Report: Panthers interested in Lee Evans

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With Panters starting receiver David Gettis destined for injured reserve with a torn ACL, Carolina’s team needs a new wideout.

And so, with Bills receiver Lee Evans apparently available, the Panthers apparently are interested.

So says Steve Reed of, who reports via Twitter that a source outside the Panthers organization says that the team has inquired about Evans.

The free-agency cupboard is largely bare, which may force the Panthers to find a guy on the street and fill up the depth chart from within.

Internal options include Armanti Edwards, Brandon LaFell, Legedu Naanee, and David Clowney.

Other teams who have been linked to Evans include the Cardinals and the Ravens.

UPDATE:  And now Reed reports that the Panthers won’t be trading for Lee Evans.

20 responses to “Report: Panthers interested in Lee Evans

  1. allaboutdabillslikebuffalo says:
    Aug 12, 2011 10:09 AM
    No!! Do a trade between us new Yorkers osi for Evans everybodys happy


    Osi for Evans is not a trade the Giants would ever consider, being that they wanted a 1st round pick for Osi. Evans for a 4th rounder is more like it. And I’d take that trade for sure.

  2. Aren’t LaFell and Nanee better options than Gettis anyway? Why does a potentially 4th guy mean they need to go get Lee Evans? Am I missing something?

  3. But wait… Panthers fans say their WRs are already solid and the Gettis injury is no big deal. I’m confused.

  4. Lee Evans to the Ravens and Buffalo needs another safety and we have Zbikowski, Nakamura and Pollard. Too many to keep them all, too valuable to just release. Straight up trade, Evans for any of the three.

  5. I just dont understand the Bills…What are they doing. Are they trying to get rid of all of their talent..What is their gameplan…I am a Bengals fan I even have no idea what their front office is doing…Are they even trying to win a game..Someone please help me understand the bills..

  6. Steve Reed of Carolina Growl and The Gaston Gazette just shot this rumor down, stating there was never any serious interest. Especially if those crazy New Yorkers want a 3rd for him as reported.


  7. Why not let Newton grow with his young receivers? He’s 29, so by the time the Panthers are legitimate contenders, his best years will have passed.

  8. I would think the Vikings might be able to offer a decent package of young players and maybe a draft pick, if they decide they need a veteran WR to head up their WR corps. Maybe two sub-25 year old WRs would bring youth and potential to the Bills, which they seem to be seeking. And perhaps the Vikes would add a late-round pick in 2012. Just speculating but I think the Bills may consider just such a deal.

    The Vikings shape up at WR so far with Berrian assuming the top outside threat, Percy Harvin in the slot, and then Michael Jenkins and a host of young receivers. There is some upside to young wideouts like Arceneaux and Aromashodu, as well as a couple others on the roster (like Iglesias), so perhaps the Bills covet two of them and a pick for Lee Evans.

    I have a hunch the Vikings feel one of their lesser-known wideouts has star potential, so they are probably not even considering any moves. But, as a fan of Lee Evans, the player as well as the person, I still would love to see him move into a lead position on the Minnesota depth chart. Maybe his presence could translate to one more win for a team that will be hard pressed to make any playoff push.

  9. I don’t get it.

    They have Smith as their Number 1 WR, Greg Olsen and Shockey will be Newtons targets number 2 and 3.

    You can line up Shockey as a TE and swing Olsen in the slot.

    All you pretty much need now, is a decoy WR on the other side who takes up a DB to cover him.

    Besides that, I really don’t think that ANY WR is gonna see many passes this year, from Newton or Clausen.

    Gonna be a run heavy offense.

  10. 303bengalguy says: Aug 12, 2011 10:40 AM

    Aren’t LaFell and Nanee better options than Gettis anyway? Why does a potentially 4th guy mean they need to go get Lee Evans? Am I missing something?


    Gettis was 2nd WR on the team. He is not 4th guy, he is number 2 guy. Well he was.

    chc4 says: Aug 12, 2011 10:45 AM

    But wait… Panthers fans say their WRs are already solid and the Gettis injury is no big deal. I’m confused.


    Ok so one Panther fan says we are set at WR without Gettis which means all the Panther fans agree with him? Pretty sure I was on the same article you were talking about and I wasn’t agreeing with the guy.

  11. Nix will not trade evans to Carolina for a late round pick. He will hold out for a 3rd rounder and he of he doesnt get it he will have Lee to play WR this year in Buffalo. I have to say I agree with his approach.

  12. If the Panthers were going to lose a player, #2 WR was as good as any place to lose one. Gettis provided a deep threat the others cannot, but they offer things Gettis could not provide. The talent level is rather even, and possibly 3-4 players have a shot. Just last week Rivera brought in Naanee because Lafell and Gettis had not “stepped up.” With Armanti Edwards and Kealoha Pilares having good camps, along with Naanee and Lafell, the injury does not cripple the team as it would have at another position.

  13. Naanee, Adams, Clowny, Pilares, Edwards, LaFell, Guy, no need to panic. Any of these guys opposite Smith, with Olsen and Shockey in the mix, we’ll be OK. Besides the trade talk has been squelched.

    Now if TO wants to come, I’m all for it.

  14. Glad that Evans rumor was false. This year is a growth year for my Panthers. With Olsen and Shckey and Smith, a #2 receiver is just gravy. Naane + Lafell should be fine. Now, we could use another CB and a vet DT please.

  15. I doubt that many of you watch the bills because if you did you would realize Lee Evans sucks!! Over the last few seasons he’s made little attempt to catch the ball, if it comes right to him sure he’ll catch but if he has to move at all he’s just not trying. I used to like Lee but seriously if i was the Bills I’d try to trade him for something else too!!!

  16. Evans to the Ravens for a 4th round pick!

    This is why the Bills will always be at the bottom of the NFL.

    Stupid move Buffalo.

    Great move Baltimore.

    Evans gets a minimum 6 TD’s with the Ravens.

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