Jermichael Finley’s guarantee: Packers will shut up the Eagles and Saints

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Packers tight end Jermichael Finley has a message for the Eagles and the Saints: Enjoy everyone talking about you during the preseason while you can.

Finley was asked on WSSP in Milwaukee why the Eagles and Saints are getting more national media attention than the defending champion Packers, and Finley said it’s just a matter of time before that changes.

“I ain’t worrying about all that,” Finley said, via Sports Radio Interviews. “All that talk with the Eagles and the Saints, that will come to a halt, I guarantee you.”

Finley said he’s eager for the Packers’ September 8 opener against the Saints at Lambeau Field. And he dismissed Eagles quarterback Vince Young’s claim that the Eagles are a “dream team.”

“Ah man, that’s just talk,” Finley said. “That’s on paper. VY is a backup, I don’t think he should be doing too much talking.”

155 responses to “Jermichael Finley’s guarantee: Packers will shut up the Eagles and Saints

  1. All this talk sounds waaaaay too similar to what was spewing out of the Saints bandwagon last year. Chant of ‘who dat – two dat’ disappeared like a fart in the wind. We will see if the Packers suffer a familiar fate.

  2. Where does all this “no one is talking about the Packers” BS come from? There atop every Power Ranking I’ve seen, and the Eagles have repeatedly said that they were so active in FA for the sole purpose of beating the Pack. Another made up media narrative so the closeted ESPN suits can wank it to Aaron Rodgers under their desks.

    I’m thrilled my Falcons are somewhat under the radar.

  3. I like Finley a lot, but, when your coach is on your whole team about being terrible at camp the past few days, you shouldn’t make any guarantees yet.

  4. He needs to be able to stay one the field first, but coming from a 49ers fan, I hope he’s right.

  5. why is he saying he’s going to shut up the eagles or the saints. they’re not the ones talking. you media guys are.

    so why not say he’s going to shut the media up about the eagles and saints.

    he didn’t do much last year either after getting knocked out for the season, so he shouldn’t do much talking either.

  6. Haha i know other team’s fans aren’t going to like it but i enjoy it its nice to have a guy like Finley on are team that doesn’t bring his negativity into the locker room or onto the field

  7. Of course, the packers may or may not be better with Finley. They won the super bowl with him watching.

    I’m pretty sure we hear this from at least one player from the SB winning team every year. And really, only New England has back it up recently.

  8. Look look look. Let’s calm down. No where did he say that the packers were going to shut the teams up. I’m sure he is just irritated about the amount of buzz those teams are receiving. He is outspoken for sure, but not more than VY. The message is to wait for the preseason hype to die down before crowing them superbowl champions. I know you like to twist words, but come on……

  9. Packers are the underdogs this year. All because they ‘snuck’ into the playoffs, or ‘backed’ into the playoffs…

    Anyhooters, Mr Finley, complete a full season before singling out other players and teams.

  10. Players popping off at the mouth unprevoked almost always signifies insecurities. I’m putting money on the Saints for the opener now.

  11. Hey paulitik74, when is Matt Ryan going to win a playoff game? Just curious.

    How does that 27 point home playoff beatdown taste…..6 months later? Still sour?

    Finley is talking himself right off the Packers roster. How about staying healthy for more than 6 games…then start talking.

  12. I was just telling one of my buddies I was glad that other teams were rolling up the hype and talking about a “dream team.” I said there’s no way a TT and MM team would make such statements in the media.


  13. YAWN – lots o’ talk & no balls to do the job – (see shiancoe, visanthe) – don’t worry boys & girls, he’ll quiet down soon enough (8 sept)…
    WHO DAT!!!

  14. Vince Young made an innocous comment and every team on the league has to comment on it to get themselves all fired up–well Mr Finley, if that’s what it takes for you to get fired up for the season, then you shouldn’t be playing. As for no one talking about the Pack–you must be joking. I’ve seen articles on Fox, Sportsline, ESPN–you name it–which have said in essence, the Pack are going to repeat because of their “veteran leadership and strong rookie class”–well, how can anyone tell how anyone’s rookie class is going to look?

  15. That’s good advice for Vince Young of Wonderlic 6 fame, but it’s not so smart that JF’s out there spouting off. That’s his Wonderlic 9 talking. Shut up and play.

