Grossman looks good so far

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The Redskins starting offense remain in the game against the Steelers, deep into the first half.  Leading the way is first-string quarterback Rex Grossman, who is tightening his grip on the job with a 13-for-17 performance through three drives.

The first effort ended with Shayne Graham shanking a 29-yard field goal.  Drive No. 2 sputtered at the Pittsburgh 36, thanks to Ryan Mundy’s hit on Fred Davis.

The third time was a charm for Grossman, as he took the ‘Skins 82 yards on eight plays, capping the effort by bending down for a bad snap and then firing a back-foot, off-balance, eight-yard pass to Santana Moss, who was crossing the field right to left.

Grossman has generated 152 yards passing.

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  1. No mention of how the Steeler starters played the first series…and that he played most of the half against about 4 guys that will make the Steeler’s roster?

    I won’t mention the no gameplanning or real defense calls because their offense is in the same boat, but year after year teams like the lions and raiders go 4-0 and suck in the regular season…read into the preseason all ya want, Mike.

  2. Yeah, when your starters play against the other teams 2nd and 3rd stringers, you will typically look pretty good lol. Skins are lucky no one got hurt, that was just dumb.

  3. As a Bears fan, I hope Rex does well. As somebody who hates the redskins and their insufferable fan base (I live in dc), I take solace in knowing how monumentally he will screw up.

  4. Yes he looked good. However the Steelers played first string players for 1.5 series. Rex, Santana, and Hightower played the entire first half.

    I’m not saying the Steeler are better but this game is not a measure of anything. First game back, starters barely played. Although it does seem obvious the Steelers need another CB.

  5. footballfanman says:
    Aug 12, 2011 9:07 PM

    it’s funny how people hate us for celebrating our team and act like we’re the worst team in the league.

    My guess is because a lot of Steelers fans try to pass of arrogance, gloating, chest-beating, bragging, and acting entitled as “celebrating.”

  6. so far so good for Grossman, hopefully he continues it, but i have my fears. in OTHER news, is Shayne Graham NOT trying to win the kicking job????? that was a BAD kick to miss.

  7. No one is reading anything into this game. It’s a practice…the Skins look good in practice and the Steelers don’t…at least the starters don’t. Hightower can play. Hail!!

  8. Come on people who really thought that Beck was going to be a starter other than Beck? On behalf of the Redskins I would like to thank the NFL Network, ESPN, PFT, Etc. for putting much hype to this crap. Because of you, the Redskins were able to get a solid starting QB for really cheap. C’mon, you know Shanny was hinting at Beck starting so they could get away with giving Grossman backup money. Why would he go with a career backup, excuse me EMERGENCY QB instead of a QB that has been in the same system over 2 years and his son of all people endorses? With so much talk of continuity and knowing the system do you really think he would go with Beck?….BECK????

  9. footballfanman says: Aug 12, 2011 9:07 PM

    it’s funny how people hate us for celebrating our team and act like we’re the worst team in the league.
    There’s a reason people treat you like you have the worse team in the league.

  10. Every team gives the starters as series or two, while shabby gives his a whole half. Rex looked great against 2nd stringers.

  11. All I want to say is that opposing linebackers are gonna take some serious licks against Hightower and Torrain.

    Oh, and Banks is back!


  12. Grossman could have been a very good NFL QB if he were 4 inches taller.
    As much as the media bashed him here in Chicago, he took it like a man and did not whine about it.

    Give him protection and someone to throw a deep ball to and he can win games for you.

  13. Although it is the preseason, it was an 11 play 88 yard drive against the Steelers 1st team defense that started at the 1. How did the Pitt offense look? Oh yeah, like crap. Talk all you want about it being against 2nd teamers but head to head, the Skins 1st team kicked the Steelers 1st team’s backside

  14. all u redskirts fans keep dreaming ur nothing with two career backup qb’s. maybe with a top ten pick next year u can get an actual starting qb

  15. the redskins starters and depth looks better than the steelers. don’t worry, keep thinking the skins suck. that’s what we need. we feed off it and will prove to have the last laugh. at least our qb doesn’t rape women. and our rb doesn’t like Osama bin laden

  16. Settle down beavis (eg cranky steelers fan). If the skins looked bad you’d be talking about how bad the skins looked and there would be no mention of first string vs second string. It is what it is…a preseason game. However, I’d still rather perform well than bad regardless of the circumstances. I have a lot if respect for steelers fans. Put simply, you show up. However, a few bad apples show up and muddy the perception.

  17. “maybe with a top ten pick next year u can get an actual starting qb”

    hey, if they stink and Shanahan stays and we end up with Jones, Luck or Barkley i wont have a problem at all and i also wont have a problem if they surprise, however, i just dont see it, i think the WRs will do as good as they can and so will the rest of the team, but i worry about the QB. Grossman was fine today, but i have to see him in real games to get a real judgment on him

  18. qdog112 says:

    There’s a reason people treat you like you have the worse team in the league.

    You can only judge a team based on record. There were 9 teams worse than us and we lost by less than a touchdown in most of the games we lost. Obviously you’re just another hater. HTTR.

