Parcells back, Brooks and Dunn out at ESPN

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A familiar face will be returning to ESPN, as Bill Parcells has once again been hired as an NFL analyst.

Parcells will appear on next week’s installment of Monday Night Countdown before the Jets-Texans preseason game and make regular appearances during the season. ESPN noted in its announcement that he’ll also work on the Monday Night Countdown opener, when two of his former teams, the Patriots and Dolphins, meet.

For most of the last decade, when Parcells wasn’t coaching or working in a front office he was an ESPN analyst. Although Parcells claims he’s really done in the NFL, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if by the end of the season he leaves ESPN to work in the front office of some team.

In other ESPN news, Michael McCarthy of USA Today reports that Warrick Dunn and Derrick Brooks won’t be returning as football analysts at ESPN. It’s not clear whether that was their choice or ESPN’s, but Brooks and Dunn, who were teammates at Florida State and on the Buccaneers, both had relatively minor roles at ESPN and both have a wide array of charitable activities that take up most of their time.

UPDATE: We’ve heard from a few readers wondering whether Parcells’ presence will affect Mike Ditka’s role. ESPN tells us that Ditka will be back in the same role.

23 responses to “Parcells back, Brooks and Dunn out at ESPN

  1. After Parcells miserable performance with the Miami Dolphins I think the NFL is finished with him. Many NFL teams who were bad when Parcells took over the Dolphins are in much better shape than Miami. Ex. Detroit Lions, Atlanta Falcons, Tampa Bay Bucuneers, New York Jets. The Buffalo Bills beat the Dolphins in 2010……Parcells has failed with talent acquisition. Moreover he does not know how to buy the groceries (talent), that he has sought to undertake for years as a head coach.

  2. Im glad they need 20 people to run their shows. The more talking heads the better.

    The only enjoyable minute of ESPN’s gameday stuff is the Mayne Event.

  3. I’m a big time Parcells fan. But I have to agree, its seems no one has really looked at how he did buying the grocieries. He sure as heck can cook them, but I dont see him as the guy to walk down the aisles and fill the shopping cart.

    He’s got one of the all time most under rated draft day blunders.
    He is the guy who was sitting there with the next pick and Steven Jackson still on the board. It was spoken as obvious that Dallas would select Jackson. Parcells move was to trade down and get the guy he wanted, Julious Jones a couple picks later. In his mind it was a great move because he got HIS guy and an additional pick. I’m not sure who that extra pick turned out to be, but not many players can make up the difference between who Jackon and Jones turned out to be.
    Parcells flat out graded those two RB’s wrong, The Rams (who gave up the pick) and pretty much every draft progniosticator, had Jackson graded higher.

    Now every GM makes mistakes. But blunders of this level are usually carried with the guy who screwed up forever. But as Parcells is praised and always on the short list to run a team, without his track record of buying groceries ever really looked at.
    He got Bledsoe/Mirier right. and?

  4. Probably just making room for the genius musings of the recently retired Channing Crowder.

    Prepare to have your minds blown from here to London, wherever that country is.

  5. ESPN and NFL network both have great hosts but excruciating casts…keyshaun and chris carter are awful and watching anyone on game day other than Eisen and Faulk are lowsy.

    Still no one comes close to Terry, Howie, Jimmy and Michael

  6. Parcells can be an SOB (heck he pretty much screwed the Pats out of a SB in 96) but he’s good TV and always has been. Some of his media time while he was coaching is up there with Mora the elder’s. I loved when Parcells and Keyshawn (much as I don’t care for Keyshawn) were on together because they would tweak each other. It was funny.

    Can they get rid of Tom Jackson please???

  7. When ESPN let Brooks and Dunn go, they said “Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You, but why don’t you hit the Red Dirt Road? We know each of you is a Hard Workin’ Man, but we don’t want a Long Goodbye.”

    Brooks and Dunn replied, “That Ain’t No Way to Go. You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone.”

    ESPN said, “It’s Getting Better All the Time.”

  8. Why the love for Parcells????? Does nobody else see how he totally screwed Dallas & then Miami with his failure, arrogant, i know what is best crap. He is a failure riding the glory of his moment in the 90s…why do people love him so? I can’t stand him!

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