Retired players’ lawsuit against NFL, NFLPA still pending

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The league and the players have resolved their differences, but Carl Eller and a class of retired players still have a beef with both sides.

Per the Associated Press, the lawyers for the parties appeared in court before Judge Susan Nelson on Wednesday.  Eller and company want Judge Nelson to order everyone back to mediation for the purposes of dealing with the retired players’ claims.

Judge Nelson, according to the AP, said that the retired players face an uphill battle.  And she’s right.  The retired players have no real legal claims, against anyone.

Meanwhile, SportsBusiness Daily reports that retired player Bernie Parrish has filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging that the NFLPA violated federal law by attempting to negotiate on behalf of retired players.

Again, the retired players have no rights — and they have no leverage.  They may not like what the NFLPA got for them, but it’s more than they could have gotten on their own.

Maybe that’s what needs to happen.  Maybe the court should vacate any portion of the new CBA that involves payment to retired players, and then let the retired players to work out their own deal.

If they don’t like what the NFL offers, the retired players can always go on strike.

14 responses to “Retired players’ lawsuit against NFL, NFLPA still pending

  1. If they don’t like what the NFL offers, the retired players can always go on strike.


  2. What more could they possibly want? They already got a sweet deal they would otherwise have not gotten. Apparently the working players aren’t the only greedy ones.

  3. savannahrose44
    I am sure you have no idea what is or isn’t in the CBA for retired players so what the hell are you talking about. Do you think things are as profitable for the league now because of Peyton Manning and the present players?Get real and stop making uneducated statements.

  4. Well hell. My old boss made a lot of money after I stopped working for him. I think I’ll go sue him! I must deserve some of that, right?

  5. I said it before lockout and before the lockout ended. The retired players made good money when they were playing for the era that they played in. You could buy a new car in 1970 for less than $5000. I bought my first car in 1974. Gas was $0.32 a gallon.

  6. why do these players feel they are entitles to anytjing? the rest of us work for a living. jidge nelson should have donn the rigjt thing and thrown this stupid case out of court and save tax payers money.

  7. condor75

    According to ESPN reports which have not been disputed so it much be accurate or close. They will receive 1.5% of the 9 + billion dollar annual pie.

    or +/- 100 Million per year. That is double what they received in the last CBA according NFL 62 Million annually that goes to the pre-1993 players. That is pretty generous. Most companies leave nothing for their pre-last year employees. They constantly try to get out of any promises they made.

    The retired players have not leg to stand on. They should be lucky to split an Andrew Jackson.

  8. I wish when im older i can go back to my job i retired from and demanded money.

    at that point, they would try to put me in a hospice, i think its just a case of a bunch of old farts being senile

    Eller probably forgot they got a settlement. Alzheimer’s is setting in.

  9. We saw a similar lawsuit here in Canada years ago, when the widow who sold the Tim Horton’s coffee chain to another owner sued for a piece of the new action. The new owner turned it into a Canadian fast food juggernaut, and she felt she was owed part of that money. The reality is, though, that the chain wasn’t worth that when she sold it – the new owner created that enhanced value. She lost her case, just as these retired players won’t win a dime either. They should consider themselves lucky that the new deal cut them in on anything – neither side was obligated to do that.

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