Chiefs sign Jared Gaither


The Kansas City Chiefs have bolstered their offensive line.

Unrestricted free agent tackle Jared Gaither has signed with the Chiefs, the team announced on Thursday.

The 6-foot-9, 340-pound Gaither entered the league as a fifth-round pick of the Ravens in the 2007 supplemental draft. Gaither became a consistent starter in 2008 and 2009 but missed the entire 2010 season with a back injury.

Gaither was No. 42 on our list of the Top 80 free agents in the NFL. His signing means that linebacker Kirk Morrison is the only Top 80 free agent still on the market.

28 responses to “Chiefs sign Jared Gaither

  1. linebacker Kirk Morrison is the only Top 80 free agent still on the market

    He’ll be in Philly by the end of the day. Possibly Tatupu too.

  2. Waiting for ppl to say this was a good move for the Chiefs and they’re probably the same ones that will blast the Raiders if they signed him.

  3. @My Last Victim Escaped –

    Nobody thinks signing Gaither is a good move. I’ll say the same thing now as I said when the Raiders were looking at him. If healthy and motivated, big if’s, it’s a good signing. Not only that he failed the Raiders physical, so I’ll even go so far as to say this was a bad signing. Happy now?

  4. This is the guy that the Raiders agreed to terms with, saw his physical, and immediately let him go. Since he’s probably still recovering from his back injury, he’ll be a backup for a while. Still, if he ever returns to form, this is a good signing.

  5. IF Gaither is motivated and healthy, this is a terrific signing. But unfortunately, he hasnt been either in about two years. Ozzie Newsome is one of the best GM’s in football, he doesnt let guys with Gaither’s talent walk unless there is something seriously wrong. And in Gaither’s case it is. He’s lazy and doesnt have the heart of a football player. Its the problem that plagued him as a terp and ultimately got him kicked out of school. And it has plagued him as a Ravens and got him booted from the Ravens.

  6. I’ll say the same thing I said when he “signed” with Oakland. Back injuries are difficult to rehab and have a very high rate of becoming chronic. A complete and total roll of the dice.

  7. When healthy.., this guy is a beast on the Offensive Line. Hopefully Gaither is past all his back problems and can continue playing at a high level. Great signing if he is.

  8. If he performs, it’ll look great because the Chiefs saw something Oakland didn’t. He might like to take it to Oakland twice a year for a little pay back.
    But if he’s unhealthy, it’ll be a poor decision that KC can live with because they’re so thin at O-Line right now.

  9. Not a bad signing by the Chiefs. He’s probably coming in on a 1yr deal near the minimum. He should be well motivated by that & can compete for the RT job.

  10. It’s a good signing for the Chiefs because he’s not needed as an immediate starter as he would have been in Oakland. If he doesn’t pan out, Chiefs still have their young developing starting tackles from last year that are at worst serviceable.

  11. They obviously didn’t ask McClain about him. Dumb as a rock and lazier than a union executive.

    I wouldn’t touch anyone that needed to have a team representative either call or go to his home just to get him to show up on time….every day!

  12. Love this signing!


    Love this signing? This guy plays with absolutely zero heart. I’ll miss Mason, Gregg, McClain, Heap, and Landry. Good Ridance, Jared. You guys will soon learn what its like to have a player with no passion and zero heart. Oh, wait, didn’t you guys send us Elvis Grbac? Maybe you do know something about players with no heart!

  13. this guy is the Tin Man. If they did an EKG or an echocardiogram on his physical they would have seen his biggest problem. The guy has absolutely no heart. A ton of talent, but no heart, desire or drive to play the game. Good luck KC. This guy is a barking dog.

  14. I’m from the Baltimore area and I hate to break it to you (actually I don’t sinced I’m a Raiders fan) bu Gaither is a HUGE cokehead. A close friend owns a bar that he frequents and its no secret in this area. Good luck with that.

  15. Football fans really aren’t that bright, and they certainly aren’t the least bit objective. If your team signs a guy, he’s headed for Canton, if another team signs him, he’s a bust, not worthy of cleats. Then you have a guy making allegations of drug use with absolutely no corroboration. These comment boards may be the worst thing that the internet has spawned. The comments on these boards range from idiotic to almost coherent.

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