Chris Johnson says he’s never received a contract offer


Titans G.M. Mike Reinfeldt said Thursday he’s willing to make Chris Johnson the highest paid running back in the league.  That’s news to Johnson.

“I am surprised at Reinfeldt’s statement about offering to make me the highest paid running back. Neither me nor Joel have received any offer from the Titans at all,” Johnson told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “Maybe they talked, but I guarantee we never received any offer.”

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

The Titans couldn’t negotiate with Johnson during the lockout.  They say they won’t negotiate with him unless he shows up to camp.  Since he hasn’t shown up to camp, no offer has been made.

Someone has to bend here. If Reinfeldt is ready to make Johnson’s the highest paid running back in the league, he may as well just negotiate the contract now.  No matter where Johnson is.

Johnson is the rare player with leverage and a strong argument for a new deal.  It seems like a new contract is inevitable.

The Titans should just start working on it now if they want Johnson in those meeting rooms.

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  1. honor your contract, if i didnt show up for work i wouldnt get fined, id get fired. Your dream was to play football, now go make ur 565,000 you agreed to and then sign a new contract!!

  2. Trade this whiner to the jets he would fit right in with those idiots. This guy is annoying year after year this guy wants more money it willl never stop. Trade this diva now, titans would be smart to do do

  3. He’s currently under contract. The boss say come to work and we’ll talk about a raise. Until you show up for work, we won’t talk. What leverage are we talking about here. You work you get paid. Sit your butt a home you don’t get paid. So who really has leverage?

  4. We have every reason to believe – and no reason to doubt – that the Titans front office is stupid enough not to have offered CJ a new deal – let alone making it their top priority to do so.

  5. Why should the Titans bend? They are in possession of a valid contract; one of their stipulations to deal is to do the simple task of honoring said existing contract and get in training camp.

    I’ll bet the minute he shows up in camp, there will be an offer faxed to his agent.

    But until then, he doesn’t deserve any more than he’s got coming.

  6. Everyone saying “show up and honor your contract” probably wasn’t complaining when a few dozen veterans were cut by their teams in the last two weeks to free up cap space, bring in younger/cheaper guys, etc. Lots of guys who could still play were ready and able to honor their end of the contract, but what, teams get a free pass and nothing is guaranteed, but a guy can’t look after himself? Where’s the crowd screaming “you can’t fire him, he has a contract!” in defense of Todd Heap, Derek Mason, Lofa Tatupu, John Kasay, Joe Nedney, Josh Bidwell, Nate Clements, etc. etc. etc.

  7. Reinfeldt didn’t say he made a formal offer, CJ. He said he told your agent they wanted to pay you and make you the highest paid back.

    And when you report, even though they’re not asking you to practice or play yet, you’ll probably see some hard numbers because that’s when they said they would negotiate.

    It’d be a good time to meet them halfway. If they don’t back up their words with a viable offer, then take your stand and walk away. But why not give them the chance to make good on this by just showing up and showing some good faith on your end?

  8. honor your contract, if i didnt show up for work i wouldnt get fined, id get fired. Your dream was to play football, now go make ur 565,000 you agreed to and then sign a new contract!!

    Chris Johnson is not replaceable. I’m guessing if you’re employer would fire you that you are replaceable.

    The Titans can be idiots and not negotiate with this guy and let him sit out the year. It’s their funeral and it’ll still be worth it to Johnson. He’ll get the money from someone eventually and he won’t risk injury before he does.

    He’s smart and the Titans are being stubborn and unproductive.

  9. I hope the Titans hold their ground! HE signed a five year contract! Honor it! You signed your name! You made a committment! It’s not the teams fault your agent is a dumbass and didn’t demand a performance escalater! Get your Azz in camp! You should be grateful they are willing to discuss it at all! Idiot!

  10. @Lionfan419

    You’re also not one of the best backs in the league. Quit making lame comparisons between yourself an NFL players. They get paid because fans like us love the game. He’s among the best in the league, and deserves to be paid like it.

  11. First, if you compare your job to a football players job you are delusional. Your job as a wal mart greeter is not the same as a NFL running back. Get over it.

    Second C.J. is right about a new deal at the same time the Team has said we want to make you the highest paid back in the NFL, just come to camp . I think CJ needs to go to camp and just hold out of contact practice and pre season games and i think they can get a deal done. This is what Jackson has done in Philly. Even though he is staying away from contact at least the team knows he is trying to be a team player by being there. LEarning in the walk throughs and helping his younger teammates.

    I think both of these players have beef about contracts but the teams also are smart not to negotiate with hold outs. Perhaps if teams keep this stance up players will stop holding out.

  12. The Titans did “bend”. They made public their willingness to offer Johnson more than any RB in the league is getting but they included a small condition to get started with negotiations.

    The next move is up to Johnson and whether he wants to accept their condition that he be in camp for talks to begin.

    The Titans should not start giving ground in the negotiations before they even begin, IMO.

    I would hope Mike Reinfeldt is smart enough to pick up a phone to make clear his position in person to Johnson’s agent. And start with the “no comments” to the press from here. Posturing through the press ( by either side) isn’t going to help any.

  13. He’ll get the money he deserves, the Titans have made that clear. This IS a valid offer.

    All’s they are asking is for him to show up. How hard is this to understand?

