Knox could push for trade if he’s not a starter

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The Bears made official this week what started to become obvious in training camp: Johnny Knox is behind Roy Williams on the depth chart.

Devin Hester is locked into a starting flanker role, which leaves Chicago’s leading receiver of a year ago (Knox) no higher than No. 4 on the depth chart. (Earl Bennett plays the slot.)

Knox believes he can get his job back. If that doesn’t happen, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune writes that Knox could push for a trade.

“There’s a better than fair chance he will push for a new home, according to a source,” Biggs writes. “This is a guy, after all, who thought he would be talking contract extension before the end of the season and now has to surpass a competitor coming off three mediocre seasons with the Cowboys.”

We suspect the Bears are trying to motivate Knox to eliminate his mental mistakes.  Offensive coordinator Mike Martz says Knox’s starting job last year was given to him — it wasn’t earned.

“He just was not ready, not because he can’t do it or he’s not talented. The preparation, the consistency that’s required … he does a lot of good things, but they have to be good all the time. That’s what Roy is,” Martz said.

(We’ll give Cowboys fans a minute to clean up whatever they just spit on the computer screen.)

Knox’s big-play ability would be attractive to other teams, but there’s just no reason for the Bears to trade him.  Expect him to be in Chicago this year, and to eventually climb back up the depth chart because of his talent.

59 responses to “Knox could push for trade if he’s not a starter

  1. “That’s what Roy is”?!? Hahahaha. Good luck, Bears fans, looks like you are going to need it. Martz should never get another job.

  2. Bears are probably just trying to push Knox to clean up his act. Many times during the season he wasn’t where he was supposed to be. You don’t lead in INTs per target for nothing.

  3. Roy Williams is the perfect guy to bring in to show Knox mental toughness. Even if your team is down three touchdowns and you’ve got 3 dropped passes, when you get that meaningless first down late in the 4th quarter you need to immediately get to your feet so you can showboat and point out to advance the chains.

  4. lol at comparing Knox to Jackson. The next tough catch knox makes in traffic will be his first. Probably the softest receiver in the league. Gets bumped off his routes and man handled by corners on a regular basis. Alligator arms too. He’s not a #1 on any team in the league.

  5. As of last year the bears had the worst wr corps in the nfl except maybe the browns. Knox would not start on a single other team in this league and he will not. He will be a slot wr somewhere so he might as well stop crying and do it in Chi.

  6. Bears won’t trade Knox. No reason to.

    That said, the guy needs to run better routes. A number of Jay’s picks last year were a direct result of Knox running the wrong routes, or giving up on a ball instead of fighting for the ball.

    There’s quotes in the papers that make it sound like the Bears have issues with his preparation.

  7. This guy has had one good year…in an offense where he is getting the most targets since he was really the only WR they had last year…He would be a number 2 if not number 3 on most if not all NFL squads. If he leave Chicago he will never be more than what he was last year…a poor mans Desean Jackson….especially if he lands somewhere where there is an established No.1.

  8. The Bears had 5 guys with 40-50 catches last year, it will probably be the same this year. Knox’s stats will probably be the same, but he won’t have to do as much “blocking” or whatever he calls it.

  9. shieldsisland37 says:
    Aug 11, 2011 10:51 AM
    As of last year the bears had the worst wr corps in the nfl except maybe the browns. Knox would not start on a single other team in this league and he will not. He will be a slot wr somewhere so he might as well stop crying and do it in Chi.

    The Rams WR’s were the worst, followed by the Browns, then the Bears.

  10. What exactly did all those posts all week long mean whe they said that pre-season Week 1 depth charts dont mean much of anything at all? All of a sudden in this case it’s set in stone for the remainder of the year? Knox is a beeotch who is afraid to go across the middle and wont go up and battle for a ball on the outside. Grow some stones kid and man up on the field, do that and this conversation isnt even happening…

  11. He can complain all he wants about not being a starter, but seriously, what team would he start on? The Browns? I think he should consider himself lucky that he even gets to play. Chicago probably has some of the worst receivers in the entire league.

  12. scoops1 says:
    Aug 11, 2011 10:45 AM
    Giants would be crazy not to go after this guy

    Osi for Knox straight up


    Worst. Idea. Ever.

  13. As a Cowboys fan watching Roy Williams over the past few years, Bears fans have my condolences. Especially because Martz is using his old boy toy over Knox.

  14. Another team potentially dumb enough to put all their eggs in the Roy Williams basket? Don’t do it, there is no Miles Austin hanging out waiting to be discovered when it goes bad.
    Just how many people does Roy have “pictures” of?

  15. souljalb says: Aug 11, 2011 10:43 AM

    Come on to Eagles. We welcome you with open arms. Could you imagine Knox/Jackson combo? They are one in the same!

    What?!? A good receiving corps means you have guys that can complement each others talents, not have the same talents.

  16. “Johnny Knox is behind Roy Williams on the depth chart.”

    Haayyyyoooooo! Oh wait, that wasnt supposed to be a joke or a zinger. Ouch!

  17. Johnny Knox is locked into a starting flanker role

    Offensive coordinator Mike Martz says Hester’s starting job his entire career was given to him — it wasn’t earned.



    This would be the case if Lovie Smith actually cared about his football team.

    Am I the only one that has noticed that with all these Bears stories we haven’t had a mention of Lovie Smith (maybe except his contract extension)? or even a quote? It’s usually Urlacher, Mike Tice, Mike Martz, Rob Marinelli, or someone else?

    I mentioned it before but a columnist for the Sun-Times wrote a few years ago: “It would not surprise me one bit if Lovie Smith had easy listening music playing in his headset on the sidelines.”

