Tebow turns in solid preseason opener


Here’s how Cowboys preseason analyst Babe Laufenberg introduced Tim Tebow Thursday night:

“I have never seen a QB more inaccurate during warmups in my life than Tebow,” Laufenberg said. “Throwing against air.”

Tebow looked a lot more accurate when the game started. Playing as the No. 2 quarterback, Tebow completed 6-of-7 passes for 91 yards. The numbers were very good, but the Broncos scored only six points in his four drives, the last field goal on a drive that went backwards.

There were some spotty moments.  Tebow had an interception overturned by penalty and he tried to run too quickly too often.  A few Broncos drives ended on Tebow runs that came up short. He also took a vicious sack.

Still, this was a confidence building performance overall by Tebow. He made a perfect 43-yard strike between the hashmarks to Matt Willis.  His passes were on point.

Broncos starter Kyle Orton only played one drive. The Broncos drove 74 yards on 13 plays, with Orton completing two passes for 37 yards. Denver nicely used Knowshon Moreno and Willis McGahee seemingly every other play when the starters were on the field. The Broncos settled for a field goal after getting cute calling a fade pattern on the goal line before a penalty.

(A long Orton drive ending in a field goal. It’s like Josh McDaniels never left.)

It’s probably too late for Tebow to challenge Orton for the starting job for Week One.  (Orton did nothing to help Tebow Thursday.) If Tebow could string together a few good preseason games, however, Orton would be on a shorter leash when the games count.

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  1. “Tebow turns in solid preseason opener” off of guys that will be bagging groceries next week.

  2. I don’t like tebow cuz he beat my texans last year but I don’t understand all the haters out there…
    Dude is a gamer and hasn’t looked bad at all…

  3. Its hard to judge a player based on stats when that player is playing with back ups. I just saw the Teebow highlights and he looked ok to me. I think the Broncos should give him a shot with the first stringers just to see what he can do

  4. I have never seen what everyone else sees in Orton. Sure his stats are good, but he just never seems to be leading anything. His drives don’t seem to score points and he doesn’t seem to have the respect of his teammates. They just don’t act like they trust him. I am not a Tebow fan either, but I look for Tebow to take the starting job from Orton within the first few weeks. Doesn’t mean he’ll finish the season with it, but I think they’ll definitely get tired of Orton and give Tebow the starting nod.

  5. How did T-Jack do?


    “Jerked around”

    I cannot believe Seattle paid that guy 8 million dollars…

    if I were coach, he’d be 3rd on the depth chart… and the freaking game isn’t even over yet.

    what an absolute bum.

  6. Solid performance? How about running 5 yards past the line of scrimmage, circling back around behind the line and still trying to throw the ball? If by solid you mean running around like a chicken with his head cut off, then sure, he was great. (Joking, Tebow fans. I like the kid.)

  7. Yeah, looked amazing. That whole, “run around in circles”… then pass the line of scrimmage and still try to throw.. while still managing to rack up 2 more offensive penalties… 3 total. Solid performance. LOL.

    If it was a regular season game. Tim Tear-bow would’ve lost his virginity to DeMarcus Ware.

  8. I’m really confused by the obsession with this guy. His fans treat him like a rock star when he hasn’t really done anything. His critics seem to despise him and root against him when he’s obviously a nice kid. Neither is the least bit logical.

    He has religious beliefs. So do 90% of the guys in any lockerroom (if twitter is any indication). What makes him so polorizing? Why is he any more interesting that Blaine Gabbert or Christian Ponder or ___________.

  9. Exactly, well put. Orton is Orton is Orton.

    Stats, pass completions, spudder, spudder, kick.

    Every Sunday, all year long, mediocrity. Yawn… Classic Einstein definition of ‘insanity’….

    Mr. Elway – this is so completely underwhelming.
    Enjoy the checks, while Denver fans pay the price.

    Have the Rockies style of management spilled over to the other side of I-25? Almost like ‘Venom’ in Spiderman…it’s the black stuff you can’t pull off and overtakes you.

  10. I think he’s going to turn into a sane Vince Young. He’s a winner at heart and doesn’t have the emotional problems like VY does. Give him a chance people, he’s going to be very entertaining for the next few years and could develop into a pretty good QB. Not great, but decent.

  11. Look, either way, Orton will go down soon enough in the regular season, he’s hardly made of cement. Tebow will get his shot again, just like last year.

