Despite back injury, Garrard is back at practice

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Sometimes, the best therapy for a bad back is a kick in the ass.

After watching rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert turn in a decent (but not stellar) performance in the Jaguars’ preseason opener, starter David Garrard returned to practice Saturday morning, per John Oesher of  Garrard also will practice on Saturday night.  (Two-a-days, by the way, are still permitted, as long as one of them is a walk-through.)

Garrard injured his back during practice on August 4.  He had not practiced since then.

10 responses to “Despite back injury, Garrard is back at practice

  1. Anyone who refers to the Gabbert performance as kick in the ass, is not watching the same NFL that I am. It also implies that Garrard, one of the tougher QBs in the game, was malingering.

    I resent and reject that theory, as the pure BS that it is.

  2. I dont blame Garrad after seein’ his team perform. Makes me want to put on a cape and save somebody.

  3. Despite back injury, Garrard is back at practice
    he better get to practice….he doesnt want MJD to call him soft on twitter.

  4. Garrard barely had an injury(would have played if it was a real game), and was going to be practicing right now even if Gabbert completed zero passes. Nice try at putting a BS spin on it.

  5. it’s not surprising, Garrard is tough, inconsistent as well, but no one can say he is not tough and i think in the top half of starting qb’s in the league. Gabbert won’t win the starting job this year or next.

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