  19. 9-7 and 2nd place in the NFC East is realistic for the Skins. They could surprise. It won’t be enough to catch Philly (and it doesn’t have too much to do with their FA acquisitions). Vick could have a season for the ages. He shredded Baltimore’s defense without his top 2 weapons. As much as I hate to say it, Philly looks really good.

  20. The Redskins looked more comfortable out there, faster on both sides on the ball than last year and stamina looked really good for the first presason game. 2 penalties for the whole game, nice. No fumbles, No interceptions a good team effort.

  21. This is cute…
    All the redskins fans just watched “Good Rex”…
    Their hopes are up…
    Their Dreams are filled with wins and a playoff birth…

    Just wait till they see “Bad Rex”…

  22. I can’t wait for all you hater to stick your foot in your mouth when Sexy Rexy wins the NFC East


  23. Hey Stiller43 I’ll mention it for you. He was 6-7 for 67 yards against your vaunted D! And that’s with no game planning too!!

  24. Kicked their butt? 1st teamers for the steelers played one series. If Ben hadn’t overthrown a wide open Wallace then it’s an easy 50 yard TD in that first drive. Skins first offensive series was greatly helped on that 16 yard run when an offensive lineman pretty blatantly held a defender in the backfield. Pretty clear miss right infront of the ump and that would have killed that drive.

  25. Stiller43 why you getting all upset, don’t hate because your dissappointed with they way your team looked. Obviously it bothers you but why, Remember its preseason?? who cares??

  26. Coach Mike Tomlin wasn’t pleased with his team’s play. “It’s not the kind of performance we were hoping for, looking for. That team was better prepared than us. It showed. Wasn’t a lot for us to be proud about. I’ll expect these guys to respond. It has to get better quickly.”

  27. OK I get it…..Some of you are upset because your defense was picked apart by Rex Grossman.Now you know how the over rated Dallas Cowboys feel,Last season he toasted those guys for over 300 yds and 4 TD`s.So what did we learn today class??? Rex Grossman is not as bad as you thought!!! and The Steelers D looked old and slow!!!

  28. As much as everyone likes to hate on Rex, he actually played pretty well when he came in the last few games of the season last year. Maybe Shanny actually knows what the heck he’s talkin about.

  29. As a Bears fan just wanna say good luck Rex. Allways thought this guys problems were more mental then anything else. Lets not forget everyone was talking about his as the possible MVP of the league about 6 weeks into the Bears SuperBowl season before he lost it and started fumbling snaps and throwing picks.

  30. Redskins fans are as delusional as their mediocre quarterback.

    You and the Giants will be competing for the basement this year. Book it.

  31. 1. Grossman did, indeed, look far more comfortable & composed than he did at the end of the season last year. Maybe now’s the time to pick up a few first-round picks for John Beck.

    2. This team is going to be a running team, & with the talent we appear to have at that position, I see this as a good thing. Hightower, Royster & Helu are very, very intimidating if I’m a team’s defense.

    3. I’m thinking some of Rex’s “we’re gonna win the division” confidence rubbed off on the rest of the team. Yeah, I know it’s preseason & should be taken with a grain of salt, but I liked what I saw.

    4. I’m honestly wanting to get a closer look at Kellen Clemons. He seemed to have a rapport with Stallworth that’s worth exploring.

    5. Stepehen Bowen was a very good pickup.

  32. Grossman can always look good when it doesn’t count. the 4skins will be the whipping biatches of the NFC East once again, and will be battling the Giants for the honor.

    By the time week one rolls around, the 4skins will go back to their typical losing ways. The 4skins will go 1-5 to start the season. NYG, Arizona, Dallas, STL, Philly – all losses for the skins. They will maybe find a way to beat Carolina.

    Hightower looked about as good as he will all season. Hail to the 4skins for living up to low expectations again this year!

  33. preseason or not, the redskins awful oline dominated the steeler’s vaunted front seven….

    c’mon dudes…. that’s rex freaking grossmen….

    rattle tha’ dude.

  34. Ok Rex looked good in a preseason game. We should just hand over the division to the skins.

  35. 215greenandenvy says:

    “all u redskirts fans keep dreaming ur nothing with two career backup qb’s. maybe with a top ten pick next year u can get an actual starting qb”

    Hey ya, green, what color is the sky in your world? I hope the “green” in your name means that you are an Eagles fan, because then we’ll have the chance to kick your butt twice next season. HAIL !!

  36. Grossman with 3 years in Shannahan’s offense can do what Todd Collins did in Al Saunders offense for the Skins when he lead them to the playoffs after Campbell got a few years back. Familiarity/experience in a scheme is huge.

  37. 215greenandenvy says: Aug 12, 2011 10:21 PM

    all u redskirts fans keep dreaming ur nothing with two career backup qb’s. maybe with a top ten pick next year u can get an actual starting qb

    Read your post.
    Now, read all the others.
    See what’s different?
    You’re stupid.

  38. Everybody quick to bash Rex I guess it was some other qb leading Chicago on drives in the playoffs against Seattle and new Orleans. I know the bears defense scored 30 points a game.

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