Lawrence Tynes injured, angry that refs don’t protect kickers

Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes suffered a thigh injury when Panthers linebacker Sean Ware fell into him on a blocked field goal Saturday, and afterward Tynes was hopping mad that Ware wasn’t called for a personal foul.

“Where was the flag?” Tynes asked. “What happened to the defenseless player? I don’t care if you tip the ball, you still shouldn’t be able to hit a kicker when he still has his plant foot on the ground. I don’t understand where the hell the rule is, because I was the epitome of a defenseless player.”

A player who blocks a kick or punt is allowed to run into the kicker or punter, but Tynes thinks that rule needs to be changed.

Tynes did say, however, that he doesn’t think his injury is serious.

“It’s definitely sore,” Tynes said, “but I think it’s going to be alright.”

57 responses to “Lawrence Tynes injured, angry that refs don’t protect kickers

  1. He should play soccer and he can throw himself on the ground every minute and pretend to be injured

  2. hes right though. when punters get hit on blocked punts and there leg gets snapped back quickly i always cringe. its a good way to end a career and make walking a chore for the rest of their life.

  3. Boxers should have come up with this gimmick years ago. Make millions of dollars a year … but no punching in the face!

  4. “It’s definitely sore,” Tynes said, “but I think it’s going to be alright.”

    Was he talking about his vagina?

  5. Lawrence – there are no free FG kicks (or any scoring play) in the NFL – and there’s no free lunch, either.

  6. Tynes was hopping made that Ware wasn’t called for a personal foul.
    ———————————————————-Quality Control of your writing please! hopping made or mad?????

  7. So let me get this straight. Ms Tynes envisions a player in mid air to block the kick and yet while still in mid air be able to avert landing on a kicker when said kicker is in direct line of the flying players path?

    Yea that makes sense

  8. the rule guarantees that players will go for the ball hard in order to block it. if they happen to get a piece then they get a free pass on kicker contact- if not, they risk looking like an a-hole and making the kickers knee go backwards.

  9. Dude… you are a kicker… you are on the field 4-6 plays and you are bitching about contact? Common man, suck it up and quit whining like a kicker.

    The NFL already protects you guy too well, and the defender hit you on one of the very few legal ways to touch a kicker.

  10. What will make this worse is when the referees are girls, he’ll be crying that the girls aren’t protecting him from the big bad meanies.

  11. A kicker crying about a flag not being thrown. Give me break. Kickers should be seen not heard!

  12. he’s absolutely right,, if they are gonna pussify the game. it has to be unconditional pussification..

  13. and with that, Tynes just set the argument that “kickers are real football players” back 40 years. Punter Ray Guy hangs head in despair knowing now that he’ll NEVER get into the hall of fame.

  14. Get over it Tynes the guy was attempting and did block the kick. The only way to prevent the kickers from getting hit like that is to no allow any kind of rush at all. Does anyone really want to see teams having to stand idly by and watch kickers attempt to hit field goals with no rush? Doubt it very much. Imagine a game winning Super Bowl kick and all fans get to see is there team standing their like dolts while a guy who hasn’t even worked up a sweat decides the outcome unchallenged.

  15. As a Giants fan, I find it sad that one of the few highlights of the game was Tynes getting hit by the guy who blocked the kick he would have missed anyway.

  16. Maybe, just maybe, because football is a freakin’ CONTACT sport?

    Or maybe, just maybe, because kickers and punters have been flopping around and falling down when they are barely touched in order to draw a flag…

    Maybe, just maybe, that’s why no one likes you and considers you as real football players…

    And finally, maybe, just maybe that’s why the refs didn’t call the penalty…

  17. What a wimp. And Coughlin is INSANE to keep this guy. He almost single-handedly destroyed the Giants’ chances to win the NFC Championship against the Packers a few years ago. How do people like this find work?

  18. I hated our kicker and punter in college and highschool…..sitting on the bench the whole practice chewing gum and laughing it up. It’s tackle football sissy, suck it up or play soccer….either way stop your bitching.

  19. ballinmore says:Aug 14, 2011 8:41 AM

    “It’s definitely sore,” Tynes said, “but I think it’s going to be alright.”

    Was he talking about his vagina?
    Dude that’s funniest line I’ve read this morning. Made me laugh out loud.

  20. First off, the “defenseless player” rule is a complete joke. Every player on a professional football field has been training for this opportunity everyday for a decade & knows that injury is part of the risk associated with the opportunity. The wear pads, they train every day & they get paid a lot of money for the wear their bodies take…we don’t pay to see flag football. That rule was created by lawyers to protect people like Brady or Manning & doesn’t apply to 99.9% of players. By the way, Brady & Manning deserve to be treated the same as all the others, they aren’t special…and the lawyers need to go read a book & leave our Sundays alone!!

  21. Sissy. Try not to get blocked next time and the flag will get thrown. Untill then learn to kick faster

  22. Dude has every right to be upset. The league is clearly making a “you’re worth protecting/you’re not” line in the sand. ALL players are important. All 3 of the patriots superbowls were won by… 3 POINTS. The superbowl they lost to the giants was lost by…3 POINTS. I say this as a Ravens’ fan who watched “old reliable” Stover go to Indy and had to watch as Steve Haushka lost 3 games because of missed kicks, taking a 12-4 record to 9-7. Kickers are important, otherwise they’dve been phased out of the game. It’s just like a good fullback, they’ll always have a place in the NFL, because they have value, just like a good kicker.

  23. Lest I remind you all…dancing is a contact sport, football is a collision sport, even for kickers.

    Adam Vinatieri (the great grandson of General Custer) is the exception to the rule of kickers not being football players. He makes a point to hit someone on every kickoff. I don’t know if there are stats for tackles by kickers, but he’s got to be right up there…HOF bound.

  24. albrightmk says:Aug 14, 2011 1:01 PM

    Lawrence Tyne’s father was a Navy SEAL. I’m sure he’s more mentally and physically tough than people think he is.
    That’s right….because a man’s father was a Navy SEAL this obviously means the guy is mentally and physically tough. Nice logic.

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