Cardinals say they aren’t desperate for a receiver

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The Cardinals spoke with Braylon Edwards in free agency and have been tied in trade talks to Lee Evans.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt insists, however, his team doesn’t need another wideout.

“Everybody wants to talk about the No. 2 receiver but we really don’t get caught up in a No. 2,” Whisenhunt said via the Arizona Republic. “We run so many different packages where we involved three receivers, even four receivers, and there are a lot of times where we’ll tailor specific packages to fit the individual strengths of the receiver.”

Andre Roberts started Thursday’s preseason game and caught one pass. Early Doucet has enjoyed some nice plays as a pro and is enjoying a good camp. Chansi Stuckey and rookie DeMarco Sampson have had their moments this month.

“We’ve got a lot of guys at that position who are making plays,” Whisenhunt said. “It’s a good problem to have.”

Perhaps Whisenhunt is just trying to sound not desperate, but we agree with the sentiment. Their offensive line and pass rush are far bigger concerns than their wideout group.

20 responses to “Cardinals say they aren’t desperate for a receiver

  1. Listen up Arizona fans, regardless of what management says, we need a reciever. Our offense has a chance to be real good, and if LEe Evans ends up going to Carolina or Baltimore for a 3rd round pick I am gonna flip my lid. They committed all this cash to Kolb, now give him some weapons. We have a weaak running back and no real weapons outside of Larry Fitz. Come’on and get this done! BTW, Todd Heap got cut by Balt for a reason, he is past his prime and injury prone.

  2. They may not be but they should be. Even though larry should count as two receivers. Theres no way they should be satisfied with there receiving corp. Double team larry, there goes the cardinals offense.

  3. “…..we really don’t get caught up in a No. 2”

    Trust me Ken, No. 2 is exactly what the Cardinals have been since Kurt Warner retired. Adding a guy named “Beanie” to the No. 2 stank can only exacerbate the issue.

  4. Cards really seem to be a team in decline to me. I haven’t liked their moves lately. It all hinges on whether Kolb can be a decent QB. Whisenhunt’s job pretty much depends on Kolb at this point.

  5. “…and if LEe Evans ends up going to Carolina or Baltimore for a 3rd round pick I am gonna flip my lid.”

    Prepare for your labotomy: Evans went to the Ravens for a 4th.

  6. nineroutsider says:
    Aug 12, 2011 1:07 PM
    Wait until the Niners’ new secondary shuts them down…

    they couldn’t cover my grandma

  7. I think T.O. is coming to AZ!!! Not now, but later when he is 100%!

    The Cards have a nice group of WR’s yet they are mostly unknown to the league, so hopefully one of them can excel this season.

  8. Breaston is scoring touchdowns for the Chiefs now. Doucet will step it up. Cards are set at wide out it looks like.

  9. Kevin montana kolb is a seasoned vet, coach’s son and will make players around him better. He could win with anyone, he that good. Who needs receivers when u have Montana kolb

  10. if you want kolb to have a good season, get him someone he can check it down to, keep the offense moving, then hit up Larry for a big play.

  11. i want to believe them here just like i want to believe kolb is going to be the real deal. i have my doubts but i hope i’m wrong, i love my cardinals, oldest team in the nfl, they have played everywhere

  12. backuppunter

    from an outsiders POV I believe that Kolb could be Matt Shaub-esk. He has all the intangibles to be a Shaub type guy (which is a good thing). Hes got confidence, good leadership skill set, very good mechanics, and it doesnt hurt to have Fitzy and Heap and like I said earlier i expect Early to step up and be an upgrade to Breaston’s departure. Early was the man at LSU, very good locker room guy who was a leader. Kolb is in the perfect system for him to flourish, i mean look at Kurt Warner… the Cardinals system not only brought him back from the dead he basically played his best consistent football there. Keep the Faith.
    Signed – A Saints Fan

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