Osi will return to practice Monday, if cleared


The Osi Umenyiora saga continues to push toward a conclusion.  If, that is, a specialist in Atlanta clears him to return to practice despite a balky knee.

Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that Umenyiora finally will meet with the Georgia doctor on Thursday.  If the doctor says that Umenyiora is OK to play, he’ll return to practice Monday.

“I hope so,” coach Tom Coughlin said regarding Osi’s potential return.  “Yeah, I really do.  I hope we get some closure on that chapter and start on a new one.”

Though we continue to wonder whether Osi is reluctant to play through pain based on his current salary but would be willing to do it if he gets a raise, Vacchiano reports, citing an unnamed source close to Umenyiora, that the player suddenly has decided to drop his demand for a new contract.
Coughlin doesn’t seem to be buying the possibility that Osi would need surgery as an alternative to managing the situation via adjustments to his practice schedule.  “I am thinking that whatever is in the best interest of our team right now, that’s the only thing I’ve thought about,” Coughlin said.  “We will manage whatever we have to manage.  We’ve done it with the hip.  We couldn’t practice Osi both Wednesday and Thursday [last year], so we practiced one day under those circumstances.  If there’s an issue here we’ll find a way to work with the issue and we’ll find a way to get the player in the best position he can be in.”
Still, for now, it looks like Osi will be back.  We’ll know more once the doctor in Atlanta takes a look at Osi’s knee.
Unless, of course, the doctor refuses to practice (medicine) due to dissatisfaction with his own contract.

18 responses to “Osi will return to practice Monday, if cleared

  1. Osi is a clown. Giants don’t need him. Guy is overrated, old, and fragile. Best move would be to trade him.

  2. Can we all relax? The Giants have not had a bad offseason. We are much better on special team with adding a real Punter. The O-Line is better with Bass in, Beatty slididng, and Diehl playing his real position. O’Hara and Rich S. have had NO offers, which means the rest of the league thinks they are done. We always build throught the draft.

    We did not need to make big splashes, because we were already solid.

  3. hey jets , jets, jets, this is the problem the neardy jets fans have , stop hating on us and worry about winning a superbowl. last two years alot of talk + and load of $$$$= 0 world championships.

  4. I love how people say he’s old and unproductive.

    10.5 sacks, 5.5 FF’s each year for last five years.

    He’s not even 30.

  5. @ senetor24:

    Though I agree w/ everything you said, don’t bother. Once we’re 6-1, we’ll get all of those fair-weathered fans back on board.

  6. berniemadoffsides says:
    Aug 11, 2011 11:02 AM
    @ senetor24:

    Though I agree w/ everything you said, don’t bother. Once we’re 6-1, we’ll get all of those fair-weathered fans back on board.

    The problem is even if they start 6-1, they will probably finish 1-6.

  7. “berniemadoffsides says:
    Aug 11, 2011 10:59 AM
    I love how people say he’s old and unproductive.

    10.5 sacks, 5.5 FF’s each year for last five years.

    He’s not even 30.”

    And averaging those numbers is not the same as getting them every year. I am pretty sure in 2008 he had zero sacks. He also had sub par years in 2006 and 2009. Add to thet he does not play the run well at all.
    Don’t get me wrong, he would be a big loss for the Giants, because there whole defense revolves around throwing fresh, talented pass rushers at the offense the whole game in order to hide the weak secondary and linebackers.

  8. I’m surprised all the crowing Eagles fans have time to blog when they should be at their annual August pre-Super Bowl Championship parade.

  9. @ booogyman:

    What’s amazing to me is how people forget that even with a 1st year defensive coordinator and the worst punter in the league who cost us 2 games… we still went 10-6.

    Our defense is loaded and will only be better. We lost the only D-lineman who HASN’T made a Pro Bowl, w/ two 2nd round DT’s in the wings. So our 1st round pick is out ’til mid October – he’s our dimeback. Not going to kill us…

    We now have 2010’s best punter in terms of punts inside the 20. You have no idea what that means for our field positioning defensively unless you saw just HOW HORRIBLE Dodge was last year.

    Our C was 34 and Seubert had yet another awful injury. Had to go. O’Hara was awful last year, I don’t see how Baas isn’t at least as good. Diehl’s the perfect LG, and Beatty’s our only question mark at LT. Our running game looks like another 1700-2000 yards season, yet again.

    O’Hara: replaced
    Seubert: replaced
    Smith: not paying an injured WR $4M for a handful of games.
    Boss: really going to miss his 1-2 catches/game.

    ZERO concerns as a Giants fan. My only wish is that PFT, ESPN, CBS, FOX, etc puts us at #32 in the rankings.

  10. @berniemadoffsides

    So you basically have the same team, give or take a punter, that lost 6 in a row to the Eagles. And Hopefully you will admit Philly “should” be better this year, as they shored up there biggest weakness from last year and that is a corner opposite Assante.

    The Giants had 3 major problems last year IMO:
    Special Teams

    They addressed special teams. A better punter and Hixon returning should help a lot. Secondary is the same…if the pass rush does not overwhelm the offense its big play city. As for turnovers, they retained Bradshaw and still have Corky Manning so I don’t see any changes there.

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