  16. He is right that VY should just be quite. The guy comes to town and the first 5 minutes starts running his mouth. But the rest of the Eagles haven’t said a word. They are a humble team. But now I hope we see Mr Finley at some point

  17. RexCanCoach says:
    Aug 10, 2011 4:25 PM
    atta boy Jermichael….
    PS – you would fit in nicely with Gang Green

    That’s tampering!

  18. “VY is a backup, I don’t think he should be doing too much talking.”


    O-U-C-H. Given what Young actually said, this is an unnecessarily harsh comeback. Finley sounds pissed!

  19. These games ARE played on the field and not in the headlines, right?!

    At least that’s what I thought!?!?!?

  20. Talk about talking does this guy ever shut up,awful funny that the pack won the superbowl without his help,let’s see how much talking he does when they don’t repeat,shutup and play the games then we’ll see who is talking then

  21. Ahh, there goes the gum flapping again. Got him in trouble at Texas, has been an issue ever since we drafted him, rearing it’s ugly head in the “what have you done for me lately” rants on twitter (along with fellow loudmouth and proudly a former Packer Nick Barnett) about the Super Bowl pic. Just shut the h3ll up. This offense is much more dangerous without you than Rodgers forcing the ball to you every other snap. We don’t win the Super Bowl last season with you on roster, period.

    Here’s hoping a fast start by D.J. Williams this season opens up trade possibilities by week six. I want to throw you as far as I can away from this team.

  22. Finley is right about one thing…VY does need to shut his mouth! He is the one who started all this dream team hype and he wasn’t even fitted for a helmet yet. From what I hear he hasn’t woken up from his “dream” yet and is throwing passes miles off target to his receivers. One other thing, maybe Finley should guarantee that he will be healthy the whole season to contribute to his team’s guaranteed success! Go Eagles!

  23. ummmm He’s exactly correct..

    if you disagree you need to get your knowledge up..

    NFC is Packers , #1 the in the distance are the eagles and saints. & not even in that order..

    VY is a fool

  24. Hmmm you know I could almost swear that it was around this time last year that J-Fin guaranteed that he was going to get 1,000 yds receiving las season. How’d that work out? Here’s an idea, stay healthy and put up some actual numbers before you start running your mouth pal

  25. A message to all of the 13 year olds (and knucklehead NFL players) ~ once you say it, Tweet it, sext it, or text it ~ it’s out there for the world to see it. Being a contract-year for Jermichael, now there’s more pressure to perform.

  26. Jermichael, I’m sure YOUR coach would prefer you to shut the pie hole. Especially when YOU cannot stay healthy yourself. The Eagles and Saints BOTH have class and are not talking ANY trash at all. If anything, you should have respect for Andy Reid, Joe Banner and Jeffrey Laurie, all THREE of those guys said they were so aggressive in the off-season because of the GREEN BAY PACKERS. Because they have respect for your team, not you. You weren’t even there to help your OWN team win a Superbowl so don’t front like you are the reason you guys have rings now. Mike McCarthy is similar to coach Reid so I’m sure he will grab you by the ear and tell you to zip it just like he did to Vince Young. Talking like that usually indicates YOU are the one craving ATTENTION……Green Bay doesn’t “roll” like that so SHADDEP!!!

  27. The only teams that are being mention are the Eagles, Pats and Jets and Packers…..No one mentions the Saints as contenders or any kind of favorites……. I’m starting to lose my admiration for the Packers because of clowns like this……stay on the field and contribute then talk ish……sucka

  28. The guy has a ton of potential, unfortunately potential means you’ve done nothing yet.

    He needs to shut up and do it on the field over the course of a year.

    I’m a long time Packer fan too.

  29. Said the guy who didn’t play in the superbowl…
    How about you do something in the playoffs before you start yapping….

  30. Packers won the Superbowl and he had nothing to do with it.

    Packers won the Superbowl and football was broken for months.

    Bears will win the Superbowl this year and all will be right.

  31. What crawled up his crotch? The Eagles didn’t say they were beating anyone, they have done no talking, “the dream team” comment was simply expressing the free agency the Eagles had which was unbelievable. Both of the Ryans brothers have done more talking, and now the Packers have done more talking.

