Russell Okung takes a cart ride

The one thing we don’t want to see whenever we watch a preseason game is an injury to a key player. It took only a few minutes of preseason football before we saw our first injury to a key player.

Seahawks offensive tackle Russell Okung limped off the field and was carted to the locker room in the first quarter of today’s game at San Diego.

Okung appeared to have suffered a left ankle injury. Last season Okung suffered injuries to both ankles, first in the preseason and then in Week Seven of the regular season, and missed six games.

Okung was the sixth overall pick of the 2010 NFL draft and started all 10 of the games he was healthy enough to play.

UPDATE: X-rays were negative on Okung’s left ankle.

21 responses to “Russell Okung takes a cart ride

  1. Great. Now everytime Okung gets healthy, all the over team needs to do is roll into his ankles. Can they sign McKinnie please?

  2. TJ looked awful. And instead of leaving him in to get some reps, they pulled him for Whitehurst.

    Gonna be a long season up thar……….

  3. I’m calling it the curse of Hutchenson… Seahawks have not had a healthy guy on that side sense he left…

  4. Damn this dude is a beast but my god he needs to do some leg conditioning. Poor guy has already had 3 bad ankle sprains. Hopefully doesn’t cost him too many games this time around. Hate to see any player get hurt. Even a seahawk but its the nature of the game

  5. guy was a *monster* in college, I wanted the Lions to draft him for a while ahead of Suh (HAH, hindsight 20/20) but i hope this guy fights off teh injury bug, hes a beast

  6. This guy tries so hard, but can’t stay healthy. I thought the rookies did ok for their first game. I am worried about our kicker. I hate the new kick off rule. That punishes Golden Tate and Leon Washington.

  7. canadianvikingfaniii says:
    Aug 11, 2011 10:46 PM
    Ugh… Tarvaris was pulled already? The guy thought a new change of scenery would change that, guess not.

    mrbigass says:
    Aug 11, 2011 9:12 PM
    TJ looked awful. And instead of leaving him in to get some reps, they pulled him for Whitehurst.

    Yes he stunk, but he was only going to play one series – this happens to the starter in every preseason game #1. Carroll said it before the game.

    A better thing to talk about is that Whitehurst didn’t look too bad. Maybe there will be a training camp battle – if they take away Bevell’s attatchment I like Charlie’s chances.

  8. How about the curse of Tim Ruskell–who would not spend the extra $500,000 to franchise Hutchenson and keep him in Seattle? The Vikings put a poison pill in their offer to Hutch that Seattle would not match and Hutch walked.

    In the end, neither team has done squat since.

  9. You don’t want McKinnie in Seattle. He’s about 50 lb over weight and allegedly has a legitimate cholesterol problem. Even with an attitude boost, he’s got real medical/weight issues. Nobody loses 50 lb safely in less than 5-6 months.

    I also heard that Rice was hurt to some degree. If that’s true, beating the Chargers is worse than meaningless with Okung damaged too.

  10. T jack looks like a winner. Lol. Glad to see hasselbeck gone. Looks like second year qb sam bradford is the best qb in the nfc west now. What was seattle thinkin signing him for millions as a starter.

  11. Man…it wouldn’t be Russell Okung if he wasn’t carted off the field with an injury

    Man I tell u…this guy has glass ankles!

  12. Yes, ALL you people who actually wanted Hasselbeck gone–including management–……


    Look at what this guy is!

    You all wanted Hasselbeck replaced by this???

    Tarvaris is HORRIBLE and I hope Pete and John realize what a stupid…horrible…completely bass ackwards decision it was to even consider him “replacing” Matt by what they saw first-hand from him tonite!

    Absolutely disgusting!

    Tarvaris is yet another example of these athletic wannabe QBs that the NCAA is churning out these days.

    They are athletes playing the QB position…not REAL QBs!

    Out of this world athleticism…but no true PASSING skills of real QB.

    Same as Eric Crouch, Andre Ware, Akili Smith, JaMarcus Russell, etc.

    Lists of Attributes.

    No skill set of a passer.

    Frauds playing the QB position.

    And it sickens me that we fell into this trap/cliche that is QBs of today.

  13. Everybody is ripping on TJ…. I guess they didn’t see what I saw. As soon, and I mean right away, after Okung leaves the field and they replace him with Pollumbus, hey gets destroyed. He should have had a cape and acted like a bullfighter… cause the defender was hardly touched and blindsided TJ. I love Matt, but he would’ve been crushed. TJ did his best and I think for 6 days of practice he looked ok. Remember, Okung played just a few games last year, Unger was injured, Gallery is new, and they have 2 other rookies starting on the OL. Its gonna take some time and the offense won’t gel until the OL gets some time together. Getting Okung healthy is vital cause Pollumbus is a ZERO. I like Gibson so much more!

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