  12. He’s a 65 year-old dude named “Babe” that’s made his living for decades talking on the radio about his beloved Cowboys.

    That’s all you have to know about Laufenberg. He’s got the same name as a famous talking pig.

  13. Tebow looks bad in practice time and time again but seems to turn it on in the game every time. Not sure why so many people hate this kid. Orton is a good qb but obviously nothing special. He has never taken the Bears or Broncos to the big game. He never took Purdue to the championship game. Not sure why so much hate is directed on Tebow.

  14. Reading these comments, it really feels like Tebow couldn’t win you over no matter what he did. He did well, but it was “against scrubs” (although NFL second teamers are hardly scrubs). If he had done poorly, it would have been an indication he’s a total bust. Since he did well, it’s because of scrubs. I can’t wait til he’s doing it (again) to first team defenses and we hear about how “they weren’t taking him seriously” or some other such nonsense. The kid can play, get over it. Is he going to be a superstar? I have no idea. But he’s shown he can play in the NFL.

  15. There are going to be a lot of unfair opinions posted on this topic, I like what i saw, I’ll always be a Tebow fan, I’m a fan of good football players

  16. You haters make me sick, including the people who write for this site. 6/7 is pretty good considering all the national media has made it seem like he can’t hit the broadside of a barn. Garbage! I love how they include that they only scored 6 points and that a pick was taken away by penalty, but they just happen to leave out key information to the readers of this site that a touchdown scored by Tebow was taken away by penalty also. Kind of makes you wonder if the media really does hate him. What am I saying of course they do…

  17. Tebow is not a practice player, he’s a gamer. Don’t doubt that man, he will make u eat ur words

  18. Man, so many haters and bad pub! Unreal, he is virtually a rookie. He is a proven winner And may not be a Brady ot Manning but dude finds ways to win and Ball. nothing but respect and love for the guy!
    The reason why so many people have a problem with hin is his conviction with his faith. If more people had the same values and faith, this would be a much better world to live in! Oh, how miserable the people that bash him must really feel inside. When the tv is off and your phone is charging, the lights are out and your lying in bed. You must really hate your life to spew that much hate toward someone you don’t even know! Skol

  19. “I have never seen a QB more inaccurate during warmups in my life than Tebow,” Laufenberg said. “Throwing against air.”

    haha I love it…

  20. I have no problem with Tebow, cause i really don’t give a crap about Bronco football or the GATORS…

    If dude plays well cool… if not, I don’t care.

    As for god being on his side… who’s on Tom Brady’s side? Santa Claus? Who’s on Peyton’s side? The easter bunny?? those kind of comments make me want to throw up…

    If there ever were a god (and there isn’t) he certainly wouldn’t be a fan of some borderline pro-backup quarterback – wanna be brett favre – drama queen.

  21. Babe “The Dumbino” Laufenberg, had a 44% lifetime completion % in the NFL, and a QB passer rating of 45. 5 tds with 11 picks. Tebow has scored twice as many tds (in three starts) as ROTF Laufenberg managed in his entire career.

  22. “I have never seen a QB more inaccurate during warmups in my life than Tebow,” Laufenberg said. “Throwing against air.”

    I guess it would be quite a challenge for Laufenberg to see himself from a third-person view after all. Or he may have just forgot what his warmups were like when he was on his way to a 45.9 career QB rating.

  23. tebow and VY looked just fine they were good in college and good now. wow do we now how that happened?? Because coaches see that they don’t have to use a standard mold of QB. They are developing what they need for what they got! What worked in college will still work if you change it up a little. Aka philly

  24. Man, what is PFT’s deal with ragging on Tebow? Even when he plays well, you guys still put a negative spin on it. Lay off the haterade.

  25. jetswin5straightsuperbowls says: “God is on his side.” For He so loved Denver that He gave McDaniels to the Broncos, and verilee McDaniels begot Tebow. Seriously, you have the best handle of all. Send me your mushrooms. And send your socks to Rex in a pink envelope.

  26. Actually, Babe Laufenberg should be considered an expert on inaccurate passing, as his own career passing percentage is 44.1%, from 1986 to 1990 with the Saints, Chargers and Cowboys.

    Nice work Babe! Hard to believe Troy Aikman beat you out in 1989-90 as the Cowboys starter! Just think – if it weren’t for Troy, that would have been YOU with all those Super Bowl MVP’s and trophies and in the Hall of Fame.

