Bills G.M. Buddy Nix won’t comment on Lee Evans’ availability


Buddy Nix won’t address the rumors that wideout Lee Evans is available in a trade, but he won’t rule out a move either.

I won’t comment on Lee specifically,” Nix told Ross Tucker on Sirius NFL Radio via “As a whole, we’re always looking to upgrade and create competition on our roster. We’re all capable of being replaced, including me.”

Translation: Evans is available.

If it was Marcel Dareus or Kyle Williams or even Stevie Johnson, Nix would simply shut the conversation down.

In the same conversation, Nix had a few more interesting nuggets: Dareus showed up to camp 343 pounds. Yikes. Pass rusher Aaron Maybin, likely on his way to getting cut, showed up at 228 pounds.

Nix also sees Nick Barnett as an upgrade to Paul Poslusnzy.  We tend to agree; it was a great value signing by Buffalo, especially compared to how much Posluszny got.

13 responses to “Bills G.M. Buddy Nix won’t comment on Lee Evans’ availability

  1. Nobody is trading for Lee Evans. he is a great guy, but he hasn’t done jack on the field lately. And you can’t blame the system/quarterback. Last year Stevie Johnson had 1,000 yds and 10 tds, Roscoe was having his best year when he got hurt, and Nelson and Jones put up decent numbers, while Evans had the worst year of his career. Evans is set to make 8 mil this year and next. Who would drop that kinda jack for 30-40 catches. Not me. The Bills will drop him and then someone can pick him up for 1 mil a year.

  2. I have never heard Nix say anything else about any player. “We are always looking to upgrade our team,” is his standard response to any personnel question. He has always said there are no untouchable guys on the roster anywhere. You wouldn’t ask about a guy you just drafted this year without setting foot on a football field yet. I understand that was a hypothetical, but still.

    He is an extremely upfront and straightforward guy. My guess is that Evans is on the roster opening day for the Bills.

  3. As a follow-up question in the same interview here was Nix’s reply to asked his evaluation of Lee Evans:

    When asked for his thoughts on Evans, Nix offered the following.

    “Nothing’s changed with Lee,” Nix said. ”He’s a Bill. We’re counting on him. As far as I know, speculation is all it is.”

    translation: He is not available.

  4. @ dasportsninja

    To say he had his worst statistical season is a completly false statement. Lee missed the last 3 games, and I belive was injured in the Clev. game. Therefore, his stats all took a hit. He easily would have surpassed ’09’s numbers, except maybe TD’s. His YPCA was his 4th highest in a 7 year career, and 2nd highest in 4 years. What your not getting, and this goes for all of PFT planet, Lee is the only reciver that, at this time, can pull DC away from SJ. Nobody else can, Nelson is a possesion guy who makes a living in the middle, and Jones is nowhere near as talented. If Easly or Davis explode in the pre-season and show they are worthy of the other Flanker, then go for it. As of right now, Lee is most valuable to the Bills, both leadership and playing ability.

  5. This is a little misleading. If you listened to the full interview, the conversation started with him saying there were currently no talk of trading Lee Evans, and any ‘news’ that indicated that possibility was just speculation. When he was pressed on if he would consider the idea of trading Lee Evans was out there if the right offer came alone, he went on to say what you quoted. There are very few players that are OFF THE TABLE, but they aren’t shopping him. Buddy Nix may not be the best GM in the league, but he’s straight forward.

    And I’m a Pats fan. Trust me, I’d love to see them trade Lee Evans, his value is at an all-time low, and a good portion of Stevie Johnson’s success was due to Lee Evans drawing coverage. Go watch Stevie’s 3rd TD against the Bengals last year. Lee Evans had 4 guys covering him, which is why Stevie was wide open.

  6. With Rip Van Plax, and Methuselah Mason manning the Jesticles WR position… they ought to be slobbering all over Evans – like Rex Ryan at a Payless Shoe Store.

  7. Nick Barnett is no longer a stud. I’m glad he’ll be waving his imaginary samurai sword where it’s far from relevant. Just make sure he’s in the team picture or you’ll get the sword via Twitter!

  8. met him in west seneca once. one of the nicest players i ever met. treated my son great. nice dont win super bowls but im just sayn. good 2 have quality guys on the roster

  9. Lee Evans is a gentlemen. It’s a shame that diva wideouts suck all the oxygen out of the room and the media is attracted to them and leave people like him completely ignored. I’m a Bills fan but in this case, I only want whats best for Lee. What a guy.

  10. Buffalo would be real dumb to move Lee so i guess that means they will be since they dont make any moves that make sense anymore. NOthing is going to change there until Wilson is finally dead or sells the team which he wont do

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