Broncos captains include Kyle Orton, J.D. Walton

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If any doubt existed that:  (1) Kyle Orton would remain in Denver; and (2) he’ll be the starting quarterback, that doubt can now be erased.  Broncos players have voted Orton one of the team’s captains for 2011.

The others, according to the Denver Post, are center J.D. Walton, guard Chris Kuper, defensive end Elvis Dumervil, safety Brian Dawkins, and long snapper Lonie Paxton.

Walton, coincidentally, was a third-round draft pick in 2010.  And he started all 16 games as a rookie.  And if you had Walton and not Tim Tebow in the “Which 2010 Broncos draft pick will be voted a team captain first?” pool, it’s time to claim your box of taffy.

20 responses to “Broncos captains include Kyle Orton, J.D. Walton

  1. Grossman is better than Orton always has been there is no missing piece conversation; last time I checked grossman just had a great preseason game against the best defense in the nfl or at least top three defense. Orton loses games and does not score touchdowns the defense bends but does not break against Orton ever because Orton can not break any defense. His stats were inflated because of no running game and were still what you want out of a backup quarterback not a starter. Orton is a middle of the road backup never anything more and never will be. They try to do everthing to undermine Teebow now making Orton captain just because you call him captain does not mean he can lead or people will follow. You can not force feed a leader to a team a leader is someone people believe in and that Bronco defense I am sure is hoping for Orton to be traded so they can have a chance to win games which is what Teebow does and yes the team does follow him. Brandon Loyd just is buddy buddy with Orton and wants him to start because Orton cannott go past the intermediate routes which is what Lloyd runs. With Teebow they can stretch the field and suddnly other receivers have more chances. Lloyd is a punk and so is Orton and so is Fox for playing Elways game and so is the ringleader Elway. Truth is though Fox is not really a punk and in the end he will cross Elway and play Teebow hopefully before it is too late and if not then my opinion changes on fox.

  2. Catch your breath, realdraftgm. That was the most egregious run-on sentence I have ever read. It’s tough to take your post seriously when it’s riddled with spellings errors as well. Not to mention it’s clear you don’t know what you’re talking about. Worst. Post. Ever.

  3. @realdraftgm –
    #1. Do not ever base QB success on pre-season. Especially this season. Maybe look at the previous year’s stats. Orton did pretty well, Grossman got… how many snaps? I forget.
    #2. If you are going to write in defense of Tim Tebow, spelling his name correctly is a start. One E.
    #3. No one is punking or undermining anyone. The Broncos players nominated Orton as captain, which I think is a pretty strong statement as to who they are comfortable following.
    #4. Lloyd runs all sorts of routes. Orton throws him all sorts of passes. Again, the whole team voted here.
    #5. John Fox has determined who his starting QB will be. This had nothing to do with Elway.

    Basically, you have no idea what you’re talking about. That is all.

  4. How many super bowls has orton been to? I’ll answer my own question, zero. Orton is a middle of the road starter. Hes not bad but nothing to call home about. Rex at least has big play potential both positive and negative. People really act like Rex had nothing to do with the bears getting to the super bowl. Now I’m not saying Rex is the answer anywhere he would need to cut down on his turnovers. But he can sling it around. The sex cannon, Fu@k it I’m going deep.

  5. @realdraftgm

    So are you saying that the players that just voted Orton to be a captain aren’t really going to follow him? And that they do follow Tebow, despite the fact that they didn’t vote for him to be a captain?

  6. @jaypace – actually, Orton has been to as many Super bowls as Grossman – 1.
    Granted, Grossman actually played in that Super Bowl, but he also fumbled twice and threw two picks. This is the same season that Grossman threw 20 interceptions, and if not for one of the most complete defenses in league history and the most phenomenal kick-returner ever in the NFL, Grossman wouldn’t have played in that Super bowl either.
    I’m not saying Orton is on Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Drew Brees levels by any stretch, but I am saying it’s really weird to see people trying to push him below Grossman in consideration of recent seasons… where Grossman could barely find his way off a bench.

  7. realdraftgm, I got a headache just reading that abomination of a post. Let me hit you with some truth, truth.