  27. Tebow’s not very smart and he got his rookie year wasted by McDaniels. I don’t think think he’ll ever approach elite status. But give the guy a chance. Let Fox figure out what he’s potentially got and make some moves. Tebow needs some time.

  28. Babe obviously never watched his own film if he “never saw a quarterback more inaccurate than Tebow.”. 45% lifetime completion rate with a combined 7 tds and 17 ints in his pro career. Those are video game numbers. If your cat is playing with the controls. The Sultan of Smack.

  29. jetswin5straightsuperbowls says:
    Aug 11, 2011 10:58 PM
    I really respect Tebow. God is on his side and I love that. Good luck on a great career.God bless you

    God is not on Tebow’s side. Tebow is on God’s side.

  30. I have said it before,” with the first pick in the 2012 draft the Denver Broncos take Andrew Luck from Stanford.

  31. Here we go again…Donkey fan gonna slobber all over themselves wanting to see the Messiah start every game after the first frickin’ preseason game.

    Please let it end already…just do it. I don’t care anymore…I can’t take it anymore…please make it stop.

  32. “If I had a daughter I would want her to bring a guy like tebow home.” Mark May.

    Is it bad every time I hear tebows name I think of that lol.

  33. “I have never seen a QB more inaccurate during warmups in my life than Tebow,” Laufenberg said. “Throwing against air.”

    Then goes 6/7 for 91 yards, great observation.

  34. Babe Laufenberg:
    16 NFL games
    44.1 % completion percentage
    5 TD’s, 11 Interceptions
    QB rating 45.9

    The only thing more pathetic than your play on the field is your commentary & analysis off the field…

  35. Tim Tebow… The most polarising player in the NFL.

    Why? Well just look at the posts here, it is all about his passion for his beliefs. The hate and or love is drawn in the sand. There is no gray area for this poor feller.

    Cut him some slack haters, and stop worshiping him in the Bible Belt.

    He is not a member of the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints marrying 14 year old girls, nor is he the Pope in waiting.

    I go to church twice a year, once on Christmas Eve, and once on Easter. I have no stake in the hate/love bitching.

    Just let Tim, be Tim… Regardless of how many times he quotes the scriptures. He is just a kid trying to do well at playing football.

    How is that different from some D.B. quoting a Rapper from Detroit.

    He is just a kid, trying to play football. Remember that.

    I wish him well… Even as a Raider Fan.

  36. Glad to see some people taking up for Teebow as I have from day one. He has Kurt Warner leadership qualities. And he can throw. He had the strongest arm of anyone in the draft two years ago including Sam Bradford and it was not even close. Teebow has a canon people are just too unobjective to talk about it. Even with a canon he worked on his throwing motion and when you do that it takes time to just start pounding the ball out no you work on form; Teebow is a winner and maybe he idd pass the line of scrimage but what he did looked like the white reincarnation of Barry Sanders making those guys missed and even when he was sacked he somehow avoided the first guy and was sacked but so w3hat he dodged the first guy and what about that deep throw in between three defenders that led the receiver perfectly and the defense had no chance. If Denver trades Teebow and or does not start him this year then they deserve to lose the fans; and honestly I think Fox was told before he got the job to try to phase out Teebow and even when they try the kid still shines. It was Elways plan but plain and simple Teebow is a Fox kind of player with his toughness. I really believe Elway is afraid the fans are gonna like Teebow more than him and that is why he has not embraced Teebow and it has nothing to do with whether he thinks Teebow can play. I think he is jealous of Teebow right now not based on anything but being an idiot that wants to be the only Bronco great quarterback if that is what you want Joh then you should not have the job becasue if the team has an opportunity to have someone more populat then you that can win more super bowls because he is a solid player and leader and you don’t want him because you are afraid he will be looked at as the greatest Bronco in the end then you should not have that job Elway horse face is that also why you do not like Teebow becasue he is prettier then you because he obviously is. Especially on the inside John because your actions are not of God they are of the hater and manipulater like Jeff Fisher.

  37. Congratulations ProFootBallTalk! With all the thumbs downs on negative Tebow comments, you must have finally amassed some female readers. Even if they are teenage girls at a summer Bible camp, they still count!

