Clausen will start for the Panthers on Saturday

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Cam Newton still may start the regular-season opener on September 11.  But Jimmy Clausen will start the first preseason game for the Carolina Panthers when they host the Giants on Saturday night.

Steve Reed of reports that Clausen said he has been informed by coach Ron Rivera that the second-year signal-caller from Notre Dame will be the first quarterback on the field.

Clausen has been getting the reps with the first-team offense.  But Rivera has said that he’ll give both players a chance to run the starting offense at some point before picking a Week One starter.

“[Rivera] told both me and Cam that he’s going to play the best guy out there,” Clausen said.  “Myself and Cam have had ups and downs throughout camp and we’re still learning.  We’re still young and I think tomorrow is another big test.  I can’t wait to get out there.”

Though Panthers fans surely are anxious to see what Newton can do, our guess is that they’ll welcome Clausen before they ever warm up to the third option, Derek Anderson.

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  1. They’ll both work with first and second team personnel. They’re really just making it appear to veterans that Cam earned his spot before they just hand it to him like they will in Week 1.

  2. I have a funny feeling Clausen is the trick up Shanahann’s sleeve. Or, he gets sent to Seattle for Whitehurst and a pick before the year is over.

  3. Thing is, Clausen seems to be stretching the gap between himself and Newton in camp. Not the other way round.

  4. I’m pretty sure it goes something like this: We’ll tell Jimmy we’re starting him so he won’t cry, which will give us the excuse to watch Cam Newton for two quarters worth of football.

    Oh, and don’t be surprised if Derek Anderson comes in in the 4th quarter and looks better than both of them. I’ve followed Anderson his whole career (call me a masochist) and if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s coming off the bench to play a partial game in meaningless situations. He has excelled in that department. His problems start when he plays in real, actual football games.

  5. offsideburns that was funny as hell but true everyone knows cam is the starter he wouldn’t of been drafted num.1 if they wanted jimmy to start

  6. Derek Anderson?? How does that retread keep getting jobs?

    After his last two seasons I didnt think any team would stoop that low.

  7. OK, it’s been set and now we can concentrate on getting better. A true competition DOES require that both guys play with the 1st team to get a real comparison. I expect that to happen and think that Newton’s superior athleticism and strong arm will win him the job by the 1st real game. However, if the team responds better and is more successful with Clausen, then as a Panthers fan, I say do the right thing.

  8. hobartbaker says: Aug 12, 2011 6:01 PM

    Thing is, Clausen seems to be stretching the gap between himself and Newton in camp. Not the other way round.
    Lucky for there’s no drug testing for fans.

  9. trbowman, you’re all over it. Well played.

    I’ve been secretly hoping Tony Pike would somehow blow up and become the next big thing.

  10. I Hope Jimmy does well it would only help to improve his trade value. But they prob wont get but a low rd draft pick- bad draft pick again. A few weeks ago J Richardson said he is not cheap, and they would be aggressive in Free Agency. I dont buy it, they only signed back the players they had last year and Atlanta played him to up the $ for Johnson @ DE. Who else did he “aggressivley sign? WHy did they draft an injured 4th rd pick who wont play , maybe never? WHy didnt they go after Malcom floyd or other potential starters? Do They think their current players and crappy draft picks are gonna go anywhere? Jeez, Olsen was a trade, not an aggressive free agent signing. Shockey was already signed, so that wasnt aggressive either. It is smoke and mirrors- it will be lucky if they win 3 games. I am a positive person too, but I see the reality of the situation, I hope the Panthrers are exciting as I think they can be, BUT J Richardson is/ was not aggressive in FREE AGENCY- and he has a ton of $ to still get players, but he is CHEAP & now it is TOO Late.

  11. Since everybody in Carolina from Jerry Richardson to th TV sports talking heads to the lowliest football fan have drank the camcoolaide, its very difficult to make sense of all this.

    The media has been on Jimmy Clausen since he took his fiorst snap for the Panthers last season. Never mind that he was playing for a lame duck coach, with emphasis on the lame part, an injury riddled team with a one formation offensive scheme and getting no support from the coaches, Clausen somehow kept his sanity.

    My theory is that down here in the “bible belt,” folks dont warm very well to players from Notre Dame, a catholic institution. The media hate camaign in Charlotte dorected toward Clausen can only be explained from a religious aspect.

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