    Kyle Orton has NEVER lost a QB competition in the NFL. Grossman lost his job to Orton with the Bears. So, if Grossman was always better, then how did Orton beat him?

    Secondly, Orton has been voted captain the last 3 years in the NFL, so that means, his teammates respect him. Has Grossman ever been a team captain?

    Brandon Lloyd probably likes Orton because they have a chemistry that started in Chicago and continued to Denver. Orton helped him become a Pro Bowl WR and has pretty much just cemented him a huge contract come next year.

    Finally, you talk about Orton not being a leader? Ask Brian Urlacher what he thinks about Orton. Ask Dawkins. Ask Champ. You are way off base with your comments.

    jaypace, I’m a Bears fan and I can tell you, he had a small part in the Bears getting to the Super Bowl. However, that doesn’t mean he’s better than Orton. See my first comment above. Grossman has a gunslinger mentality but he’s a mental midget. There’s a reason why Grossman’s only had one winning season in his NFL career. If Orton has an average defense, he can get you to the playoffs. If Grossman has an average defense, it doesn’t guarantee a playoff berth. I don’t hate Grossman as much as a lot of Bears fans do/did, but I’m not going to give Grossman more credit than he deserves either.

  8. Its like asking which girl is hotter when their both 450pounds and fart everytime they speak. Let’s be honest here, neither is great. But Orton is waaayyyyy better then that clown rex , how do you even justify saying something so dumb?

  9. Broncos are going to be horrible. If they don’t win the first 2 games then they won’t win 4 games all season.

  10. Captain Orton had better figure out how to get some W’s under his belt, or it’s Not For Long

  11. If the Broncos give ortona top 20 defesne well they wil probably win some games and have a chance to make the playoffs

    However is they give him the 32nd ranked defense again they are going nowhere just like every other team in history with the worst defense in the league.

    Regardless of what some espn babies may believe there is no offense remedy to dead last in the league in defense

  12. @ Willie Beamon, they gave him the 7th ranked Defense in 2009 and they didn’t make the playoffs (8-8). Maybe it just takes a Top 3 defense and a Top 3 running game.

    Maybe then can the Broncos overcome Orton going 1-5 in games where the ball was in his hands with a chance to win or tie, late in the game. Or his 43.3 completion percentage in the Red Zone. Or the team only converting 32% of the time on 3rd down with him as the QB. You know, those minor deficiencies in his game.

  13. @acebandito – that 7th ranked defense started as the #1 defense when they went 6-0 that year. When Mike Nolan was disallowed from calling plays, the team went 2-8 and the defense dropped to 7th. Again, there were a lot of factors in that drop off of wins.
    The other stats you quote may also be affected by play-calling, the fact that defenses didn’t have to plan for the run on any down, or that there was no power running game. When a defense is able to account for anything you can possibly do on a short field, it does get more difficult to score.
    All I’m saying is that it is hard to put everything on one player when his boss (McDaniels) made his job considerably tougher. We’ll see how it goes under Fox.

  14. @forevercorr – I watched every single down of every single Broncos game the last 2 years and I assure you the stats I quoted are an accurate portrayal of Kyle Orton’s inability to be a good QB.

    What I didn’t mention was his horrible pocket presence, his inability to make a play when flushed out of the pocket, his overstated accuracy (Brandon Lloyd made some phenomenal catches last year), and the fact almost 50% of his gaudy yards from 2010 were on passes thrown less than 10 yards.

    If you think he’ll be any better under Fox, it might be a good idea to prepare yourself for disappointment.

  15. @acebandito – I’ve also watched the Broncos every snap for the last… 15 years? I’ve seen a lot of QBs come in and out. Orton is no Elway, but he’s more accurate than Jake Plummer, less turnover prone than Jay Cutler, has a bigger arm than Brian Greise, and he is trusted by his team now. Again, I’m not saying his an amazing QB, but I’ve seen bad QBs in my time, and he’s not bad. I also think he’ll benefit from a rounder offense than he’s been running the last few years. Besides… it’s not like Denver has a better option right now. Tebow still has a lot to learn and Quinn is like Orton lite.

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