Dolphins tell fans: Don’t post practice videos on YouTube


The Miami Dolphins have a request for fans who come to training camp: Don’t let the rest of the league see what we’re doing.

The request came after parts of Dolphins practices were seen on YouTube, and the Dolphins were concerned that opposing teams would watch the videos and get an edge heading into the regular season.

We have rules in place that don’t allow fans to take video of practice,” Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene said. “Those rules exist so that we’re not placed at a competitive disadvantage by having the teams we play see video of any portion of our practices.”

Although there’s no evidence that opposing coaches and scouts are scouring YouTube for tips, the Dolphins don’t want to take any chances.

“I’m sure that our fans understand that concern,” Greene said, “and I’m confident they will follow our camp guidelines to prevent that from happening again.”

77 responses to “Dolphins tell fans: Don’t post practice videos on YouTube

  1. Although there’s no evidence that opposing coaches and scouts are scouring YouTube for tips,
    Did some one say Belichick………?

  2. This has now become the sorriest franchise in the NFL.

    Guess they are afraid that the world will laugh at the comic relief the Dolphin practices are.

  3. I think it’s more of a “don’t show the league our QB is horrible, it screws up our leverage for a trade” thing.

  4. Now we know what the REAL problem has been there… wasnt Henne, it was the damn cell phone cameras….!!!

  5. It really doesn’t matter… The Patriots have videos of them already anyway, probably in HD.

  6. Yea good luck with that. You might as well close practice to the public. Its 2011, if they think with all the types of camera devices out now they can keep everyone from taping they are crazy.

  7. The only thing they’d be looking for is video of Cameron Wake. Nobody really wants to see Henne drop back and throw a pick or get sacked.

  8. Just goes to show ya… SOME Dolphins fans are REALLY stupid! What a bunch of bone-heads.

  9. I thought that the reason other teams would have an advantage on the Dolphins was because they suck.

  10. While other teams broadcast practice video on their websites the Dolphins are once again worried about controlling fans.

    Maybe if they were less concerned about the fans booing and videotaping practices and more concerned with building a better roster they’d be a more successful team.

  11. Don’t let the rest of the league see what we’re doing? Is anybody really afraid of Sparano and the Dolphins??? We know what you’re gonna do… KICK FIELD GOALS!!!!!!

  12. is this really a big problem in dolphin land?

    I don’t think any team would even waste the time it would take to find, and breakdown fan video of the dolphins.

  13. Most teams won’t bother with the YouTube clips, they’ve already seen the ones the pats illegally taped

  14. Seen on YouTube video: Chad Henne INT. Fans chant “we want Orton.” Chad Henne cries. Fan who filmed practice dubs in REM’s “Everybody Hurts.” Fin.

  15. I see nothing wrong with this request. Isn’t it against the rules for teams to take video the practices of other NFL teams?

  16. Seroiusly?!?!?! We as fans should never have to be told that! We should already know that publicizing practice videos can give an edge to the opposing teams…… DUH!!!!!!

  17. I don’t think any team needs practice videos to beat be able to beat the Fins. Just blitz Henne a few times early and he’ll start throwing more interceptions than completions.

  18. I have thought about this. No video recording devices at practice/games. Everything now has video recording capability phones/cameras/Ipods. They cant really start prohibiting all of those things at events.




  20. Based on how the offense played last year and Daboll’s system in Cleveland, I don’t think there is much to worry about. The system is pretty vanilla so it just comes down to players winning the 1-on-1 battles

  21. Yeah because the fans taping your practices will be the reason your team is not competitive. Besides Bill Belicheck has been taping your practices for years.

  22. LMFAO…

    1) Any scout, assistant coach, etc of one of the other 31 teams could dress in Dolphins gear, and go watch the practice for themselves…

    2) Any player the Dolphins cut between now and the start of the season could sign with another team and spill the beans, considering they are going to be cutting 40% of their roster between now and then, you get the idea…

    3) If you are going to try to practice specific things, do it in the privacy of your practice bubble, or in the stadium when practice isnt open to the public. I am willing to bet that 3 or 4 years ago, when they were the first to use the “wildcat”, they practiced that in private, or it would have leaked out…

  23. Note to Fins and all Teams: You are not practicing to implement Operation Overlord.

    This super-secret stuff is just silly.

