Titans coordinator says Hasselbeck is “struggling” to learn offense


Kenny Britt has been injured. Chris Johnson is holding out.

Veteran Matt Hasselbeck, meanwhile, is learning his first new offense in more than a decade on the fly.  It’s not a big surprise that the Titans offense has looked rough around the edges early in camp.

Titans offensive coordinator Chris Palmer admits Hasselbeck has been “struggling” to learn new offense, but he continues to make strides.  Hasselbeck will make $9 million this year, so he will be given time to adjust. It’s not like Jake Locker is in better shape learning a new offense.

Titans coach Mike Munchak says Locker will get time with the first team during the preseason.  The Titans will have to balance Locker’s needs with getting enough work for Hasselbeck.

We can’t help but think how far behind Bill Belichick and Tom Brady say the Patriots are compared to normal.  They haven’t been able to install big chunks of their playbook.

If a veteran team like the Patriots is way behind, it will be a challenge for teams like the Titans to catch up this year.

35 responses to “Titans coordinator says Hasselbeck is “struggling” to learn offense

  1. It’s not just the Patriots. Every team that returned this year with the same offense, coaching staff and QB will be waaaay ahead of the curve compared to teams who made a major change.

    I pretty much expect the same 16 playoff teams from last year to have a very good chance of repeating this year. Except for the Jets cause they can blow goats for all I care.

  2. But everyone at ESPN said he was all world and the best QB in free agency! They said last year was a fluke and not an old QB! They know everything like when they all jumped on the Matt to SF bandwagon.

    lol, that’s why internet news and journalism is sooo much better than ESPN. On the internet, people don’t rush to jump on the bandwagon because someone else on the network said it.

  3. Anyone who thinks Hass wasn’t quite good in his day is someone who didn’t watch football. Come on now. it’s silly to revise history to attempt to make smacktalk.

    He’s been in a WCO his whole career and he’s going completely the other way. I don’t think it’s cool that his coach is saying he’s struggling though. D’oh.

  4. Hasselbeck and Locker have matching “I’m With Stupid” T shirts. But when they are next to each other they always manage to get the arrows pointed the wrong way.

  5. how can you possibly not understand an offense that was built for vince young to operate.. that guy is dumb as dirt

    and how can you possibly spend 9 million on Matt Hasselback.. that guy is 3 years past his prime.. go pay your superstar RB who basically is your whole f’n team

  6. @jetsjetsjetss

    Are you excited for school to start in a couple months? What grade will you be going into? Third?

  7. I’m still confused as to why he switched teams in the first place. The guy is in the twilight of his career. He was settle in with a playoff team in which he knew the system, knew the playbook, knew the players, etc. Usually players don’t make a switch like this unless they are going to a true contender. I don’t see how the Titans are any closer to a SB than the Seahawks. Seahawks are a lot more likely to make the playoffs than the Titans are, given the divisions they play in.

  8. Should of just used that 9 mill to pay C.J. and went with Locker. Make use of their pick. Let him lean on C.J. and make plays where he can ala Sanchez and the Jets. It’s not like Sanchez set the world on fire, he isn’t asked to do much because they focus on running the ball. As should the Titans. LOL @ Kenny Britt. dude is going to be having problems his whole career attitude wise and effort wise.

  9. Is it just me or did the connection to the Patriots in the last two paragraphs come out of nowhere? I’ve been reading this over and over again trying to find a transition and…..I’ve got nothing.

  10. Hassleback has been struggling his entire NFL career. He is just not very good.

    seriously? id have to disagree. I watched matthew hasselbeck go from back up in green bay to leading the seahawks to multiple division championships, a couple of pro bowls, and not to mention he was a few bad calls away from winning a super bowl. yeah so hes had a bad few past seasons..considering no run game, no o line, horrible gm (ruskell moves), 3 different head coaches and new offenses while managing to not only win a division title (albeit the nfc west at 7-9) but go blow for blow and win a playoff game agsinst the defending champs with a hurt wrist, to say hes been struggling his whole arrer is bone-headed. in his prime, #8 was pro bowl caliber qb. just cause hes declined the last few seasons, dont dis credit the man.

  11. They give 9 mil to a washed up QB and they won’t give a raise to their best player making 500-600k? Sound management.