  38. I wish TT would’ve totally tanked.

    Why? Do I hate the guy?


    sick of hearing so much about 1 guy…
    for over a year.
    (yes, I hated it with Favre too, but at least he was an HOFer who’d earned the over-attention)

  39. If he wasn’t a Jesus freak and shoving his Christian BS in our faces, I’d be for him.

  40. Tim Tebow is simply not an NFL quarterback. Anytime you see a QB that needs everything around him to be just a certain way for him to succeed, teams should just say no thanks. Tebow cannot consistently make plays from inside the pocket and has never played from under center. He also has a slow, labored delivery that defensive lineman would feast on. He is the classic case of a high risk project player that basically never works out at the NFL level.

  41. That would be run, then pass when he was obviously over the line of scrimmage was hilarious. Tebow is a work in progress, to be sure. His long completion was actually a better catch by Matt Willis. People are going to be on his case from a mechanics standpoint for the rest of his career.

  42. The bottom line is NO ONE knows what this guy will do in the NFL. He has no meaningful NFL experience. And no, last year does not count. The games he started where after the season was lost. I will reserve judgement until he plays in a real game with something on the line. I really don’t get the way this guy polarizes people. It seems like some want to hail him as the second coming of John Elway (or JC for that matter) and others think he’s absolute trash. I’ll admit, I don’t think he looks like an NFL QB, but I’ve been wrong before.

  43. People hate Tebow because of his faith in Jesus Christ. Period. They hate him for vocalizing it despite the fact that doing so is exactly what Jesus tells his followers to do in His name. Timmy is just flat out a better person than most people are and that makes a lot of us look inside ourselves and find that we do not like what we see in there. It’s much easier to heap scorn and hatred on Tebow than it is to use his example and build a better you. It is also very hard to resist denying that this is true. People don’t like hard truths and this is why those who follow Jesus are disliked, though most will claim some form of psuedo-intellectual reason for rejection of Christ.

    JOHN 14:6

  44. “I think he’s going to turn into a sane Vince Young” – great line, giorgiom3.

    Who gives a rat’s nutsack what Babe Laufenberg says? What credibility can he possibly have? Tool.

    Give the guy a chance. Don’t understand the obsession / hate that revolves around this guy.

    I’m not even a fan of his, hated him in college cause he always killed my Vols.

  45. Aug 11, 2011 10:50 PM

    Now a plaque of locusts will chew off Kyle Ortons arms and God’s will will be done


    Are you allowed to use “will” twice in the same sentence?

  46. The problem here is there is between the folks who were acting like he’s the second coming of Peyton Manning, and those who were miffed over this. To me Tebow looks more and more like Vince Young without the emotional baggage, and this is not a bad thing; I happen to like Vince Young, it’s just that he’s his own worst enemy.

  47. you people are ugly and just love to hate.. i hate YOU.. Tevow is a gamer, and a winner and he will definitely succeed in this league once he gets his shot. Laufenberg apparently just wanted to jump on the hate bandwagon like everyone else. Can’t believe you are all riding on comments made by Merill Hoge… LOL… losers

  48. How did this happen. According to most so called analysts Tebow does not even know how to put on his helmet and shoulder pads never mind complete a pass.

    Babe Laufenberg would be an authority – he was the epitome of training camp fodder

  49. prplpuzzetrz says:Aug 11, 2011 11:18 PM


    Tebow is not “virtually a rookie”. He was with the team the entire year last year and started 3 games. It’s not like he got put on IR for half the season. He’s still very young but he is a sophmore. Stop making excuses. A lot of sophmore QBs look bad, it’s par for the course but it’s people like you who the make everyone else want to rant on Tebow even more.

    We won’t know what kind of QB Tebow will be for another year or two but he is a project QB who takes longer to develop.

  50. Didnt Brady Quinn actually throw a touchdown Pass?? Why isnt this article about him? He had more yards and a touchdown pass…. Tebow’s ESPN game highlights consist of the BAD “Rookie” mistake he made with that interception that was pass interference… As a Pro QB you know you NEVER throw the ball in that situation! And the other highlight was that one lucky throw for 40 something yards… Now how is that impressive?? Im not bashing him nor am I a hater I just think this is an article that shouldnt be taking up space when Ryan Mallet & McGee had a “Real” impressive showing!

  51. Everybody talking about the ‘scrubs’ on Dallas’ D that Tebow played against….did you consider the paper thin offensive line that Tebow was playing behind? If you’ve been following the Broncos you’d realize that’s their biggest area of weakness right now…no depth at O-line. Put him behind Clady, Kuper and others…then watch him. A second string defensive lineman will own a second string offensive lineman everytime.

