Roy Williams finds a rookie to carry his pads in Chicago

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Last summer, a controversy brewed in Dallas after rookie receiver Dez Bryant refused to carry the pads of teammate Roy Williams.

Now Williams is in Chicago, and he had no trouble finding a rookie to carry his pads.

Jimmy Young, an undrafted rookie receiver from TCU, said he was surprised anyone even questioned whether he’d hold up the longstanding tradition of rookies having to carry veterans’ pads.

“I got a text message from somebody, and they were just like, ‘Man, I’m glad you didn’t pull a Dez Bryant.’ I’m like, ‘What?'” Young told “They just said something about me carrying Roy Williams’ pads, and I told them that it wasn’t a big deal to me at all. I had a free hand. I just grabbed them and went with it. It wasn’t a big deal.

Williams was pleased that Young did as he was told.

“Oh man, it was lovely,” Williams said. “I was like, ‘Hey 19, take my pads.’ ‘Yes sir.’ There was no, ‘I ain’t got to do this’ — none of that, so it was good.”

At a time when Jack Del Rio has outlawed rookie hazing at Jaguars camp, things are different in Chicago: Williams is still trying to put rookies in their place.

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  1. Roy IF you were half as worried about getting open and catching footballs as you are about who you will find to carry your pads, then maybe, JUST maybe, you would be an average NFL receiver.

  2. As an Eagles fan, I took great joy in that little controversy last year.

    I was on Dez’s side too. How the hell you gonna carry another mans pads when you’re better than him?

    Kudos to Dez….now if he could only find someone to carry his pants.

  3. I guess that’s the difference between being a scrub on a semi-talented offense and a scrub on a talentless offense.

  4. Despite missing all of pre-season and a good portion of Training Camp, Dez caught more passes for more yards and more TDs than Roy. How you carry yourself in the game is much more important than who carries whose pads.

  5. As a fan, I hope he doesn’t make the team. Couldn’t stand the guy in Detroit, Dallas, not to mention when he was at Texas.

  6. he smartly avoided telling a 1st round pick who has a higher prospect of staying on the team than roy does, opting instead for an undrafted rookie free agent. which is about the only type of player that has less, or at least similar, job security.

    in short: roy williams, lol

  7. I think too much has been made out of this entire ordeal… Any better stories than about someone willing or not willing to carry Roy Williams pads? Love the media…

  8. To be honest, carrying someone else’s pads isn’t that big of a deal. Some rookie hazing gets extreme enough that I can understand it being spoken against, but this isn’t a huge deal…

  9. I’d be more worried about Cutler, the greatest show on dirt.

    Lovie has his hands full. Run Rod, before it’s too late.

    Rod: “Not before I have Brian knock this guy out in practice. I owe him one, you know.”

  10. This is what you expect from someone who is handed millions and a starting job even though he sucks.

  11. Maxi-pads, right?

    ‘Cause Roy has been acting like a little girl ever since he signed with Dallas.

    I can think of 100 other things Roy should be concentrating on instead of his pads. Catching the ball, not fumbling the ball, signing up for a free trial on, etc.

  12. thetwilightsown says: Aug 11, 2011 7:33 AM

    Dez was too busy catching balls…

    With his chin

  13. The only recievers who should be askin rookies to carry their pads are Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson Jr…work on your game man and carry Jimmy Young’ pads.

  14. mbsbjb3 says:
    Aug 11, 2011 8:01 AM
    Dallas gave up a first rounder for that guy???


    NO… They gave up a first, third, and 7th I think… LOL

    The fact that the Lions pawned off Kitna and Roy Boy to the Cowboys for ANYTHING is amazing… let alone 4 draft picks.

  15. roy comes across as petty and insecure, like that guy who walks around the locker room and practice field like he’s the star, belittling rookies and special teams players and wondering why no one else is laughing. the kinda guy who everyone else apologizes for after he’s left the room. for the life of me, i can’t figure out why teams keep throwing money at this guy?

  16. Jaguars players can still have rookies carry their pads; JDR eliminated hazing. Per the article (copied from ESPN, but probably identical everywhere) :

    Del Rio made it clear that hazing should be limited to the “Rookie Show,” an annual talent competition put on by newcomers. Del Rio also will allow dance competitions in the locker room and continue to have rookies carry veterans’ helmets and shoulder pads off the field following practices.

  17. And how many millions of dollars are being paid to pre-adolescent fools who get their kicks from hazing rookies. Good for Del Rio for outlawing that nonsense and encouraging players to focus on more serious matters… like catching a pass for a change, Roy.

  18. cmutimmah says:
    The fact that the Lions pawned off Kitna and Roy Boy to the Cowboys for ANYTHING is amazing… let alone 4 draft picks.

    The word is out now…one false move and you’ll suddenly find yourself Mayhew’s beotch. Just ask Jerry Jones.

  19. Roy Williams is a complete bust. I’m not in the NFL, but if I were, and I were a rookie WR, I would tell Roy that i was going to carry a guys pads who is productive. Like Johnny Knox.

  20. Well, who cares about finding a rookie to carry his bags…………..he better be scouting out the closest UPS or FedEx store in the event he wants to get engaged again !

  21. Im glad Dez stood up to him and said “Hell no, who you think I am?”.. Hahahaha, Roy Williams was a plague to our offense last year. Dude jux doesnt have heart. Jux because he a veteran in the league dont mean he aint a rookie to chi town.. jux sayin’

    Attention W**re Williams.

  22. NO… They gave up a first, third, and 7th I think… LOL

    The fact that the Lions pawned off Kitna and Roy Boy to the Cowboys for ANYTHING is amazing… let alone 4 draft picks.


    They traded Anthony Henry for Kitna straight up. They traded a 1st, a 3rd and a 6th for Roy Williams and a 7th.

  23. Glad the experience of getting cut by the team you dreamed of playing for since you were a boy has humbled Roy. This only ensures to me that he will surely live up to those lofty expectations set by Martz. (sarcasm)

  24. At least TO has talent. There’s nothing more annoying than a cancerous BUM. What the hell was Chicago thinking this entire off- season ? This is why Wash ALWAYS fails. Spending on recgonizable names, washed up players!

  25. Hey Roy! If you would have carried Dez’s pads you may still be on the team! I had to suffer watching you drop 80% of the balls that came your way! You dropped them and smiled! You are a Lazy *%^(*
    Just watch out for the snowballs that may come your way in Chicago!!

  26. @cmutimmah

    About that Kitna trade, Dallas traded a guy they were going to cut and who is now out of the league for a good back-up QB. Still think Anthony Henry and his 6 total starts makes Detroit the winner on that deal?

  27. Can Roy have a rookie catch passes for him on the field during games???? I can’t believe Johnny Knox got benched in favor of of this clown. I can hardly wait for the fireworks to start….how many passes do you think Roy drops before Jay Cutler throws a tantrum????

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