Jaguars sign Matt Roth


Matt Roth is heading to Jacksonville.

Roth had been telling people that he was available to whatever team was willing to pay him $3 million, and now Adam Schefter of ESPN reports (and PFT has confirmed) that the Jaguars and Roth have agreed to a one-year, $3 million deal.

A defensive end/outside linebacker, Roth started all 16 games for the Browns last year. He’s likely to be a starter in Jacksonville as well.

Roth was a second-round draft pick of the Dolphins in 2005 and played there until 2009, when Miami waived him during the season and Cleveland picked him up.

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  1. Roth is a perennial malcontent who is hard to coach and isn’t a natural fit at either DE or OLB – which is why two different teams let him walk away for nothing in return.

  2. If he wanted $3 million from a decent team he probably should have got in shape before doing all those work outs a couple weeks back…

  3. kampman and roth? solid pass rush. assuming rashean mathis can still play and the guy across from him is any sort of decent, this defense might come back from the ashes

  4. Once the Pats worked him out and didn’t sign him, that told the whole story. He’s a step too slow to play LB in the 3-4. Should have bulked up and stuck with a hand-on-the-ground TE career. Jax will be disappointed in him.

  5. I know nothing about this guy , but attention all teams: My services are available for minimum wage. Two conditions: #1) only football services #2) I will NOT carry Roy Williams pads! !!

  6. To all of Roth’s detractors: He’s getting paid $3 million and you aren’t.

    Not even a fan of his, but I’m guessing that he’s getting the bigger laugh over this than any of you ever will.

  7. Jags have had an interesting off season signing $7M per for often injured Posluzny, $5M for a middle of the road safety in Landry, $6M per for another often injured LB in Session and now $3M guaranteed for a situational pass rusher in Roth.

  8. Is it just me or has this guy garnered a lot of hype for no real reason. He’s never been that productive a player. There are probably 15 or 16 undrafted rookies that could fare as well.

  9. To all of Roth’s detractors: He’s getting paid $3 million and you aren’t.

    Not even a fan of his, but I’m guessing that he’s getting the bigger laugh over this than any of you ever will.


    That’s all fine and good but if I were an NFL GM I wouldn’t be paying $3M to a guy when I could pay a decent rookie $500K and get the same results.

  10. @neagle64 how is Session oft injured when he’s only been injured once in his 4 year career? LOL oh… because he was hurt last year right? where he played with a dislocated elbow and broken forearm. Yeah… he’s soft. Always hurt LOL.

    Also, everyone’s overpaying in Free Agency this year if you haven’t noticed. I agree the contracts are pretty high for those guys but one thing good for Jacksonville is all those players are young and still in their prime.

  11. Good run defender, nice but expensive pick up for J-ville , and no guarantee he returns if he rips it up. He’s been complaining for a new deal for 2 years running.

  12. profootballtalk has this guy as their 16th best free agent out there. Any of y’all saying this is a terrible sign are clowns. Jaguars needed an upgrade in the pass rush/tackling and this is exactly what they’re getting.

  13. Any team dumb enough to give in to this guys demand for $3M a year gets what they deserve. The Jags are getting a player who two days after signing this deal won’t be happy with it, and won’t play hard for it.

    Good luck Jaguars.

  14. Erik says:

    Only a one year deal? Too bad he won’t get a chance to play for the Jaguars in L.A
    How original. Polly want a cracker?

  15. “…$6M per for another often injured LB in Session and now $3M guaranteed for a situational pass rusher in Roth.”

    Session has been injured once in his career. And a one year, 3 mill dollar deal for a pass rusher is no big deal. There are punters making more than that.

  16. Uhhh, I don’t know where we are coming up with Roth being a “run stopper”. Roth is a pass rush specialist. He has a quick first move and he’s a bull rusher type. He doesn’t get a ton of sacks but he does pressure the QB. He did not fit the new 4-3 system in Cleveland so there was no way the Browns were resigning him. He was a well liked and highly thought of player by Browns fans. At this point, he may be more suited to playing DE than LB… With a one year deal you know he’s going to give everything he has on every play to prove a point. If he doesn’t work out you’ve only got him for a year. What’s not to like?

  17. If he starts complaining I can tell you he won’t last long. Jags got a ton of cap room and don’t play with selfish players anymore. He’ll either buy in or get shipped out like the other complainers and lazy guys have been. I like what Jacksonville has been doing as an organization. They’re a big time sleeper IMO.

  18. wow, so many dumb comments.

    @goatcheez, heads up: Jacksonville and Carolina are pretty much the only ones overspending in free agency, and I only mention Carolina because of the Charles Johnson contract. There may have been a couple other hefty contracts (Eric Weddle), but for the most part this has been a pretty tame free agency period. Except for Jacksonville, who overspent on every one of their guys.

    @kingtrukr I get what point you’re trying to make, but if he “didn’t fit in” with Cleveland’s 4-3, what the hell is he supposed to do in Jacksonville’s 4-3? Look, the guy hit the market because he wanted to stay as a 3-4 rush OLB. But that clearly didn’t work out, so once he stopped pissing and moaning about it, he saddled up and landed with whoever would take him, for a one-year prove it kind of contract. His ego got in the way though… you realize Cleveland only has 3 legitimate DE’s on their roster? One’s a rookie, one’s converting from OLB, and the other hasn’t taken a snap with the team. You don’t think Cleveland would have wanted to keep him as a 4-3 end? We need warm bodies, let alone someone who can capably get to the QB.

    Back to goatcheez, Jags are no sleeper. You’ll run MJD into the ground, Garrard will suck and you’ll all be clamoring for Gabbert halfway through the season. If you make it to .500 this year it’s only because Tennessee is even worse off than you guys are, and Houston’s in a transition on defense.

  19. @marjax why do you keep saying “you guys” when talking to me and referring to the Jaguars? I’m not a Jaguar. I don’t play professional football.

    Jags were horrible last year and were 8-8. So they got worse this off season and won’t make it to 8-8 again you’re saying?

    And yes every team is overpaying this year because of the new CBA. All veterans are getting crazy money than they used to ever get. Which used to go to the rookies.

    @asublimeday I agree, MJD is annoying as hell now. Dude will not shut up. It’s always funny seeing him in a suit on NFL Network standing next to Sapp and other dudes too.

  20. Marjax,

    I have been screaming for the Browns to resign Roth all along. Yes, I realize exactly what the Browns have on their D-line (or the lack of what they have) and it scares the hell out of me. I simply gave the company line from Browns camp on why they didn’t resign Roth and I personally could care less how he will fit into the Jags 4-3. If the move angers you so much, take a prozac or something. Better yet, take your anger out on your team and quit whining at me. You do realize there are still roster cuts to come, right? I’m fairly sure that the Jags front office has a plan for Roth and I doubt they will consult you or worry about your opinion. Even though you apparently know so much more than they do.

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