    I mean COME ON!! At some point you have to take the reigns on this team and MAKE SOME CHANGES.

  18. “he does a lot of good things, but they have to be good all the time. That’s what Roy is,” Martz said.

    Clearly an informed assessment of RW.

    dude needs to have his head examined.

  19. He has speed to burn but he does not run the right routes far to often and he coughs up the ball now and then too.

    Work harder and stop whining about it.
    If you are better then you will get you touches.

  20. I gotta say, some of the trade ideas here are … interesting, to say the least.

    As for Knox, he’s really not a starting WR. At best, a number 2 guy, but better off in the slot, where his speed/quickness can be utilized, and where his flaws (inconsistent route running, lack of physicality, poor reads on CB’s) aren’t exposed as much. As has been noted by others, several of Cutler’s interceptions last year were a direct result of mistakes made by Knox.

    Bears won’t trade him anytime soon, barring a ridiculous deal that no one is anticipating. There’s just no need, and I highly doubt Knox would draw all that much (my hunch is a 3rd is a best case scenario).

  21. “rayvens says: Aug 11, 2011 10:43 AM

    BALTIMORE GET ON THE PHONE!!!!…This guy would kill in the right system!”

    LMAO, you can’t honestly think Baltimore would even remotely consider trading with the team that botched a trade during this years draft, and then flat out refused to give any sort of compensation, right???!

  22. Knox is a horrible WR. Anyone who says he isn’t needs to watch some tape. If I was giving this guy a madden rating it would be in the low 60’s. The only thing he has is speed. He is the same guy as DHB or Ted Ginn. He has terrible hands. He runs maybe the worst routes in all of the NFL, His team says he doesn’t work hard. He doesn’t go over the middle. I have never seen a guy stop and turn for a hitch route worse than this guy. I think he had the highest int rate pre target the last two years ad for once most of those Ints weren’t Cutlers fault. Knox should shut up and be happy the Bears allow him to steal from them.

    IMO Dallas fans are going to be pissed when they see Roy Williams play this year. He is going to have a big year this year. I’d bet on 1000 yrds and at least 10 tds. Williams needs to be the number 1 target on his team to stay in the game. When he is not he loses concentration and makes mistakes. But with the Bears he is going to be targeted a lot and that will keep his head in the game and he will do very well. Mark it down, you heard it here first. oh and thats based on Cutler not breaking a nail and missing 14 games.

  23. Knox is good, but the Bears really need a big possession receiver and Roy can be that. I imagine a lot like the Bears used Muhsin Muhammed a few years ago. Knox is great for some 35-yard catches but on 3-and-7, he’s not a threat.

    Knox will get his snaps. The Bears need to limit Hester’s plays on offense to keep him fresh for the return game, and their offense commonly uses at least 4 receivers in the rotation anyway.

    In other words, being behind Roy on the depth chart is meaningless, especially before any preseason games. Sounds like a reporter trying to stir up a story.

  24. What with dumping Olsen and Kreutz, adding Roy Williams and Vernon Gholston (I still don’t believe that’s not a prank), and now benching probably their best receiver for a Detroit Lions castoff… it’s like the Bears are being run by a vengeful Packer fan.

  25. @andyreidisfat

    You had me until that last sentence. Believe what you want about the NFC championship game, but Cutler has only missed one game his entire career, and that was due to getting a concussion in the first half of the Giants game after being sacked 9 times.

    As far as Knox, he is fast, but weak. He did bulk up in the offseason, but we’ll have to see if that helps. I hope he is really not thinking of asking for a trade. He was a fifth round pick who has shown flashes, but is not the go up and get it fight for the ball guy. Starter by necessity last year. Earn it, son, and I mean this year.

  26. I watched the upside & downside of Roy Williams while he was here in the D. And I’ve gotta say that anyone who complains about Moss taking plays off, needs to watch some film on Williams! This guy has the physical stature & god given ability, but he takes a lot of plays off! The best thing we ever got outta him were draft picks when Mayhew rapped Jerry Jones! Actually I’m kinda glad he landed with the Bears & took their #1 spot!

  27. peggykusinski peggy kusinski
    Source close 2 #Bears WR@Jknox13 tell me emphatically HE WON’T request trade if he doesn’t earn starting job back as reported by @BradBiggs

  28. @andyreidisfat

    You can’t compare Knox to DHB. Knox was a fifth round pick who had almost 1,000 yards last year alone. DHB has started 25 games in two seasons (25 GAMES) and has less than 500 yards total. He’s averaging 18 yards in receptions a game!!! Let that sink in. The #7 overall pick in the first round can’t get to 20 yards a game and averages 1 TD for every 13 games played.

    There are plenty of WRs in the league who suck, however, DHB is the “Linda Lovelace” of the position.

  29. Maybe if Knox would finish his routes and fight to break up potential INTs more he would be the starter. Get over yourself, pal.

  30. @Grulks

    Please, cry more about the trade. What compensation did Baltimore provide when they did the same exact thing?

  31. knox would be the #4 receiver on most yea, chicago finally got it right. dude isn’t physical enough, he’s all speed.

  32. 3rd year receiver over achieving! Thats what knox is. Give him time to grow. He isn’t a knuclehead and appears to be coachable…..I’ve seen progress every year, you cannot say he has “declined”…….his knocks are wrong routes (youth), afraid of crossing patterns(size). I believe he has a better grasp of the offense going into the 2nd year with martz and he has by all accounts gotten bigger in the upper body……Give him time to blossom……..We are SUPER HUNGRY!!! GO BEARS!!!!!!!!

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