Okung felt something pop, could have high ankle sprain


Initial x-rays say that Seahawks tackle Russell Okung didn’t break any bones after carting off the field Thursday night.

Unfortunately, he could have suffered a high ankle sprain.

“Russ has got an ankle sprain,” Pete Carroll said after the game via Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times. “It was non-contact, you know. Just felt something kind of pop in there. X-rays were negative and all that so we’ll see what happens. He’s real disappointed.”

The No. 6 pick of the 2010 draft struggled with ankle injuries all last year. Carroll was asked if this was a high ankle sprain.

“It’s in that area,” Carroll said. “It is in that area. We’ll see. They were getting some stuff to check it out further, but he’s real disappointed obviously. It wasn’t even a contact foul.”

Okung was the only Seahawks starting offensive lineman back in the same spot as last year. He left three of his 13 games with ankle injuries last year, including the preseason.  Tyler Polumbus replaced him.

Yeah, this is not how the Seahawks wanted to start their season.

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  1. Anyone get a look at Tarvaris? That’s what you’re going to get all year. The worst move I can ever remember-picking up Tarvaris Jackson as a starter, matched only by picking up Darrell Bevell as an offensive coordinator. Charlie Whitehurst will be your starter after four games, by then they’ll be talking about looking forward to next year.

  2. Watched the game and saw the play, didn’t look loke a high ankle sprain. There was no twist or movement on the ankle, that pop was a something more serious. Bad luck for the kid.

  3. Bevell, T-Jack, an overrated (and extremely overpaid) Sidney Rice… now this?

    Seattle ruined the momentum they had after last seasons awesome playoff win… by buying into those three.

    I actually feel bad for the Seahawk fanbase.

  4. Unfortunately, ankles do not get any better.

    I’ve had multiple ankle sprains, torn ligaments and even broke it once.

    And I’m only 19.

    Especially for linemen whose ankles are under extreme stress every down (or to be more specific every step) this can’t be good news.

  5. Poor guy. I never wish injuries against players, especially young, promising ones. If this is a high ankle sprain, he could be out for a while. And as another poster said, ankle problems don’t magically disappear, especially when you have to be nimble on your feet at 300+ pounds.

    Best of luck to him, but I’d be concerned if I was a Seahawks fan.

  6. Okung will be ready for the regular season. Our training staff needs to get him on some specialized routine to strengthen those ankles up. I have faith they won’t hinder him for his whole career. As far as tarvaris I think it’s funny how everyone is so upon arms about him, let’s think about it for a sec… In a shortened offseason we picked up tarvaris who has a ton of upside to see if he can make something out of this opportunity. Were doing the same with our CB’s if talent emerges then great! If not then our players have a year experience and were set up to pick Luck, Barkley or Landry in the draft. It’s the best time to gamble and hope for the best

  7. That line looked awful with or without Okung. San Diego had an undrafted free agent in the backfield almost every play!

  8. Hopefully he’s fine. I can’t help but remember all the people criticizing the Lions for taking Suh over Okung though. Hmm…..Wonder where all those people are now

  9. Not good for young line trying to mesh. Oh and congrats mobdc202, your redskins have finally made a potential smart move in the dan snyder era.

  10. @hittinhawks: I can’t stand it when I hear ppl talk about “upside!”

    “Upside this, upside that”

    Upside is no substitute for talent!

    Either you have it when you wake up in the morning or you dont!

    And Tarvaris DOESN’T!!!


  11. Too bad for okung, hopefully it’s just from lack of conditioning and he won’t miss too much time. Can’t really blame the seahawks FO for drafting him though, it’s not as if he had problems with injury in college.

    As far as Tarvaris goes there’s no real way to judge a guy’s QB play when he’s only had 4 practices with a new team behind an O-Line composed of two rookies and two other guys under 25 all playing together for the first time.

    Not saying he’ll pan out or be good, but anyone using this game as some sort of measuring stick needs to relax a bit.

  12. Yeah, maybe we should pick up Bryant McKinnie as insurance. Okung most likely will have ankle problems all season.

    Forget T-Jack….. I would play QB Josh Portis the rest of this season win lose or draw. That kid could be the future for the Hawks.

  13. Two things:
    1. With all the negativity going on, did you notice the Seahawks won? After the game, ESPN’s analysis basically said that the Chargers looked outstanding and that the Seahawks didn’t have one good thing happen. They won, people. They won.
    2. Okung, you owe the Seahawks a few million bucks. Any man would be embarrassed over the lack of off-season conditioning and the work he obviously did NOT put into reconditioning that ankle. Pay up, Okung. You’ve become a bad mistake. The Seahawks won in spite of you.

  14. Forget T-Jack….. I would play QB Josh Portis the rest of this season win lose or draw. That kid could be the future for the Hawks.

    I agree. I thought Josh Portis looked excellent. Jackson needs a few more chances–that’s the nature of the beast–but Portis looked very strong. Good for him!

  15. Portis looked great , but he looked great against third string defenders . And the first series he overthrew wide open receivers multiple times . But he certainly settled down and played well after that ; the kid might have a future if he stays out of trouble .

    Jackson had one week of practice with a new team , and neither of his starting WR’s or his starting RB played . Rice , BMW and Beast all sat .

    Yes the O-line play was awful at the start , but a lot of that was Polumbus getting blown up after Okung went down . I actually thought Carpenter and Moffit played decent on the right side .

    Lets all hope Mr. Okung doesn’t turn into the next Marcus Tubbs ; talented but perpetually injured .

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