  32. Instead of getting other teams JACKED up to smash em, he should be thanking his QB and DEFENSE for winning him a SUPERBOWL…..while he was on the PUP List…….

    How can you quickly shut the Eagles up?
    You don’t even play them, YOU MORON!!!

  33. Thanks again, Finley. I just had the discussion with a Vikings fan over lunch about how MM and TT build a high character, high competition roster that keep their head down and works and that’s the difference between the Vikings and Packers.

    Other than this guy, I guess….

  34. As a saints fan i am partial but up until the last few weeks i was always a packers fan 2nd. Just a little history lesson there Finley we heard the same crap from the TE of Vikings saying he was going to shut us up after we won the NFC from them. Guess what he did to much talking and not enough good playing.

  35. ““Ah man, that’s just talk,” Finley said. “That’s on paper. VY is a backup, I don’t think he should be doing too much talking.”

    I’m an eagles fan and still totally agree w this statement. Shut up VY

  36. The Eagles nor the Saints have talked ANY trash this year….
    So far, the ONLY teams in the NFC that are talking trash are Dallas (Rob Ryan), Minnesota (Robison) and now YOU!!!! You don’t even get a chance to shut the Eagles up…….worry about staying ON the field helping your teammates before the same thing happens next year (they win WITHOUT you).

    I think he must feel a litttle insecure about himself, actually I know he is……probably because the Defense and QB won him a SB…..he did NOTHING last year just like Barnett. BOTH of those guys are the trash talkers…..and BOTH of them were not on the field with their team……shocker!!!

  37. With the Lombardi Trophy comes the right to trash-talk …… Anyone who’s not a Packer or a PackFan simply has no right to do it ….. The simple truth is that the ‘other 31’ finished behind the Pack last season ….. The simple truth is that GB will remain Champs until someone knocks them off ……

    I don’t see any of the ‘other 31’ with the ability to dethrone the Pack …… Next year at this time we’ll be talking about a 3-peat ……

    It is so sweet to be a PackFan in the 21st century ……..

  38. @ doug1grohlin,

    “Packers won the Superbowl and he had nothing to do with it.”

    “Packers won the Superbowl and football was broken for months.”

    “Bears will win the Superbowl this year and all will be right.”

    Finley STILL gets a ring, regardless of whether he was in the game or not. Tearing an ACL sucks, and I am sure he felt badly enough not being able to participate in the SB experience as a player in the game.

    You are almost as funny as Rex Grossman. I would like to ask you this – How does the Packers winning the SB have ANYTHING to do with the owners opting out of the former CBA? You know, since you blamed the Packers for “football being broken for months”.

    Some fans are delusional, some are ridiculous – you fit both descriptions, but the delusional tag is even more applicable since you really think the Bears are going to win the SB. Is it because you added a second Sally to the team in Roy Williams to now pair up with Cutler? Cutler is happy he now has a teammate to play barbies with.

    The Bears haven’t won a SB since ’85, they are outclassed in the division and the conference, and Martz is good, but he isn’t that good. Bears SUCK, and you are simply a hater. Time to come clean……..

  39. Jmike.. shut it down already

    Don’t let your alligator mouth overload your hummingbird “behind”.

    Make it through the season healthy and allow your play to talk for you.

    Since you know.. it’s “just talk” regards whom utters the words.

    Last season means little.. so why bother worrying about the preseason talk and hype. Play ball.

  40. YES!! Atta boy Finley YOTTO Y8TT8…

    Putting a Guarantee to win the back to back Super Bowls would be dumb.

    Putting a Guarantee to beat these two teams would be agreed with by the Odds makers.

  41. Finley is an over-hyped PUNK!!

    he’s always out downtown in Milwaukee, and ends up getting into it with random club goers, then has security go take care of it!

    I’ve seen it multiple times!

    He’s the type guy that you don’t mind seeing blowout a knee!

  42. “… he dismissed Eagles quarterback Vince Young’s claim that the Eagles are a “dream team.”

    “Ah man, that’s just talk,” Finley said. “That’s on paper. VY is a backup, I don’t think he should be doing too much talking.”

    Exactly. The (unintended) irony here is palpable.

  43. Vince Young didn’t do any “talking”! He answered a question the media asked him about playing a team as stable and as ambitious in free agency as the Eagles, and he responded that is was like playing for a “dream” team.


