Tomlin not happy with Steelers’ preparation

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After the Steelers lost their preseason opener to the Redskins, Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin offered a simple assessment of what went wrong: His team wasn’t as well prepared as Mike Shanahan’s team.

“That was not the kind of performance we were looking for or hoping for,” Tomlin said. “Quite frankly, we got outplayed in just about all areas – blocking, tackling, running, throwing, kicking. That team was better prepared tonight than us, and they showed it.”

Tomlin said he gave the starters the usual amount of playing time for the first preseason game but thought they came out looking ill-prepared.

“It just wasn’t very pretty, and we all bear responsibility for that, starting with myself,” Tomlin said.

One player, receiver Antonio Brown, was singled out for praise after having four catches for 64 yards.

“Antonio Brown appears to be in great physical condition, but we knew that before we stepped into the stadium tonight,” Tomlin said.

And as for everyone else?

“I look forward to this group responding to what we put out there tonight and understand that we have a lot of ground to cover,” Tomlin said. “Such is life. I’ll expect these guys to respond accordingly, and we’ll go back to work, we’ll assess this performance and it needs to be better quickly.”

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  1. Preseason or not, the defense(any team’s) can’t just let a Rex Grossmen led offense move all over the field at will …
    “That’s just embrassing” – Charles Barkley…
    Tomlin is a good coach, he’ll get his guys to knock that rust off and play the way they usually play.

  2. The Ravens will make the 6 ring clowns look like the over the hill gang just like the Redskins did.

    Big Ben looked like he was thinking about how many years he’ll spend in jail for rape.

  3. Everything he said was true. The Redskins looked more prepared, they looked faster than last year on both sides of the ball with all there FA and draft picks out there and surprisingly there stamina was very good for the 1st preseason game of the season. No interceprions or fumbles and 26 1st downs, hard to complain. With that said an 8-8 season for the Skins would be quite an improvement for them being there projected to be in last place overall in the NFL.

  4. Oops. Filming was last week. They have stars in their eyes, DWTS trophies and drunk driving charges to contend with. It’s only preseason, so who cares? = 3rd in the division.

  5. Will watch the game later this evening to see for myself. But still can’t get over how flat they looked as a squad running onto the field for the Super Bowl. So this isn’t what I wanted to hear. Forgive the cliche, but they have to find that eye-of-the-tiger thing–and sustain it for as long as their season lasts. If they can’t, it won’t matter what personnel moves they made in the off-season.

  6. Tomlin is overrated as a coach. The Steelers have been riding the coat tails of Dick LeBeau for years. The Steelers will go as far as LeBeau takes them. Defense is getting long in the tooth, secondary is trash. Steelers are lucky they play in a weak division

  7. The Steelers are in for a seriously hard fall. This is a mediocre team that played well over its head last season and had the playoffs paved for them to the super bowl.

  8. Even though I’m not a Redskins fan it was good to see Grosman doing good. I hope he works out as a starter I think he is a good kid.

  9. With no Landry or agtogwe there at safety, Skins looked pretty freaking good. I don’t think we’ll get embarrassed this year like I thought we might’ve been.

  10. I like Tomlin. He tells it like it is and he accepts responsibility. No PC crap to stroke egos. If they stink it up he will tell them they smell like hot garbage.

  11. Both Roethlisberger and Leftwich missed long TD passes to Wallace and Brown who had easily beat coverage.

    Defense had poor tackling and short dump off passes ate them alive.

    Preseason folks, to soon to make any wild predictions (KC got blanked do you think thats going to happen in the regular season).

  12. @stairwayto7

    I agree that it’s just preseason, but over 100 of those yards and the touchdown were against most of your starters. The deep balls pitt missed on were against our second string safties. Atogwe and landry were held out. If I were you id be a little concened that the “Deadskins” made the “Stellars” look anything but stellar.

  13. @alphaq2 1.That first team defense you spoke of that allowed the td. False statement. Rex Grossman did leave a drive, but that drive resulted in a miss fg by shayne graham.
    2. That first team defense that we steelers fans should be worried about was without Troy, Ryan Clark, James Harrison, Ike Taylor after a few plays, Bryant Mcfadden. 6 starters. If your paying attention you would have saw we had a 3rd, 4th and 5th corners out there against your no.1 d the entire first half. And at the end of the half your Skins were tied 7-7. The fact that it is preseason and we have been to the super bowl time after time assures me that the first team defense we should worry about will be fine….
    3.. Rex Played an entire half, while Ben played what, 7 plays. Its flippen August 13th, the games that matter our d will show up, while the Redskins will be enjoying the Jake Locker sweepstakes which is the best thing you as a Skins fan should be hoping for!

