Jimmy Clausen throws pick six on second preseason throw

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Jimmy Clausen’s second preseason got off to a great start, with a 31-yard strike over the middle to Brandon LaFell on his first throw.

The next pass didn’t go so well.

Under pressure by Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck, Clausen rushed a throw right into the waiting arms of Giants linebacker Michael Boley who returned it 56 yards for a touchdown.

On the next series, Clausen had happy feet before one incompletion and then Pierre-Paul sacked him on third down.

The home crowd in Carolina is probably ready for Cam Newton to enter the game.  And stay there for a few years.

UPDATE:  Yep, they are chanting for Newton.

UPDATE II: The third drive went better. After some nice running by DeAngelo Williams, Clausen found Greg Olsen for an 18-yard score.

24 responses to “Jimmy Clausen throws pick six on second preseason throw

  1. “The home crowd in Carolina is probably ready for Cam Newton to enter the game. And stay there for a few years.”

    I’m going to laugh so hard if Cam throws a pick six his first pass.

  2. Clausen shakes it off and throws a bullet to a former Bears TE Olsen for a TD. And now Here comes Cam Newton.

  3. I saw the scoring play. There was a funny exchange before the play….

    Greg Olsen to ref: “I’m reporting as an eligible receiver.”
    Ref: “You don’t have to report as a receiver, you’re a tight end.”
    Greg Olsen: “…..Are you sure?”

  4. IMO after 6 games of CamNewton the fans are going to be ready for a Clausen revival.

    Its not all the QB’s fault though, the PAnthers need Wr’s. I could be wrong but judging by the last two seasons steve smith has become average real quick. Perhaps Lefell is the answer.

  5. Just a by the way. How bout some updates on stuff that matters like the giants Olineand not so much on QB’s that will be sitting th ebench during the season. Just sayin

  6. Overall Clausen didn’t look too bad though…hard to tell if the interception was Clausen’s or Deangelo’s.

    Cam didn’t look too bad either. I would hate to be Rivera since he will be damned if he goes with Clausen and damned if goes with Cam too.

  7. Clausen rebounded, overall i give him a C for the game. he had a BAD throw, but came back with a touchdown, but so far Newton is looking better.

  8. I will never understand the mentality of fans who scream for.other players. Yes it is your right you paid your money they are big boys they make good.money blah blah blah. I dont care..it sucks. Why not…you know…root for.your TEAM..and whoever is out there?!?! Do you really think the coach goes.hmmmmmm crowd wants Newton..better put
    him in. OMG! Why didnt I think.of that?!?!

  9. IDK how he was considered the best QB prospect to come out of high school in a decade. This guy blows. Or maybe ND screwed him up

  10. This is preseason folks. Lighten up. It’s Cam’s first pro game ever. Why does so many people want him to fail? Because you didn’t get him on your team. The panthers will be just fine. You should worry about your own team.

  11. Jason Pierre-Paul could make it much easier for the Giants to ignore Osi Umeniyora’s requests – and to eventually rid themselves of him. Osi has been great, and I can’t really blame either side for their position, but Osi is going to lose this battle. He’s gonna be 30 this year, and he won’t last forever. With Tuck opposite of him and the young guy (JPP) showing signs of life this preseason, he doesn’t stand a chance.

  12. Jimmy did throw that in accurate pass behind D will, he shouldve led him towards the sideline more, but he did look good out there, Cam only missed edwards by a 1 yard, and Lafell drop two passes in endzone, but cam was poised in the pocket and made some good throws as did Jimmy, Jimmy 7 pts scored and gave up 7, so he was even, Cam led team to 6 points of FG’s Anderson, ex starter vs 3rd and 4th string, So i would give Jimmy and Cam a tie, with Gettis out and two O line starters out and Steve Smith out, are offense did good IMO, and then are Def bent but didnt break, and we had Davis, Gamble, CJ, Hardy, Beason, and captain out!!! those DB held there ground!!!! Just no picks or Fumbles…..

  13. It looked to me like DeAngelo Williams should have made himself available more quickly in the interception play. I put at least half the blame on him for running a lazy route. Get out if the backfield and turn your head looking for the ball. That NYG D-line is ferocious and coming after your QB. Hustle!!!

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