  24. So who is to say that a member of the New England Patriots isn’t “A Fan” sitting there in the stands?

  25. no videos of chad henne practicing? well i guess if u wanna see him be terrible u could just watch every game he’s played in

  26. How did this franchise fall so far? They are a joke amongst other fans. Their stadium is a home game for visiting fans, the owner would be better off running a minor league baseball team with his off the field gimmicks, they hold onto Marinos legacy liike he actually won Super Bowls, and 1972 … we all know about it 40 years later. As fans you hate to see teams become so terrible and this franchise has the wrong leadership on the business side and football side.

  27. Video Posted by: IdiotFishFan

    Commenter: Thanks for the post StinkyFish -Belichick
    Commenter: Looks great thanks for the info -Rex
    Commenter: WTF you dolphin fans make me sick! -Tony
    Commenter: What did I miss? -Chan

  28. Hysterical. This is like the cheating boyfriend that doesnt trust his girlfriend b/c he thinks shes cheating on him. Too bad Goddell wasnt in charge when the fins admitted they purchased audio of Bradys audibles and cadences that directly led to a win. Zakk Thomas even laughed and said ” We knew everything they were going to do…” Cheaters.

  29. Don’t worry anyway. Nobody could find them because they were looking under the sports category.

    They had been placed in the comedy section.

  30. Another pathetic story about another pathetic team. The dolphins arnt winning more than 5 games this year so f it let them record. I hate dolphin fans they are almost as sad n pathetic as their team. JETS!!! Roman Joe

  31. Does Dolphins management really think that other teams need to see us practice in order to game plan against us? Are we suddenly the team that everyone is looking to have an edge on? What a joke.

  32. Pretty dumb of the fan, but anyone that thinks any team would actually show anything important during an open practice is also pretty dumb.

  33. So I decided to do a little sleuthing. I saw two videos on youtube, so I decided to watch. The first video I watch, is of Chad Henne going across the middle to Fasano, and it’s picked. I guess we don’t want the rest of the NFL to know that Henne is going to throw some picks, because he’s definitely never done that before.

    God help us.

  34. Competitive edge? I went to a bucs practice and everyone was taking videos… don’t they realize its 2011 and EVERYONE, FROM EVERY TEAM’S CITY will be doing this???

  35. Really? They are telling their fans not to post their open practices on youtube?

    If they are dumb enough to run anything other than basic drills during an open session practice then they are the ones to blame.

    It’s not like a team couldn’t simply just have a scout go and watch since its an open practice.

    The Miami coaching staff can’t be that stupid can they?

  36. “Although there’s no evidence that opposing coaches and scouts are scouring YouTube for tips, the Dolphins don’t want to take any chances”

    Well now they are

  37. Sparano is tired of his mother in law calling him from Rochester all the time, to tell him he needs to lose weight and should shave more often.

  38. So, they’re working on super-secret plays in front of the public in the first week of camp, using players who won’t even be on the roster when the real games start? Uh, okay.

  39. since when in the last decade did BB need help beating the dolphins??? since getting the camera’s taken away isn’t the margin of victory +30?? seriously, look it up

  40. Good…I hate open practices.

    1) I could never go watch my team practice…you have to be a loser to want to watch practice.

    2) Teams shouldn’t allow it for this reason and the other reason that this very same team exposed last week…it can’t be good to have your players get taunted during practice.

    Who on here watches practice and why??? Do you watch preseason games in their entirety too?

  41. “Dolphins tell fans: Don’t post practice videos on YouTube”

    You just guaranteed, merely by asking fans *not* to post practice videos on You Tube, that there will be far more practice videos on You Tube than there might’ve been any other year. Nice.

  42. lionpride10 says:
    Aug 11, 2011 9:03 AM
    I thought that the reason other teams would have an advantage on the Dolphins was because they suck.

    Says the fan of the lions. WOW REALLY.

    Funniest post of the year hands down!!!!!

  43. Honestly, do they think that Belichick and Ryan hear that a Dolphins practice is on youtube, and they though it might help them?

    Does anyone, honestly believe that the Jets OR Patriots are actually worried about what the Dolphins are doing?

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