  14. alphaq2 says:
    Aug 13, 2011 5:31 PM

    I agree that it’s just preseason, but over 100 of those yards and the touchdown were against most of your starters. The deep balls pitt missed on were against our second string safties. Atogwe and landry were held out. If I were you id be a little concened that the “Deadskins” made the “Stellars” look anything but stellar.

    look 2 of the steelers pro bowlers didn’t even play in the game Harrison & Troy. While the skins did get a good amount of yards the 1st two drives by the second drive the whole secondary of the Steelers were gone. Ike broke a thumb and Clark got hurt on the 1st drive and Mcfadden didn’t play. That’s 5 starters while they didn’t look good I expected those backups to play better than that Rex looked good but didn’t score any points till the second quarter when Moss scored on Mundy & #42 who dat is! I guess with mostly no hope the redskins fans hardly never have winning a preseason game againts a team like the steelers is a bright spot but hey it’s why it’s called preseason we know what happens every year when the real thing starts

  15. waccoforflacco says: Aug 13, 2011 4:03 PM
    “Big Ben looked like he was thinking about how many years he’ll spend in jail for rape.”

    We’re already aware that most Ratbirds fans are dumber than dog sh*t.
    No need to constantly remind us.

  16. @ alphaq2

    Those 2 deep passes were againts both starting corners tho! Hall and Wilson got beat badly by on of the steelers backup wr’s but it is here nor there they didn’t get completed anyway but come on

  17. packersareandwillalwaysbebetterthanthebears says:
    Aug 13, 2011 3:50 PM
    And the road to second place in the AFC North starts…..

    Looks like I could say the same thing about your
    Slackers….Just got blown up by the Browns!!!!!

  18. All I care about is somebody from the other team giving Ben a career ending injury. They will earn my appreciation and the appreciation of MORE THAN JUST TWO alleged victims out there.

  19. This is why there is preseason. It’s for evaluating talent, and getting the core players prepared. Yeah, the ‘Skins went up and down the field, but it was their starters vs. the Steelers 2nd and 3rd stringers.

    The majority of the Steelers starters played only one series, while most of the ‘Skis starters played the whole first half.

    I think the ‘Skins have a heck of a lot more to worry about with barely scoring against backups than the Steelers do from their backups not playing fundamentally sound football.

  20. Tomlin even said Shanny’s team was better prepared. Suck it up. You guys got smacked in the mouth and the only reason Rothlesburger played just 7 plays is because we were drilling him on every play. He got drilled on the very first play too. Don’t kid yourself.

  21. I meant Andrew Luck* not Jake Locker! Sorry to screw up your first pick in the draft next year skins fan! It will be the only thing you have to look forward too!.. And much respect Green Bay fans, I look forward to our next meeting!

  22. With Bruce Arians STILL at offensive coordinator, I am not surprised one bit that the offense wasn’t prepared for a pre-season game. Heck, they looked un-prepared for the SB last year! They looked clueless during the 2-minute drill when they had a chance to WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP! They have looked clueless at most times during Arians’ entire tenure. He has just been lucky to have Roethlisberger making great plays to bail him out. How much longer do we have to waste our offensive talent with a coordinator who doesn’t have a CLUE!

  23. he said Ben got “drilled” now that is too funny…i understand tho..that was the Skins superbowl…now they super happy…keep pumpin yaselfs up..john Riggins and Joe Thiesman aint taken the field no time soon..

  24. Finally get a chance to watch this game and have to keep it on mute. Good grief … I don’t drink and listening to Theismann requires copious amounts of alcohol. Or maybe Xanax. Does he ever stop?

    We don’t look as bad as I expected because my expectations were bad. But the o-line performance on pass protection … perhaps we could find some ambitious Pop Warner players? They couldn’t look any worse 😕

  25. Tomlin’s right, though–the Redskins were well-prepared. Grossman and his receivers did a nice job. And I would not want to line up against London Fletcher on a regular basis. Don’t care for Shanahan, but props to the ‘skins.

  26. Tomlin should be more concerned about their preparation for the Super Bowl. They played like garbage vs the Packers.

  27. Nickster2k..You hit that rite on the head.. that was the worse set of plays ever calld.. i thought i was the only one who noticed how lost n confused they lookd..Arians must be in good with the head honchos in Steel town..wish we still had coach Wiz

  28. Arians was good enough to get us to 2 SBs and win one. Whis had his issues, too. Our biggest problem is still the o-line.

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