Logan Mankins gets $20 million signing bonus


The numbers are in on Logan Mankins’ six-year contract with the Patriots, and the really eye-opening number is the signing bonus: $20 million.

Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston.com reports that the deal will pay Mankins a $1.5 million base salary this year, which means Mankins will make $21.5 million — or more than twice as much as he would have made if he played this season on the one-year franchise tender, which would have paid him a little more than $10 million. However, even though Mankins will receive twice as much money as he would have on the franchise tag, he’ll cost only half as much against the Patriots’ salary cap because the $20 million signing bonus is prorated over the six-year deal.

In future seasons, Mankins will have a base salary of $3 million in 2012, $6 million in 2013, $6.5 million in 2014 and $7 million each in 2015 and 2016.

Mankins can also earn a workout bonus of $250,000 a year, which would bring the total value of the six-year deal to $52.25 million. The deal makes Mankins the highest paid guard or center in football.

49 responses to “Logan Mankins gets $20 million signing bonus

  1. Someone needs to audit these cheaters, this contract is dirtier than my undergarments. Once a cheater, always a cheater!! Steelers owners wouldn’t cheat the league

  2. Too bad for this league. I think it’s time the Steelers pack it up and start their own league. It only makes sense seeing they are a league of their own. We dominate completion and sometimes throw teams a bone and let them win a title. We will win another to silence haters and move on to the SFL. Goodbye

  3. I didn’t know this guy was Tom Brady too… That’d be the ONLY way I’d give a guy a twenty million dollar signing bonus.

    Then again, I still wouldn’t give that much. That’s absurd.

  4. CHA CHING…wow. Nicely done by Mankins and Bauer. I’ll give you three guesses who is picking up the next tab at a restaurant, and the first two don’t count.

  5. I don’t know what the strike was all about. Plenty of money to throw around in the NFL.

  6. Bob Kraft thought he was giving the money to Jeff Saturday. They look a bit alike and Bob hasn’t really been himself lately.

  7. youmightnotknowthisbutthesteelersownyou says:

    Too bad for this league. I think it’s time the Steelers pack it up and start their own league. It only makes sense seeing they are a league of their own. We dominate completion and sometimes throw teams a bone and let them win a title. We will win another to silence haters and move on to the SFL. Goodbye

    With all the comments your leaving today I think you should be a comedian

  8. I would guess that part of the signing bonus was a handshake deal to get Mankins to settle the lawsuit. Let’s see what kind of long-term deal Vincent Jackson signs and you will have your answer.

  9. @steelersownyou- when was the last time pittsburgh beat NE in a meaningful game? If i remember correctly the pats dropped 50 on you last fall in your place.

    Everyone else don’t pay too much attention to the signing bonus. The signing bonus is high so that they can limit the cap hit in the first couple of years. The deal is essentially 3 years at 10m per.

  10. towniesman says:
    Aug 11, 2011 4:41 PM
    With some of the contracts givin out in football today this man is worth every penney

    What’s a “penney”?

  11. @dkl47823- The patriots in my opinion will be a top 5 defense this year (especially by the end of the season). As to whether they can stop the run i think the combined 700 pounds of wilfork and haynesworth up the middle should do just fine.

  12. unbiasedfootballfan says: “The deal is essentially 3 years at 10m per.”

    Yeah, uh… that would only make it worse.

  13. Ridiculous money for a guard. Me thinks a previous poster is correct: this is where his 10M is buried for settling the Brady case. Jackson is next.

  14. I NEVER, EVER want to hear again from any haters that the Patriots don’t pay.

    They pay when a player deserves the contract, and Mankins deserved to get paid.

  15. God I wish the Steelers would move to another league. I’m getting so sick of the cry babies on that team.

  16. for those knocking the deal it may be silly for a regular guard or a guard on your team. This guy according to profootballfocus is far and away the best guard in the league. He is also the heart and soul of the offense. The team was completely different last year when he came back after missing him the first 7 games.

  17. To all the conspiracy theorists- do you really think SD or NE would pay a guy more than he is worth because they signed off on the labor deal? If you actually think that is true then it is probably not worth arguing with you but that is obviously not how the patriots work.

    I can see the conversation now: Goodell- Bob we need you to take a salary cap hit and pay logan extra to settle this. It will affect your ability to field a quality team but it will only be for 6 years. Bob Kraft- Sure roger as long as you say please.

    Logan is worth every penny no conspiracy theories needed. The pats went 14-2 last year, returned 22 starters and added some good draft picks, FA signings and trades. Sorry NFL

  18. Gotta Laugh at these steeler fans who say their team dominates the leauge but still cant get by the patriots….this decade the only time they won the superbowl are years they DID NOT play the patriots in the playoffs….get over your selves & your team your NOT that good

  19. my favorite thing about signing bonuses are when players forget about the upfront money and a couple years into the deal want a new contract because their yearly salary isnt up to par with others at their position.
    i am not implying mankins will do this

  20. The league economy sets the pay scale. He’s proven he’s the best guard in the league and he would get that money elsewhere. The Patriots had to pay him top money if they wanted to keep him.

    It’s a great move.

  21. Way to go pats!! Love that you handcuff your poop squad for 6 more years with this giant waste of money. Have fun filling out your roster with leftover steeler practice squad players. Pouncey is already better than this scrub

  22. I’m a Pats fan, but I agree that is a lot of bread for a OG even though I’m happy he’s staying. Most teams find ways of working around the cap by re-working big deals at some future point, and the Pats will do the same here if needed. Agree with pfii63, the Pats have always paid good $$ to their core guys. There just aren’t as many of them as fans would sometimes like. Not sure if Welker is one of them but Mayo definitely is.

  23. That might seem like a lot of money, but keep in mind, the Pats were on the hook for $10 million on a 1 season contract.

    Last year the Patriots got by without him for the first 10 games but the last 6 showed how much better the OL was with him.

    Paying him $10 million this season and a big signing bonus next if they wanted to keep him doesn’t make financial sense – and keeping Brady healthy is the most under-rated yet most important job on the team.

    This way they front-loaded a contract in a season where NFL teams have added cap flexibility – another smart move.

    Although the 6 year average is $8.5 million, if his skills wane after 4 years (which is when many linemen seem to have age catch up to them) they’ve still only paid out $9 million a season for 4 years.

    When you look at this contract as a cap friendly 4 year $37 million contract – which is what it is – it’s a no brainer.

  24. Aren’t all signing bonuses prorated? He won’t be getting $20 mil this year unless I’m completely wrong. $20 mil/6 years + base salary will be his cap hit each year.

  25. I still kinda dislike this guy from the holdout last year. He’s good at his job, but I’d rather they did the Saints/Eagles 500lb 7′ tall meatbag for the interior. I think they get shorter guys cause they dink and dunk over the middle a lot, which makes sense I guess. What’s TB 6’4 6’5? He can see over all of them save Volmer.

    Guy’s prolly trademeat towards the cap expensive end of this deal. That’s where the value really is.

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