    God, I am beyond sick of tyhe national sports media all you NFL fans who eat up their trash without at least looking up and reading the entire VY interview.

  44. Isn’t VY the main reason, if not the only reason, that you have a national championship ring from college? Way to show respect for your longhorn alumni.

    You’ll be a Jet before too long.

  45. Rex Ryan made guarantees in one form or another. Turns out he stuck his foot in his mouth…

    We’ll see how this guarantee works out as the season rolls along!

  46. A lot of big assumptions going on around here…Nothing is guaranteed and we do have a season to play before the victor is crowned. We shall see who has egg on their face and who does not.

  47. Sounds like someone is jealous of the moves of the Saints and the Eagles.. Instead of worrying about media hype and talk why not stay smart.. be under the radar and defend your title on the field without opening your mouth and drawing more attention to you and your team. I mean most people still have the Packers as the number one team to beat, thats not good enough? Only explanation is jealousy of the shiny new toys the other teams aquired and all of the attention..

    We are sorry Jermichael.. sorry you had to “earn” your super bowl the easy way..watching like the rest of us in PFT land were doing.. Hope you can stay healthy and back up your talk this year and not have to depend on Clay and Aaron and your secondary to do all the work for you AGAIN.

  48. “That’s on paper. VY is a backup, I don’t think he should be doing too much talking.”

    Awesome line!

  49. My My, there is a lot of fear emanating on this board!

    By now, McCarthy has nailed Finley’s lips to a 2×4….and wishing he had done it earlier!

  50. Stay healthy, make catches and keep your mouth shut. You have great potential…..but must learn to count to ten before opening your mouth…

  51. know what? i really enjoy watching the packers. i hope they stay good for a long while. if i`m gonna get force fed games by the networks i`m glad that gb is relavent. i only wish they were not on fox….nbc is a much nicer hd picture (1080) but i only have a 720 samsung? can any one tell me why it should look any better?

  52. Look at all the hypocritical Packers fans…pathetic.

    And, why the heck is a Crykings fan commenting? What a joke of a franchise…LA bound.

  53. I dont like the Aints, Beagles or the Packers. But they got the last Lombardi trophy and there the champs, not much you can say about them. They can talk smack

  54. I can just see Greg Williams telling this to the defense then sitting back and wringing his hands doing an impression of the emporer: “Gooood goooooood, your hatred makes you STRONGER!”

    Keep talking….remember what happened last time the Pack came down to the bayou, or did you repress that with the rest of the traumatic events in your life?!

  55. Hey Finley, how much did you contribute towards your teams championship??? **crickets** Yea umm, I dont think you have much room to talk either.. Signed Eagles Fan!!

  56. jkapps3 says:Aug 10, 2011 4:53 PM
    “Said the guy who didn’t play in the superbowl…
    How about you do something in the playoffs before you start yapping….”

    ^ The dude had over a 100 yards recieving in his first playoff game in that shootout against the cardinals….almost broke Kellen Winslow sr’s playoff record for tight ends….

    staff2cj4td says:Aug 10, 2011 5:15 PM
    “Finley is an over-hyped PUNK!!
    He’s the type guy that you don’t mind seeing blowout a knee!”

    wow….real mature wishing another person blows out his knee …considering you never met the dude.

  57. Wow…what feigned indignation!!! Making something out of nothing. Why are most of you under the impression he was talking about the Eagles and the Saints? He was talking about all the media talking about certain teams. Can anyone argue that the Eagles have been the most talked about team and are the winners of the paper champ title? Honestly…I would probably be a little pissed myself after my team won the Super Bowl and has really taken a back seat to a few others in the eyes of the media.

    All he is saying is that once the season starts the media will once again recognize that the Packers are the class of the NFC and all the talk about teams that haven’t done anything on the field yet will cease. What is wrong with that?

    I think you all are reaching for something to be pissed about….jealous much?

  58. Man, bunch of soft people on this comment section.

    It’s trash talk! Believe me, a lot more vulgar stuff gets said on the field.

    Good on Finley. This is the kind of stuff that makes me love football, we need more trash talk like this!

  59. Fast fwd to the end of the season and all these commentors will be thinking how dumb they sounded when their team is sitting home in February after getting dominated by Finley and the Pack. Show me one team in the league that can cover GB WR’s. I’ll laugh at the attempt. Eagles had to break the bank just to cover the first three.