  12. The Titans play the Vikings in the first preseason game Saturday. Both teams have new coaches and new quarterbacks. I’m excited for football to start again, but man, this game could be brutal.

  13. Wake up folks. Chris Johnson may be a superstar, but he’s not John Riggins or Emmitt Smith–he can’t take the kind of pounding you’re talking about week after week. We found out last year what happens when the Titans lean on him like that. His production starts dropping off significantly by the season’s halfway point. Yes, he’s more explosive than anyone–but only when you don’t pull the pin on that grenade over and over.

    And the Hasselbeck – Locker situation? Reminds me of the last time the Titans drafted a QB with their No. 1 pick (Vince Young). They signed a trusty veteran, Kerry Collins, late (in August) and he was so rusty, they lost the first four games he started. That was no indication of his ability; after all, two years later, Collins led the Titans to a 10 and 0 start. Here’s hoping Hasselbeck’s 10-win sprint can come without the 0 and 4 debacle. (Hey, a fan can dream, can’t he?)

  14. tennesseeoilers, you guys should just trade CJ. Someone will pay him, and you can get some draft picks. How would that sound to Titan’s fans? Maybe you could call the Browns and offer him for Peyton Hillis. I guarantee that it would take about 10 seconds for them to accept.

    Hasselbeck has been in the league for a decade, and he’s struggling to learn the offense? If a coach had said that about Cam Newton, this place would light up with comments and jokes about his stupidity. I’m not calling Hasselbeck stupid, I’m just saying.

  15. tarheelpirate, nflfan877 said it best: “Hasselbeck’s been able to practice since Aug 4th. That’s six days. Why is this even a story?”

    And Chris Johnson? Why would the Titans (or their fans) want to trade the most explosive player in the NFL? I’ve watched him play several times in person–and there’s nothing like it. The only player I’ve ever seen that might have had the speed to catch CJ from behind is Darrell Green. And for his smaller size, CJ’s a tough cookie.

  16. Hmmmm, the new CBA didn’t allow free agents to practice until 8/4, so it’s saying a QB is struggling with a new offense in 6 days. Wow, you know when we are thirsty for any news, cause this is absolutely NO NEWs. If they said, alert, we can’t believe it but Matt Hasselbeck has fully picked up a new offense in 6 days, now that would be news. On a new team no less. He has to learn the players, the system, and coaches. Wow 6 days… time to panic and here is a list of knuckleheads who take a quote and think he’s a bust already… before he has taken 1 snap in a game. I for one hope he has a great year. He gave us great years in Seattle.

  17. Of course he can’t learn the offense, as zo121179 says the entire offense is handing the ball off to CJ. For some reason, the Titans don’t want to pay CJ, so he’s not there. If you hand off to a running back who isn’t there, it just looks like you fumbled.

  18. Hass should have taken the 1-year offer from the Seahawks and retired a Seahawk. In Seattle, he was throwing 3-4 INTs a game for the last 3 years, and the 12th Man still loves him like a God. In Tennessee, they’re going to crucify him once he starts his typical “force it into double/triple coverage” routine. Hass just isn’t the QB he used to be.

    Seattle will always love you though, Hass. Thanks for that SuperBowl run, even though you got robbed.

  19. @tombradysbaby says:
    Aug 10, 2011 3:47 PM

    I pretty much expect the same 16 playoff teams from last year to have a very good chance of repeating this year?


    I must have missed a few games last year because last time I checked 12 teams got into the playoffs. the even sadder part is that over 100 people gave you thumbs up.

  20. tennesseoilers, I know that Matt Hasselbeck will learn the offense. Why is it even an issue? Don’t know. You would have to ask the coach that made the comment.

    I’ve been watching CJ since he was at ECU, so I know what he’s all about. You seemed down on him by saying that he couldn’t take the pounding. I thought that Hillis would be more your speed. He can take a pounding–like Riggins. Of course Titan fans wouldn’t want CJ traded. That’s why they need to pay him. He’s your best player.

  21. Is it just me or are the Titans run by a pack of fools! Lets take our best player and F@#$ him and take the most washed up qb and pay him???

  22. Does nobody else realize the bias that this place has for the Titans? The ridiculous Kenny Britt story and now this!? Oh well, comment deleted in 3…2…1…

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