Stephen Bowen at training camp with heavy heart


The rigors of training camp for new Redskins defensive end Stephen Bowen are no comparison to the pain and personal tragedy he suffered this summer.

Bowen and his wife Tiffany became parents on June 28 to extremely premature twins: Skyler and Stephen III, according to the Associated Press.  They were born almost four months early, called “micro preemies” and weighing just more than a pound.

Skyler died 10 days after birth. Stephen III remains in the hospital and continues to improve.  He could be released from the hospital as early as next month.

“Things are a lot better,” Bowen said. “It’s still hard. I still think about the son we lost every day. He was just an inspiration for us. While he was here, he was fighting every day to try to be here for us. So the least I can do is just work my butt off and try to be the best football player I can be.”

It’s hard to imagine what Bowen and his wife are going through. Tiffany and the family’s 21-month-old daughter remain in Dallas, while Stephen goes to training camp.  Tiffany hopes to join her husband in D.C. when Stephen III is out of the hospital.

“I don’t think you can know how he feels unless you’ve been in his shoes,” coach Mike Shanahan said. “Words can’t express what he and his family are feeling.”

We send our thoughts and best wishes to the Bowen family for Stephen III’s continued improvement. Hopefully the Bowens can all come back together in D.C. in September.

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  1. Poor guy. He even showed up to training camp while that was happening. Hope all goes well for him and his wife

  2. As a father of twins that were also premature, I understand his loss. But still unless you’ve experienced it, this is one of those things that just can’t be felt by empathizing. Sometimes I think about how we fans never understand what players go through. Imagine if this had happened during the season, his play would have been greatly affected and fans will never know why.

  3. It’s events like this that put things into proper perspective, and make everyone remember that football is just a game and entertainment for us fans. Godspeed, Mr. and Mrs. Bowen and Stephen III.

  4. Our family is sending our thoughts and prayers for the Bowen family for Stephen III’s continued improvement.

  5. I’m also a father to premature twins who thanks to god both made it. I can’t imagine their pain and my thoughts and prayers go out to their family.

  6. hope he plays well in every game besides when he plays my team. i’ll be pulling for him, no one deserves success this season more than him. football’s pretty meaningless compared to this and i think we (fans, owners, players, media, etc.) all lose sight of that more often than not. sobering to think about.

  7. Prayers to the Bowen family. My wife and I had a micropreemie 7 years ago and almost lost him a half dozen times while in the hospital. I can relate to having a child that tiny, but cannot fathom the loss of one.

    Football is pretty much meaningless when compared to not only this, but a lot of other things.

  8. Unbelievable that there are heartless SOB’s on this board who would “thumb-down” any of the comments wishing the best for the Bowen’s during this trying time for their family.

    Keep your head up Stephen. Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

  9. joegibbsisking says: Aug 10, 2011 8:40 AM

    Prayers go out to the Bowen family. Best of luck to your son.

    37 thumbs down to this comment????

    Who are you people? Cowboy fan trolls, bitter he is a Redskin now?

  10. I’m trying to figure out who the morons are that are giving a “thumbs down” to well-wishing comments. Whoever you are, you’re evil.

    I’m also wondering why Shanahan doesn’t let the dude stay with his wife and child. Football really isn’t all that important when it comes to life and death situations.

  11. Wow! Thoughts and prayers out to the Bowen family. As a father I couldn’t imagine.

    A neighbor had a premie and even when they get home they are not out of the woods. Things would even expect come up. our neighbor couldn’t let in anyone but close family for the first year to the house for fear of germs could infect their child. It is tough and my prayers go out to them.

  12. It’s gotta be the “Prayers” and “God Bless” thing making people thumb it down. Come on, people. There’s a time and place to pick that fight.

    Can’t imagine going through that. Hang in there, Stephen III and Bowen family.

  13. @chubbybeerswiller: Am sure if he asked for it, he would be excused. However, at times like this sometimes work is a respite from all that’s going on at home.