    Go Pack Go!

  60. I wonder if Jermichael knows that last year’s wins don’t carry over to this year. Yeah, the Eagles and Saints are only good “on paper”. But nobody’s had a chance to play yet. The 2011 Packers only exist on paper, too, buddy.

  61. LOL so says the guy with worse knees than my dead Grandma. Try doing something in the league before you talk you over hyped walking medic unit.

  62. Finley should keep his mouth shut. The Packers did not even win the division last year and the Eagles are a better team than them right now.

    Take it easy, now. Last time we played we won the Super Bowl. Last time you played, you lost to the Pack. Wait for your new squad to at least play a game before you start spouting off about them being better than the Pack.

  63. Chill with the Finley talk. The question was placed to antagonize. He just answered the wrong way

  64. “Ah man, that’s just talk,” Finley said. “That’s on paper. VY is a backup, I don’t think he should be doing too much talking.”

    ……….and what exactly has Finley did in his career to give him the right to do any “talking”. LMAO

  65. Vince Young made an off the cuff statement during his signing press conference and hasn’t said anything since. He was excited to be on a new team (as he should be) and was expressing that excitement. No one from the Eagles has talked since, they’re going about their business. It’s everyone else in the media and NFL who is still talking about it.

  66. I don’t mind the Saints, except for the “who dat” stuff, but I really dislike the Eagles, even before they signed all of these FAs. No, I am not afraid of the Eagles, I just dislike them greatly. The Packers don’t even play the Eagles this season (unless it is in the playoffs), so I guess he is implying that both teams will make the playoffs, but the Packers will win. Hopefully he can back up this talk.

  67. Does anyone actually read beyond the headline?

    Finley never said the Saints and Eagles themselves were talking, that he or the Packers were going to shut up those teams, or used the phrase “shut up” at all. He said the media craze that is talking up the Saints and Eagles will come to a halt. He’s just saying “Wait until they get a load of us.” That’s it.

  68. @eaglessuperfan,

    “Try doing something in the league before you talk”.

    You mean like win a SB? Finely has a SB ring on his finger. He was part of the team that won it, and had he stayed healthy all year, he would have likely had a stellar year. ACL injuries are unpredictable – criticiing Finley because he had an ACL tear is pretty weak and pathetic. Brandon Graham, Leonard Weaver, Cornelius Ingram and Stewart Bradley are all/were Eagle players who have had ACL tears in the past couple of years. I guess they all too have “worse knees than your dead Grandma’?

    Your same quote of “Try doing something in the league before you talk” could be applied to VY opening his mouth, but the difference is Finley is a starter. VY is a punk bum who is a back-up. You better hope he is barely seen and never heard.

    If you are so butt-hurt about what Finley said, have your team shut him up. Pretty simple, really.

  69. @ king battle,

    Hey Finley, how much did you contribute towards your teams championship??? **crickets** Yea umm, I dont think you have much room to talk either.. Signed Eagles Fan!!

    I think he has LOTS of room to talk (a hell of a lot more than that punk VY) with that SB ring on his finger. Because he wasn’t in the SB is immaterial. He was on the team at the beginning of the season, and he was still on the team at the end, regardless of whether he played in the SB or not.

    Had it not been for an ACL tear, he would have likely had a monster season. But, no matter, he has a ring as part of the SB champion Packers, and I bet he would put it on his middle finger and hold it up for you to see since you Philly fans don’t know what a SB ring looks like………..

  70. Im a ravens fan and I still say the eagles are the best contenders right now. . . Sorry cheeseheads

  71. None of the Eagles corners can tackle this guy, or anyone else for that matter. None of their LB’s or Safeties can keep up with him. You all better hope he gets injured b/c if he plays a full season watch out.

  72. yes Vy is a backup and shouldnt be talking, but you shouldnt be talking either because you had nothing to do with the Packers winning the Super Bowl. If I remember right you got taken out by the Eagles in week 1.

    So maybe you should keep your mouth shut too.

  73. “contra74 says: Aug 10, 2011 4:25 PM

    All this talk sounds waaaaay too similar to what was spewing out of the Saints bandwagon last year. Chant of ‘who dat – two dat’ disappeared like a fart in the wind. We will see if the Packers suffer a familiar fate.”

