Cotchery: I fit with Steelers, not with Jets


Jerricho Cotchery has left the Jets for the Steelers, and in addressing reporters in Pittsburgh today he said he feels like he’s now in the place where he belongs.

“It was time for a change of scenery,” Cotchery said. “I didn’t really see myself fitting in.”

But Pittsburgh, Cotchery says, is going to be a perfect fit.

“That’s exactly why I came here — to play for a Super Bowl contender,” Cotchery said. “And the atmosphere. The way they handle their guys over here, it’s something I need at this time. It’s the best atmosphere for me to thrive in as a player and as a person.”

Cotchery has spent his entire seven-year career with the Jets, and he once looked like a perfect fit, with 82 catches for 1,130 yards in 2007. But his catches and yards declined each year after that, and last year in particular he didn’t seem to be a good fit for what the Jets were doing offensively.

Whether Cotchery will be a better fit in a Steelers offense that already has Mike Wallace and Hines Ward as the established starting receivers remains to be seen. But Cotchery thinks he’ll fit in just fine.

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  1. Translation…..The Jets let me go over Derrick Mason so I will say I am a better fit with my new team because I am currently there now.

    Good WRs can fit anywhere. If you are as good with Pitt as you were with the Jets that will only prove my statement right. If not that just means you were a better fit in the Jets system.

  2. Will be interesting to know what Rex says about this comment of “I wanna play for a superbowl team”

  3. I think the translation here is with a decent QB I can be a lot better and that QB is not Sanchez. But the same could be said for the Jets.

  4. Translation:

    I demanded I be traded or cut because I was unhappy with not being a starter. After my release, and no one was willing to make me a starter, I had to settle with going to the Steelers, where I will see less playing time, and less money than I would have at my old team.

    I bet on myself, and it backfired.

  5. Good career move considering the Steelers have played in 1 out of every 5 Superbowls ever played.

  6. Cotchery left the Jets because he felt disrespected, and wanted to be a starter. So he signs with another team to be a backup and then proclaims he fits in better there? Oh, Cotchery, you little liar

  7. I’ll give the Steelers credit for getting to the big one-but they sure choked when they got there. Did anyone else see the Steelers O-line get punked by the Skins this week? They couldn’t get Ben out fast enough after 4 hits in 2 series…

  8. As a Pats fan I’m just happy he’s out of the division.
    What Cotchery says “the way they handle their guys”sounds like a slap at RR to me. Or the FO and RR.

  9. Cothchery better worry about beating out Sanders and Brown. Both had excellant rookie seasons and are getting better.

    Speaking of demanding to be traded, did you notice where Dennis Dixon (who asked to be traded) ended up on the depth chart? Fourth behind Leftwich and Batch. Dixon is clearly better than either but I think a message was being sent (to a player who has missed over half of his playong time with injuries).

  10. This happens to every player that comes to Pittsburgh. Greatness is felt. As soon as they enter the building, they know. 6 rings.

  11. i’m going miss cotch on the jets eventhough he stunk up the field last season. hopefully now that he is healthy he can rebound and have a good season.

  12. @Dlk47823 it was the first preseason game of the year and they didn’t even have all the starters on the o-line in. Come talk to me when the steelers are in the playoffs and the skins are 4-12

  13. Agree with CKL, ‘the way they handle their guys” “play for a SB contender”, I believe Cotchery is not only taking a slap but relieving himself on the jets.

    Not to worry, Plax & Mason.Lady T, McPuke and LOL !

    “Can’t wait !” Week #5

  14. Going from a organization with a losing history to one that is a winning organization with class and a professional coach is a no brainer.

    Congratulations Cotchery you are now out of the zoo!!!

  15. If Ben can put a guy like Antonio Brown on the map in the divisional round of the AFC playoffs, I have a feeling this guy is going to be gold.

  16. As someone above said, Cotchery is a good guy who, like many people in and outside of sports, substantially overvalued himself.

    He went out there, found virtually no takers, and is now in a professional/financial position that’s actually much worse than the one he left behind.

