Teammates doubt Channing Crowder’s retirement

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Former Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder surprised everyone this week when he said he’s retiring from the NFL at age 27. And some Dolphins players say they don’t believe Crowder is actually done in the NFL.

I’m sure he’ll come back,” Dolphins defensive end Kendall Langford said. “I think he’ll come out for the right amount of money. But if he doesn’t have the desire for it anymore, you’ve got to respect that.”

Crowder coming back for the right amount of money seems to be what most people expect, but the problem may be that Crowder won’t be offered the right amount of money. Crowder had 10 days to get offered the right amount of money in the 10 days between the Dolphins cutting him and his retirement announcement, and he apparently didn’t get that offer.

Dolphins defensive end Jared Odrick said “I’m not sure about that” decision being permanent, and Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said he never thought Crowder lost the desire to play football.

At the moment, Crowder has lost the desire. But he might get it back.

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  1. From what Fins fans say he sucks. So perhaps its not lack of desire but lack of ability.

    Maybe his agent went to every team to offer his services and every team was like “never”.

    Or maybe he is just tired of living in the closet and feels like its time to live his life out and happy. Much like i think we will hear about T.O. pretty soon.

  2. “From what Fins fans say he sucks.”

    Sucks is such a harsh word. The truth is CC rarely “sucked.” He just didn’t excel. He rarely missed an assignment (or a tackle), and you rarely saw a play were the announcers went, “Well…that’s the problem…Crowder should have [inset specific mistake here].”

    On the flip side, Crowder ALSO rarely recorded a sack, forced a fumble, intercepted a pass, etc.

    He was a solid player…but NOT a play-maker.

    Many fellow Phin fans will disagree, but I think CC was a much better player in the 4-3. With a lot of beef in front of him, the game became more mental. Plus, he had less responsibility in the passing game. Since Miami moved to a largely 3-4 base, CC has been less and less of an impact player.

    Personally, if he still had the desire to play no matter what, I think his best role would be a mentor/backup for a Rolando McClain type. Sadly, I think he sees himself as a much better player than he is….

  3. Has anyone ever seen so much made about the retirement of a player with so little accomplishment?

  4. Crowder was a steady player against the run, and below average at forcing turnovers, and defending the pass. But, one thing he did well is study. He was able to diagnose well, and had decent read and react skills. Certainly their were worse ILB’s playing. What made people dislike him more then anything else was his mouth. He talked big, but didn’t play as big as his mouth.

  5. The poster above me, “lostsok”, wrote it best!

    Crowder was a solid player for the Dolphins.

    He chose to retire because he didn’t want to uproot his family over and over. If nothing else you have to respect that.

  6. lostsok: right on.

    I actually thought he played well next to Dansby… but then again Dansby did all the ‘work’. CC never excelled. He was no Zack Thomas.

    I actually think CC doesn’t want to play for anyone else simply because he was born and raised a dolphins fan. His father was a dolphins player… he’s said this was his dream job.

  7. I think the Dolphins should hire him as a PR dude, this way there will always be Dolphins material on TV, a lot of air time, I can see it now ” can you believe what CC said about the coach of the Jets ” The Dolphins said they were not responsibly for his mouth, he is his own man, we denied any knowledge of the truth about this radical employee, we are waiting to see what the union says, wait, he is not in the union, then perhaps a pay increase will calm him down, Mr. Rose will check around the league to see what other owners would do with this problem, perhaps the newspaper will take him off our hands. A top reporter said the Dolphins should have kept him as a player. If you read this then you know CC will land on his feet. Bill p.s. some may call this comic relief.

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