    Yeah, the Saints sucked last year. Without a backfield they still posted the 2nd best record in the conference.

  74. calloustongue

    Have you ever heard of Nnamdi? He is huge and the best tackling corner in the league.

  75. Let them keep talking about the Eggles and Aints. Championships are won in January, not in August.

  76. You wanna take shots at the Eagles because they are good team on paper and haven’t won a ring? Ok, great, I can take that.

    But you want to talk about the Saints like you’re supremely better than them?


    The Saints were last years over hyped team predicted by the media to win it all back to back, now the Packers are that team.

    Guess who this years over hyped team is that is predicted to win it all? It’s not the Eagles or the Saints.

    There is a reason that few teams win back to back. It’s hard to catch that lightening in a bottle, and that’s exactly what GB did.

    What happened to the Saints last year? Oh that’s right, they lost to a 7-9 team in the playoffs.

    The weak Packers couldn’t even win their division last year. The Pack’s delusional fans, and apparently Jermichael Finley, think that because they got hot in the playoffs, that is going to carry through for the next 5 years.

    Stop it. Beat the Bears in the division first. Because I tell you what, all of the teams that were are in the playoffs last year got better, with the exception of the Pack.

    The Packers have the same damn team as last year, with less of their “one man down, another man up” bum backups.

    Good luck, you’ll need it. I hate the Saints, and I can’t wait until they destroy you at home week 1.

  77. Repeating is hard enough without putting another bullseye on yourself with your mouth as well.

  78. nfldaddy says: Aug 10, 2011 8:05 PM

    I didn’t copy & paste your whole post because it was so ignorant and uniformed it should not even be repeated. The Packers are not the same team as last year they are better because of returning injured players and excellent draft picks They are extremely deep at every position except possibly inside linebacker. They did not win the division last year because of the unusually high number of injuries It did take them a few games for the replacements to adjust, but once they did look what happened , they won 8 straight to take the crown. The beat the Bears twice in a row when it counted and punked them in their own crib for the NFC crown Finely is some what immature and does run his mouth alittle to much. He is also the most talented TE in the game and will prove it if he stays healthy. I don’t know who your team is but you sound like a typical jealous Viking fan.

  79. As much as I loved this due to my intense hatred for the Eagles and Saints, hows he gonna call VY a backup when he played like 1 quarter last year? On a lighter note, who names their kid Jermichael? I’m guessing his mother didnt know who his father was, Jerome or Michael, so she split the difference

  80. First, the headline is not at all what Jermichael guaranteed. He clearly implied that the Packers (you know, the Champions?) would put an end to all the premature media hype of the Eagles with the potential great play of his team once the games start. Or, all the attention being paid to the Eagles right now will shift back to the Packers eventually, though they should be getting it anyway because they’re currently the best team in the league. Nowhere does he say they’ll destroy the Eagles or Saints. Calling him a moron because you misinterpreted what MDS apparently misinterpreted is pretty ironic. Stop hating on Jermichael for no substantial reason.

    Also, the injury thing with Finley is blown way out of proportion. He’s had only 2 years of starting opportunity (rookie year was mostly him developing); in 2009, he was clearly an emerging difference-maker and missed just a few games, and he capped it off with a dominant game against Arizona in the playoffs, as one of the few rational posters on this article pointed out. Last year he had a freak, severe injury and missed most of the season. So that criticism is based largely on ONE YEAR, and that’s not fair to a guy who’s only 24 years old and for all you know may never miss another game for his career. This isn’t Peyton Manning, arguably the best in the game, not winning the big one until finally they did in 2006, which was a fair criticism. Jermichael Finley being called “injury-prone” after 2 years is NOT fair.

  81. packerbacker93 says: Aug 10, 2011 4:29 PM

    “Haha its nice to have a guy like Finley on are team”
    A guy like Finley on “are” team!
    Let’s see, how can I respond to that?
    “Our” you the idiot you appear to be? Is 93 the year you were born? It’s way way way too high to be “you’re” IQ!!!!!!!!! You’ll need to repeat 3rd grade, AGAIN!!!!
    Learn how to read and write, then come back, in about 20 years!