  14. I’m sure he could stay home with an excused absence. I bet Mr. Bowen is there because he wants to be, to make sure he’s around to provide for his family.

    Here’s hoping for the best…

  15. Poor guy…

    Also, isn’t Skylar who’s alive? He references his dead son. The article states that his wife and *daughter* remain back home.

    Perhaps the reason for the thumbs downs?

  16. i’m sure i speak for a lot of dallas cowboys fans. this is tragic news. we wish the bowens family nothing but the very best. please know we are very sad for you and your lovely wife. may god bless you and may your child have a swift and full recoery.

  17. Amazing young man to fight thru this and come to work.

    The respect-o-meter just nosedived for the “Osi’s” of this league who haven’t a clue about real adversity. One thing you can’t teach is character…Hmmmm

  18. My mother, now 86, lost their first born to SIDS 63 years ago. She says she still thinks about her at times. Guess its something you never get over but only learn to live with. Prayers to the Bowen family.

    There are always give year olds on here that thumbs down any post..ignore their stunted intellectual growth…

  19. Yeah, buddy hang in there I had a tiny one like that, I pray for your family, and welcome to Washington, glad you got outta the evil empire!!

  20. Yeah, buddy hang in there I had a tiny one like that, I pray for your family, and welcome to Washington, glad you got outta the evil empire!!


    Said the fan of the team who’s owner sued a newspaper for not giving him good press.

  21. inishul says:
    Aug 10, 2011 9:15 AM
    joegibbsisking says: Aug 10, 2011 8:40 AM

    Prayers go out to the Bowen family. Best of luck to your son.

    37 thumbs down to this comment????

    Who are you people? Cowboy fan trolls, bitter he is a Redskin now?


    How dare you even bring a trivial thing such as teams into this? Do “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” even matter? The man is mourning the loss of his child for crying out loud. Write your condolences and leave. Some things are a thousand times bigger than football.

  22. joegibbsisking says: Aug 10, 2011 8:40 AM

    Prayers go out to the Bowen family. Best of luck to your son.
    inishul says: Aug 10, 2011 9:15 AM

    37 thumbs down to this comment????


    It appears that many people read the MSNBC link,
    “Redskins’ Bowen mourning infant son’s death”, and then assumed that the first commenter was saying “Best of luck to your son” meaning the dead son.

    Anyone who actually read the article realizes that the writer joegibbsisking was referring to the twin son who is still alive.

    It is typical of society today that so many people are willing to read a comment and then rate it without actually reading the article that the comment was about.

    Best wishes Mr & Mrs on the improved health of your child, Stephen III.

  23. Those of You who Thumbed down any of the top comments are bunch of Losers, Idiots, with no respect for life, family, love or people, you deserve to be erased from Society..

  24. I had never heard of Stephen Bowen before but am now rooting for him to do well in the league. Hopefully he and the family find peace in their loss.

  25. Its gotta be tough to angry up the blood for action on the defensive line when carrying so much grief in the heart.

  26. Heartbreaking! My prayers go out to the Bowen family. That is a terrible to go through for any family. Remember what doesn’t kill you can make you stronger.

  27. I can’t begin to imagine what the Bowen family must have endured this summer. When my ex was expecting with our son, some close friends of ours lost their first born, who was also born some months early. It kind of clarifies the things in life that are truly important. Hope each coming day eases the pain for the Bowen family.

    And what’s with all the “thumbs down” posters? Are you all just doing a bit? You want to bag on someone’s post, at least have the stones to come out and say why. Events such as this have evrything to do with life and nothing to do with laundry. What a bunch of gutless cowards!!!

  28. I was very touched by this article because I share a similar situation to Stephen Jr. I know this is weird, but my name is Stephen, I was born on June 28th (3 months early), and my twin sister passed away shortly after we were born. It’s hard to explain how that feels, but the best way I can think of how to say it is I feel incomplete. I think of her often and wonder how extra special my life would be if she was here with me. Little Stephen, you are not alone. My thoughts and prayers go out to Stephen Bowen and his family.

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