  17. You guys all have it all wrong…

    Translation – ‘I’d prefer to rape than get my feet fondled by some old fat dude’

  18. @dlk47823 …

    That comment about Pittsburgh choking when getting to the Super Bowl might work if we’d only been once and lost. But since we’ve won 6 of 8 and 2 of 3 in the last 6 years–and the last one came down to the final drive–it sounds kinda silly.

    @halftermguv …

    Dixon isn’t better than Leftwich and Batch–he’s just younger and more mobile. And he didn’t make good use of his mobility in running backward almost to the end zone before taking a sack. Charlie bailed us out last season.

  19. Steelers or Jets? Humm sounds like a no brainer to me so what if you make alil less money & who on this message board knows what teams wanted his services the team that beat his last was n the SB want him who cares bout other teams. The Jets went out got a guy who hasn’t played in 2 years another wr 8 years older who should of retired this year & MADE a wr a captain 1 jay away from missing a whole year! I always hear he was a good guy when they weren’t there looks like he was pretty productive. Steelers treat their players well evident from the home town discounts players give when FAs. Looks like he does fit in with the Steelers quality player makes the SB contender alil better. Doesn’t hurt

  20. green41563 says:
    Aug 14, 2011 5:52 PM


    Was that a Super Bowl score?

    Thought not.

    Y! E! T! S! YETS! YETS! YETS!

  21. Cotchery’s story is typical. A decent player gets a little older, leaves the only team he ever played for, goes to a new team where he proclaims this is where I belong, he has a mediocre season or two, and then is cut loose from the NFL for good. It’s all the same no matter how good the player is/was: Ochocinco, Tomlinson, Delhomme, Jason Taylor, etc. etc. etc.

  22. Given this might be Ward’s last year, this is a good move by the Steelers and Cotchery. If neither Sanders or Brown continue to improve they have bought themselves a second starter opposite Wallace when Ward does retire.

  23. Yeah sure, Crotchery wants to get away from Sanchez and the Jets.

    To be the 5th WR on another team.

    OK, got it. Jerricho, just don’t bend over near Rothlisberger OK?

  24. Cotchery asked for his release with 2 years left on his contract, and the Jets were gracious enough to grant it soon enough for him to latch on to another team. His remarks show a lack of gratitude and are foolish. He could have merely showed class and expressed thanks to the Jets organization for providing the opportunity to play in the NFL. It’s not like the Jets didn’t invest a lot of time and training in him as they brought him along from a rookie. Cotchery’s remarks remind me of the foolish comments that are sometimes made on Twitter.

  25. Deb says: Aug 14, 2011 6:51 PM

    @CKL …

    So was that bit about playing for a Super Bowl contender 🙂
    Indeed…I missed that one! 😛

    In all honesty, guys who don’t leave on good terms sometimes take a swipe at their former team whether it’s their true feelings or a true statement or not. I remember laughing at Asante Samuel’s statement that he wanted to go somewhere he could compete for championships when he left NE never having lived through a non playoff year and with 2 rings. It was just the money, like it almost always is. If a team not as good as Philly is consistently would have offered him more money, he would have been there instead. Some guys just get butthurt and vent and don’t want to look greedy for saying they left or wanted out for money reasons so they say nonsense instead. I have no problem with guys leaving in FA for more money myself.

  26. thanks cotchery, it’s been a pleasure to watch you play. your catch last year, laying out horizontal near ground level for a terrific catch after limping around with a hamstring(?) problem was so clutch in an otherwise lackluster year. sometimes it’s just time to move on. you get to make business decisions, same as the jets’ front office. hope you’re right and get a couple more good years in. good luck!

  27. I see the O-Line is still a problem. I know its preseason, but this problem has lasted too long.


  28. @CKL …

    That’s a nice thing about being a Steelers fan. We know people don’t come to us for the money 😉

  29. @ goawayeverybody

    The Steelers are going to fall apart this year.

    We may have a down year, but we never fall apart!

  30. he better learn to break off of his routes quick and look at ben. its not an easy job in pittsburgh with a guy like ben. those receivers work hard

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