  82. nfldaddy, You must be another one of those Geico guys, livin’ under a rock! For the past 10 days THE MEDIA are the ones hyping the Eagles. It’s NOT Eagles Fans , It’s NOT Packers Fans, and It’s NOT Saints fans! It’s the media!! Any team would feel ‘dissed’ if they had won the Championship and someone else was gettin’ all the hype. Up until now the Packers have been quiet, but the media has been foaming at the mouth. IT”S THE MEDIA! Just pick up a newspaper, or buy a TV, then crawl back under your rock and get an education, and STFU!

  83. Ugg. Very embarrassing to this Packer fan. I wish Finley would just keep quiet and see what happens on the field. (He’s acting like a Viqueen). As for the retorts that the Packers DON’T have a shot at a repeat, that is as ignorant as making stupid guarantees that they will repeat. All one can say at this point is that it will be a competitive run this year…whether it be the Saints, Eagles, Falcons, Patriots, Steelers, Jets, Packers, etc., etc., who come out on top in the end.

  84. the only place i’ve really heard about the saints has been locally, so i really don’t know what finley’s talking about. in fact, mike and mike just said the other day that the saints won’t make the playoffs this year. however, they’re the champs, so talk ish! who dat!

  85. macjacmccoy says: Aug 10, 2011 7:33 PM
    yes Vy is a backup and shouldnt be talking, but you shouldnt be talking either because you had nothing to do with the Packers winning the Super Bowl. If I remember right you got taken out by the Eagles in week 1. ————————————-

    Actually macjacmccoy, he played like 3 or 4 weeks. and I’m a Packer fan, But you’re right man, he had nothin’ to do with winning the SB, and he (Finley) SHOULD STFU!!! Put in a full season (or 10) BEFORE you christen yourself the GOAT! For right now the Packer are SB Champs, but it’s real easy to turn that to Chumps if they talk S#*T and don’t play!

  86. I agree with Finley that Vince Young should’ve been talking when he was an Eagle for all of about 25 seconds at the time. The Dream Team thing is just hype. When the Eagles prove it on the field, they will silence a lot of critics. If you pay attention, the only ones hounding on this whole Dream Team thing is the media.

  87. may be hard to believe, butFinely makes their offense worse. Rodgers holds onto the ball longer, therefore, gets sacked more. and that takes away from Jennings and their other guys. Jennings’ numbers plummet when finely is playing. he was yelling at his receivers coach once about it. Finely may make a flashy catch, but it is a fact that the packer offense found it’s niche when Finely wasn’t out there. their winning streak happened after Finely was out. their losses occurred when he was in.

  88. Just two former Longhorns teammates doing what they do best…talking. Neither has accomplished a whole lot to date though I’m banking on Finley actually staying healthy this year and helping take the Pack back to the big game again. It’s a two horse race in the NFC; and ironically, in the current economic climate, they both wear the color of money 😉

  89. wicky888 says: Aug 10, 2011 8:28 PM

    As much as I loved this due to my intense hatred for the Eagles and Saints, hows he gonna call VY a backup when he played like 1 quarter last year? On a lighter note, who names their kid Jermichael? I’m guessing his mother didnt know who his father was, Jerome or Michael, so she split the difference.


    What the hell else would you call a Backup besides a guy who played 1 quarter last year. That is the very definition of a Backup. MORON!!!
    Also, and more importantly your comment on his name exposes you as a racist. Why don’t you confine your comments to some KKK web site and stay the hell off of here.

  90. illiniftw says: Aug 10, 2011 4:23 PM

    And the Bears will win the division again!


    First, you need a field that’s not made out of rocks. Second, you need lights. Now, for the important part. You need a team that can play. And win. When it counts.

  91. I think its fine that the Packers are under the radar. I wish Finley would have kept it that way, but it does seem that the Packers have taken a back seat to teams like the Eagles making splashy moves.

  92. nfldaddy says: Aug 10, 2011 8:05 PM

    Actually the Vikings and Cowboys were the media darlings to win it all last year. Not the Saints.

  93. Who cares about guarantees? If they back it up great. If they don’t, he’s wrong. And that’s that.

    How about if people who make guarantees put up something tangible to back up their guarantee? Anybody can talk. Maybe put up some money or vow to retire or sit out a year. Something that makes a guarantee mean something other than something blowing off hot air.

