone, Underwood is gone. Mr. Bud Adams has ridded himself of all of his “football” guys.

    You’re all about to see the downfall of Titans Football. When Buds wife died was the day that his staying away from football operations died.

    It won’t be too long before Titans games are blacked out in Tennessee and the team starts demanding stadium upgrades or they’ll start negotiations with San Antonio or Los Angeles..

    San Antonio Oilers # 1. Luv Ya Blue !

  4. I had never seen a quarterback as tough as Steve McNair and, upon his retirement, I thought I never would again. Based on what I’ve seen of Jake Locker so far, I may have been mistaken . . .

  5. “He’s exactly what we thought he was….well, maybe a little shorter than he looked on film, and maybe looks older that we thought too, with the hair loss and the grandfather clothes…..”.

  6. Well… It took 14 years this time but Reese is gone, Fisher is gone, Underwood is gone. Mr. Bud Adams has ridded himself of all of his “football” guys.


    Gone are the years of Floyd Reese drafting one turd after another, or plunging the team deeper and deeper into the abyss of salary cap hell.

    Gone are the days of Jeff “8-8” Fisher playing for field goals instead of TD’s, constantly playing the role of rainmaker as he pissed down the backs of fans and media alike.

    Man, those were good times.

  7. I wonder if Seattle is hoping they cut Hasselbacj.

    Locker, however reminds me of a white MC5. I think with the right coach and system he can be very good. If they expect him to come in and throw with pin point accuracy, then they are in trouble

  8. zoinks,

    Sure, If you consider the following players “turds”

    Steve McNair
    Eddie George
    Jon Runyan
    Derrick Mason
    Samari Rolle
    Benji Olson
    Jevon Kearse
    Zach Piller
    Keith Bulluck
    Albert Haynesworth
    Antwan Odom
    Travis LaBoy
    Jacob Bell
    Michael Roos
    Bo Scaife
    Stephen Tulloch
    Courtland Finnegan

    and VY, Pacman, and LenDale White all had massive talent, Their destruction could have happpened to anyone.

    If you’re happy that Fishers “8-8” ball (only finished 8-8 five times in 16 seasons. He posted more winning seasons (6) then he did .500 seasons (5).

    You have NO IDEA what “bad” times are. The Tennessee Titans have been a playoff contender EVERY YEAR since 1999 with the exception of the years they were forced to dump salary in 2004-2005.

    We’ll see how Nashville fan base handles two or three double digit losing seasons in a row. They’ve only had one now and are already hurting in ticket sales (compared to past years.)

  9. I was excited to see “my” quarterback go down to Tennessee to mentor the hero of my Alma Mater… But I will not be the least bit surprised when Jake starts taking snaps away from Matt.

    Kinda poetic to hear that Jake is picking up the offense quicker than a vet of Matt’s stature.

    I promise you, long-term, Locker will be top 3 if not THE best QB to come out of college the past few years. Bradford and Luck will be the other two.

  10. So I guess their pretty much forfeiting the season then. Im seriously look at what there saying. They signed Matt Hasselbeck to be their starting qb this season at the end of July. He has barely had the playbook for 2 weeks and he didnt get on the field to last friday. Now obviously bringing him in that late isnt their fault they didnt have a choice bc of the lockout. But they do have choice when it comes to doing everything they can get him prepared to lead this team. Obviously they have choosen not to.

    If they were committed to winning now then they wouldnt be taking him out early so Locker could get some 1st team snaps. Their top 2 qbs are brand new to the team. Meaning they both have to learn from scratch. There just isnt enough time to teach both of them the offense and give them the needed time under center to be ready to lead this team when the time comes. They barely have enough time to teach 1 guy let alone 2.

    They should be focusing all their energy on the guy whos going to be out their day 1 of the 2011 season and divvying it up with the guy who will be the day 1 of the 2013 season. If anything they should be keeping Hasselback in longer. Especially hearing how much hes struggling.

    Yes you want your back up to know the system , but the chance are he wont have to be ready for week 1. Of course you would rather them both be ready but you have to be realistic thats not possible in this offseason. Your gonna have to choose between getting your starting qb as prepared as you possibly can or work on both guys equally and deal with the fallout and consequences of the 1st month of the season bc your starter didnt get enough time under center.

    And it doesnt matter if they are doing it bc they are worried with how bad Hasselbeck has been. Then put him on the bench and give Locker or who ever is playing the best all the time with the starters. And then if after the season starts MH shows he has grasped the system and is the best then give him the reps then. All matters right now is giving who ever is gonna start day 1 every opportunity to succeed.

    Unless your forfeiting the season and just looking toward the future because then it would probably be best for the team to have Locker and Hasselback split time with the starters.

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