Mike Patterson back in uniform


Eagles defensive tackle Mike Patterson continues to make steady progress after he suffered a seizure early in training camp.

Our friends at CSNPhilly.com note Patterson was back in uniform and doing individual drills on Saturday for the first time since he was diagnosed with a brian AVM.

There was some talk after the incident that Patterson would almost immediately return to all football activities.  The Eagles have been more cautious, only letting him do individual drills now more than a week after he returned to the team.

“I feel great,” Patterson told Reuben Frank.

Philadelphia also placed wideout Steve Smith on the active/PUP list, which is no surprise. There is hope in Philly he could be ready to play fairly early in the regular season.

Teams don’t have to make a decision about the reserve/PUP list until the end of the preseason. Getting placed on that list keeps players out six weeks into the regular season.

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  1. While he is far from game shape, Mike is now able to carry a fully loaded school backpack and outrun middle aged reporters.

  2. I am glad to hear PAtterson is ok. He is one of the better humans in the NFL. Seems crazy to come back from something like that but i gotta believe team doctors and his own have said its ok.

    On the football side of stuff its a great thing, ad this guy to the rotation at DT and the Eagles line is now one of the better lines in the NFL. Didn’t think i’d be saying that going in to this season.

  3. Glad the Eagles are taking the right approach with Patterson. Ease back in and make sure of no complications through that 5 step process.

    Glad all is going well thus far Mike!

  4. Glad mike is getting healthy, I have a new respect for him now for his toughness and as a person. Glad to say the Eagles will have him in the d-line rotation, if our LB’s play atleast solid the D should be sound, hopefully people stay healthy

  5. ALEXMCCLELLAN, Im just HOPING our LB’s play solid too. Clay Matthews didnt look too good out there from what I saw, but it was his 1st NFL action of his career. He just looked to me like he got pushed around a bit on some run plays and misread a screen pass to Ray Rice for a 20+yarder. Lets see what he’s got next week vs pitt. I think he’ll be good to go by week 1 @ the rams.

  6. I thought Jamar Cheyney was responsible for Rice on that play, norcaleagles. Looked like he rushed the QB, forgetting his assignment. Could be wrong though, it’s hard to analyze a defensive play from the couch.

  7. Guys, guys, relax, it’s just the first preseason game, they only gave up 6, trust in the system. We will pwn. Baby Thor will come around.

  8. hobartbaker says:
    Aug 13, 2011 1:21 PM
    While he is far from game shape, Mike is now able to carry a fully loaded school backpack and outrun middle aged reporters.


    isn’t most of the league out of shape. most starters have experienced light practices and “live” hitting for only a series of footyball.

  9. Happy for him and those close to him. I wish him all the best and hope he remembers that life comes first, then football.

    With that said, him in pads should mean he’s fully recovered, and he is a huge asset for our team, so I can’t wait to see him back on the gridiron.

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