    Awaiting your move, Chris Johnson. Don’t be a dummy, show up. What harm could it do to just show up?

  14. socco6 says:
    Aug 11, 2011 8:27 PM
    What are the Titans scared of to not make him an offer?

    Setting a precedent that if you are under contract and hold out, you’ll get your way. Even when they have gone on record that they aren’t going to make you risk injury at practice and they intend to make you a rich man, if you’ll just report.

    Don’t blame them for asking for that much.

  15. Ok for those of you saying a player who is cuts does not get anything. BS it’s called guaranteed money. The players already got that money. That’s why so many players want the huge signing bonus. If I were the Titans I’d give him a huge incentive laden contract. I mean look at Hayneworth.

  16. Hey D.B. Cooper,

    Chris Johnson is smart? That’s funnier than Rex Grossman saying they’re gonna win the NFC East.

  17. The time away from the game will hurt CJ.

    I cite former Tampa Bay Buccaneer RB Errict Rhett.

    Back to Back 1,000 yard rusher, held out, was never a feature back again.

    He could have done big things.

  18. why do people always say honor your contract if i didnt show up for work id get fired blah blah blah.. nobody cares about your crap job, football players get paid millions of dollars and depending how good you play the more money you make. So pretend you didnt work at a fast food restaurant for a second and put your self in cj’s shoes.. Now im a titans fan so to me hes the best rb in football some argue which is fine but you cant argue he isnt top 3. Nobody would play for the money he is scheduled to make this year, hes making money a kicker and back up make not a top 3 rusher in the NFL so quit saying honor your contract players make millions thats how nfl works and he deserves his raise, now pay him

  19. Owners are within their contractual rights to cut any players for whatever reason!

    The FACT is, that it was collectively bargained that the owners CAN CUT any player for whatever reason. If they do so, their only penalty is that they lose the signing bonus that they gave that player… That is NOT breaking a contract!!! That is an option that owners have, that is actually detailed when they signed contract, and sometimes they execute it by cutting the players.

    Have you ever cancelled a cell phone contract before your 2 year contract is up?? It is actually written in the contract that you CAN do so, and you must simply pay a monetary penalty. The owners are not “not honoring” the contracts, because it is written in the contracts that they can be terminated at any time…

  20. I do not get today’s culture of supporting player holdouts and stances against their teams etc. Just what the hell does the average NFL fan have to gain from a player holdout? Get to work so I can watch football. Everything else is irrelevant.

  21. You guys are idiots. If you got hired at entry-level wages and proved to be the most valuable employee at your company, you would expect a big raise at the end of the year, and if you didn’t get one, you would jump ship. Chris Johnson can’t because of the ridiculously long rookie contracts that overcompensate busts and undercompensate performers. The large majority of clubs in this situation get a proper deal done.

  22. He deserves a new deal ONLY if the Titans feel that he is worth it. They apparently do but he is holding out. Why not show up and let the business get handled by the businessmen? He wants top dollar and the status of being the highest paid RB in the league. That is different from being the best RB in the league but that fact is lost on him.

    CJ’s leverage is not as big as some people seem to think it is. RBs are not as valuable as they used to be. How many playoff wins has “the league’s best RB” helped his team get? He is not worth a “history” deal even though he is one of the better RBs.

    If he doesn’t want to show up, the Titans should let him sit and move on this year. Nobody believes the Titans are a strong team right now. They could let him sit out and rack up those $30K per day fines (which he would owe the Titans, not the NFL). After the season, they should put him on the trade blocks. CJ would have to pay the Titans a bunch of that money he wants to get. That would hurt a bit more if he happened to get traded to a CA team where they actually have a stiff state income tax.

  23. says:
    Aug 11, 2011 8:44 PM
    The time away from the game will hurt CJ.

    I cite former Tampa Bay Buccaneer RB Errict Rhett.

    Back to Back 1,000 yard rusher, held out, was never a feature back again.

    He could have done big things,

    Counter argument: Emmitt Smith. I guess it all depends on whether you think CJ is a “one year wonder” (even if it was a 2000-yarder and he “only” managed 12-1300+ the other two so far) or a guy with HOF potential.

  24. The guy makes money hand over fist for the team and the NFL.

    He has been the best player on his team.

    His contracted salary is a joke.

    If he was making 5 mil a year and not producing, the team would cut him, no questions asked.

    PAY. THE. MAN!!!

  25. jetswin5straightsuperbowls says: Aug 11, 2011 7:48 PM

    CJ’s a flash in the pan and will be out of the leauge in 3 years

    Says the person who’s screen name refers to the Jets winning 5 straight super bowls. CJ has more ability in his left leg than your entire captain Sanchez led offense. CJ will get his $, and he deserves it. On the other hand, it isn’t unreasonable for the Titans to expect him to be in camp at least familiarizing himself with the playbook and studying film, before negotiating on a new deal. He IS under contract after all.

  26. Chris, don’t set foot in camp until they come correct. I always wonder why white QB’s never have to hold out. Kolb got $63 million for a 3-4 record and good skills. You’re considered on of the top 2 running backs in pro ball (AD being the other) and you’ve already rushed for 2,000 yards. HANG IN THERE! They gave Alex Smith $5 million. Are you kidding me?

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