Marcus McNeill has bone spur removed from knee

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Chargers left tackle Marcus McNeill underwent surgery on his knee for the second time since the 2010 season ended.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports McNeill had a bone spur removed recently. McNeill said on the radio that he underwent arthroscopic knee surgery back in February.

This isn’t a huge problem, but it’s a rare sour note in a mostly sunny training camp for the Chargers.  The team fortified its roster by bringing back key veterans and spent more in free agency than usual.

“The caliber of guys they brought in was exciting to all of us,” center Nick Hardwick said earlier this week.

It seems like preseason prognosticators have grown tired of picking the Chargers, but they have a balanced roster and a top-five quarterback once again this season.  Florio may disagree, but I see them as one of the AFC favorites.

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  1. The Chargers biggest enemy is themselves.

    If they can stop the turnovers and special teams mistakes then they’ll be a good, maybe even great team.

  2. “It seems like preseason prognosticators have grown tired of picking the Chargers, but they have a balanced roster and a top-five quarterback once again this season.”

    I can sum up in two words why they shouldn’t be either…

    …Norv Turner.

  3. The Chargers are going be an angry team this year and they are going to play like it. If listen to the veterans on this team talk, they are all angry they missed the playoffs last season. They are used to winning the division. Key veterans drafted by the Chargers like McNeil had never experienced not being AFC West champs. Last season was a bitter pill. These guys feel like they own the division and they aim to take it back.

    With all due respect to the KFC Chiefs, who are going to be one of the AFC’s best teams again this season, I’m picking my Chargers to win the division and I fully expect Norv to hoist the Lombardi in triumph in Indy on Feb. 5.

    The Donks will improve this season and win 5-6 games.

    The fades reached their peak last season and will be lucky to win 3 games in 2011. They fired the best coach Al has hired since Gruden and Al let his best player and best receiver escape in free agency.

  4. One widdle biddy concern. Way soft up the middle to passing attack, and running if somebody breaks into the secondary – right at Widdle Weddle.

    And – can the Chargers really mount a pash rush?

  5. This team would have won the division last year if it had average special teams. The O and D were #1 last year, but turnovers killed them in several games. The Chiefs are young and getting better, but even last year were not as good as the Chargers. The Raiders lost a lot of good players and will regress. Broncos are in transition. SD suffered a ton of injuries last year, 74 players suited up, tying a league record. That kills special teams. The receivers were also all inured. Rivers completed passes to 17 different receivers, and had more than 10 completions to 13 different guys. With that lack of continuity, Rivers still passed for more yards than any other QB and had a QB rating of over 100. With health and luck this is absolutely an AFC favorite to go the Superbowl…and finally win it.

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