  52. Wait a minute, Laufenberg is commenting on Tebow’s inacccurracy? That is too funny.

    Laufenberg is to QB ratings what Mario Mendoza is to batting averages in MLB (the Mendoza line). I don’t remember the ‘Babe’ setting the world on fire with his play. Yeah, I know the guy is an analyst now, but this is just funny considering the Babe’s stellar NFL career at the same position.

  53. At some point in his career Tebow is gonna be a star player again. I really believe that. Whether he does it with Denver or another team. He has a great work ethic and the guy wont stop until hes where he wants to be. All the negative comments about him are comical. Idk whats wrong with some people. Its the same thing with Sanchez, hes been in the league for three yrs, Tebow two and people expect them to light it up like Peyton Manning. If they dont they suck or they are busts etc. Dumbasses, its the toughest posistion to learn, most qbs dont even play their rookie seasons it takes years to develop. Lay off them and all the other young qbs in the league. Its so annoying when i have to listen to some of these ignorant comments. I really think half of the negative comments come from fans that cheer for crap teams with no qb and they are just jealous. I bet half the Tebow bashers on here cheer for the Raiders and if they could would take Tebow in a sec over what they have now. Just sayin.

  54. @apac6586 – “Tebow turns in solid preseason opener” off of guys that will be bagging groceries next week”

    This coming from a guy who is probably bagging groceries as we speak… Get off your high horse and quit hating.

  55. If the game slows down for him as he logs more playing time, he’s gonna be a good one.

  56. What does Babe Laufenberg’s career passer rating have to do with the fact that Tebow was all over the place during warmups? I gotta ask the people that brought that stuff up like it means something, what was YOUR NFL passer rating?

  57. “He made a perfect 43-yard strike between the hashmarks to Matt Willis.”

    No, he did not. Willis had gotten behind both the CB and the S, and if that pass was on target it would have been about a 75-yard TD pass. Willis had to leap in the air and adjust to it; it was far from “perfect”. Because of the inaccuracy, the DBs made the tackle, and the Broncos got no points on that drive (which ended when Tebow badly missed on a slant route).

    Also, the pick that was called back wasn’t just “a pick”; a defender was about to plant Tebow in the pocket and, rather than throwing it away or just taking the sack, he flung the ball towards a receiver while falling backwards. It was an absolutely terrible, bone-headed move that would have made Aaron Brooks cringe. The fact that he was bailed out by a penalty does not change the fact that it was an inexplicably terrible decision to throw that ball.

    Being a QB isn’t about being a “winner” or a “gamer”; it’s about actually being a QB, and Tim Tebow has not shown the ability to play the position at the professional level. At all.

  58. “No, he did not. Willis had gotten behind both the CB and the S, and if that pass was on target it would have been about a 75-yard TD pass. Willis had to leap in the air and adjust to it; it was far from “perfect”. Because of the inaccuracy, the DBs made the tackle, and the Broncos got no points on that drive (which ended when Tebow badly missed on a slant route).”


    gotta love these armchair quarterbacks that probably never played the sport in their lives

  59. IMO Tebow is HATED because he makes no secret of his strong religious beliefs. He doesn’t go preaching but if asked he answers – unapologetically. I like that.
    I remember that 30 second ad during the Super Bowl a few years ago (before he was drafted) when he thanked his mom for not aborting him when she found she was sick while carrying him – the abortion rights people all had COWS over that one.
    And the fact that during the summer while he was in college he did charitable work and other good stuff which he did NOT publicize but which the press did – seems to have pushed some people right over the top. That of course, is their problem, not his.

    He was terrific in college in an offense designed for him, but so far he hasn’t set the league afire in the pros. Of course it’s just his 2nd year.

    Good luck, kid.

  60. You know what kills me?! All the Tebow haters calling his supporters delusional, yet you’re willing to put all your hopes and dreams on the back of Andrew Luck, who, last time I checked, was still in COLLEGE!!!!! What makes you think that he will turn the franchise around when he hasn’t played a down of pro football yet? You should really work with what you have, and Orton is soft, and medicine woman won’t get it done either. Like it or not, but Tebow has athletic ability, and is a gamer. That’s not to say he isn’t a work in progress, but you might as well give him a shot. The problem with Denver is that the fanbase wants ol’ horseface part II as qb, and he doesn’t exist.

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