    The only people who put stock in some athlete making a guarantee for the 500th time this year are the dumb and the gullible.

  94. imjinbrdgr:

    1. I was referring to Finely only playing 1 quarter, which was an exageration, but still.

    2. My comment was not racist. It contained no slurs. If he were a redneck with a mullet named Billy Joe Bob, I would have made the same comment.

    3. You are obviously too sensitive for todays world, and cannot take a joke. Either that or your name is Jermichael too.

  95. They’re talking about the Saints and Eagles because they made moves. That’s all!!! Trust me Jermichael, you guys are definitely on the radar. Especially now.

  96. you talk all that smack for a guy that got hurt do somwthing then talk .did nothing the first game aganist the eagles what did you in the playoffs against them?? oh you got towels and gatorade for your back up playing for you while you were HURT or were you able to make the trip??i know hard to catch a post route with crutches lol!!!

  97. Finley, I can guarantee you that Sean Payton and Andy Reid will be printing out your quotes and posting them all over their teams’ locker rooms. I hope for your sake you can back up your trash talk. As a Saints fan, I am glad you are giving them some extra motivation for the season opener.

  98. FIRST OFF- Finley and Young are both Texas Alma Mater. I’m sure it’s friendly banter. Secondly… Finley says NOTHING about the Packers shutting up the two teams. This is a media twist and a lie. However… I do think the Aint’s will be taken behind the wood shed for a spanking come week one. I guarantee they’ll lose to the CHAMPS.

  99. favreblows says:
    Aug 10, 2011 10:56 PM
    Sheeesh……this guy never shuts up. Paul Hargis must be acting as his agent. What a moron.

    You have the wit of an autistic.

  100. First off,in free agency vince is right,we have a dream team,but what we do on the field is what counts.and people talking about the LB corps for the eagles to cover TEs.well ive been to camp and Nmadi is covering the TEs,so lets see what any TE has in this league,when the best CB in football covers i’m not saying the EAGLES will win the superbowl.But they are a very good team before we picked up an extra 5 pro me that makes us a hell of alot better.WE will win the east again,and then whatever happens happens.Packers were a wild card team.2 missed field goals by one on the best kickers in the league and a dropped pass by a rookie in the endzone.and packers went home..the gods were with the pack that day.Akers never misses 2 field goals.and its not like the pack blocked them.he plain out missed congrats to the pack.but can you repeat..i say NAY

  101. I just got news from a very reliable sourse in the EAGLES camp that WR J.Macklin HAS HIV.they continue to run test to see the severity of it.but i was also told that he may never play football again,and that is the reason they picked up steve smith.Avant is the new Jmac while smith will be the new slot guy,and also the eagles are trying to get Randy moss out of retirement.very bad news for jmac and the eagles hopes of going to the superbowl.

  102. James Jones dropped a gimme touchdown against the Eagles in the playoff game too. Don’t act like the Packers were the only ones who got a little lucky, because Green Bay could easily have won by a more comfortable margin if the “Gods” didn’t make James so unreliable at catching crucial passes.

    That’s another factor that could make the Packers even more dangerous next year: what if James Jones actually plays to his potential?

  103. nfldaddy –

    Hilarious. I guess winning a division is waaaaay more important than winning a Super Bowl. Congrats, Bears fans, your team really showed the Packers last year by winning that division title. And the Eagles are the 2nd best team in their own state, so kudos on that great honor.

    Nothing but respect for the Saints – they’ve won it all and are still dangerous. Lambeau will be out of control Sept 8th.

  104. Last meeting…… Saints 52 Packers (not even close)
    and it could have been 70…… But thats the past just like last season that means the super bowl……last time i looked everybody was 0-0

  105. dino2997 says:Aug 11, 2011 12:33 AM
    Packers who? Go BEARS!!
    illiniftw says: Aug 10, 2011 4:23 PM
    And the Bears will win the division again!

    ….signed , Brian U.

    …same pourous offensive line and same Jay Cutler…need i say more??

  106. eaglesfootballfan says:
    Aug 10, 2011 4:43 PM
    Finley should keep his mouth shut. The Packers did not even win the division last year and the Eagles are a better team than them right now.


    You mean on paper, right?

    Because that absolutely matters.

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