Jason Pierre-Paul not helping Umenyiora’s leverage


Bob Glauber of Newsday wrote a good piece last week about how the emergence of second-year player Jason Pierre-Paul in training camp hasn’t helped Osi Umenyiora’s leverage in his contract stalemate.

That was before Pierre-Paul had two sacks and forced an interception with a pass pressure in the first week of the preseason. Keep in mind that Pierre-Paul did his damage against Panthers tackle Jordan Gross, who has made a Pro Bowl.

“Jason did a heck of a job,” coach Tom Coughlin said. “He was very physical, he had the two sacks and he just missed another one. He was a penetrator, he was a force, he really enjoyed playing and I thought he gave us a real spark.”

Glauber and others in New York don’t have a lot of hope that the Giants can make the playoffs this year, but I disagree.

The equation is simple: Year two of Perry Fewell’s defensive scheme + Justin Tuck, Mathias Kiwanuka, Pierre-Paul, and Umenyiora should equal a lot of long days for opposing quarterbacks.

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  1. JPP is gonna be so nasty especially with all the great pass rushers on the giants and I CANT BELIEVE the E-gals traded up in last years draft and picked brandon graham over JPP and earl thomas. WHAT A STUPIED AND TERRIBLE PICK and now this year they draft a 35 year old rookie that has played footbal for 2 years. mand the E-gals SUCK at drafting

  2. Rosenthal,

    You write about a lot of good, impartial things when writing about any division except the NFC East. Your fandom is laughable, and it shows in how you downplay moves made by other East teams but all hail the Giants.

    Before you sing the almighty praises of the Giants D on the first game of the preseason against the worst team in the league from the previous season, remember that your offensive starters managed 0 points against that same team.

    As you know, a defense is more than just the line: it’s possible to attack a blitz when you’re doing more than just vanilla game planning. I watched the whole game, and the Giants were not the dominant, playoff caliber team that you imply from what I saw: they weren’t even the dominant team on the field.

    I also seem to recall that Steve Smith was a top 20 free agent in your book before he chose his team, then all of the sudden he was a poor acquisition.

  3. i grew up in MA … hating the giants. they are one of the last teams i’d be a ‘fan’ of.

    i just think nyg is getting overlooked this year and has enough talent esp on D.

  4. JPP is a workout star. When the bright lights on the big stage come on, he will fade like newspaper in a car window.

    The Giants are no better than an 8-8 team. They could go as low as 6-10, depending on if Skins have anything in the tank.

    Cowher will be their coach in 2012 and Osi will be looking for 3 consecutuve one year contracts.

  5. @superbowl42champs: Yeah the Eagles suck at drafting. Desean Jackson mid 2nd Rd. pick (miracle at the new meadowlands) . Hey that’s it, except for 2nd Rd. pick Shady Mccoy (ultimate giant killer) .Not only does Philly suck at drafting they did nothing in free agency. Well they did land the most coveted player in Asomugha, And DRC, 2nd rd pick (probably another bad player ) , Babin and his 12 and a half sacks, Jenkins 7and a half sacks, b/u Ronnie brown.b/u 30-18 record VY. But atleast the giants won the division last year huh? No? Eagles did! But thank God your loyal most coveted Steve Smith re-signed, haha. He is a Eagle now and will be ready to humiliate the giant girls. Enjoy the backseat again. So keep your comebacks to yourself cause the beautiful truth is YOUR TEAM CANT BEAT MY TEAM! Its been over 3yrs hasn’t it? PATHETIC. !!!

  6. Osi is WAY overplaying his value.

    He’s a decent #2 or #3, but needs a Strahan or similar to open it up for him.

  7. TEAM
    Together everyone achieves more.
    The Giant’s are a team and will have a good year. I believe that a good team will be better that a bunch of starlets. Osi has to grow up and honor his contract. Osi, don’t let your team down. You want a new contract then go out and have a Pro Bowl season and earn it.
    Go Giants.

  8. kingjoe1 says:
    Aug 14, 2011 11:08 AM
    JPP is a workout star. When the bright lights on the big stage come on, he will fade like newspaper in a car window.
    Fading like an old newpaper like Vick is known for in the playoffs? Like your coach does in every big game he coaches?

    More in site from fans of a team that hasn’t won a Championship in FIFTY ONE years!!

    Why not worry more about your “dream team”. Your sadistic, animal torturing, incurable disease spreading, pathetically lying poor excuse for a human being you have for a QB. And the “Father of the Year” Coach you have who’s kids hide drugs in their a**es.

  9. @jacksaysfu

    How many Super Bowls does your 3 year regular season win streak get you?

    As we thought, carry on big mouthed fan of an annual under achieving team with the worst big game coach in the league.

    Are there any coaches in the HOF due to regular season wins?? Only EAGLE fans care about regular season wins.

  10. superbowl42champs..you know what the Eagles are good at? Free Agency and beating the giants…Ps Desean Jackson is still running…and Matt Dodge is still Lieing face down on the ground

  11. @jacksaysfu

    steve smith, terrell, thomas, and corey webster all second round picks, ahmad bradshaw 7TH round pick, chris snee second round pick, hakeem nicks 5th WR taken in first round of 2009 draft (and he is the best out of all of them), justin tuck 3rd round pick. the eagles have drafted brandon graham, shawn andrews , JEROME MCDOUGLE LMFAOOOOO!!!!, brodrick bunkley, and now danny watkins, all TERRIBLE FIRST ROUND PICKS and last time i checked the eagles have never won any championships so until they do you should keep your mouth shut since you sound like an idiot. regular season wins mean nothing in the playoffs and the only thing eagles fans can talk about is the regular season since they are the biggest choke artists in the NFL in the playoffs.

  12. Not a fan of either NYG or PHI but damn you guys don’t care too much of each other!

    As an impartial opinion on the matter, NYG have looked very bad and cheap this offseason, no questions about it! Their dline will be solid as usual (btw where you should build a team around), but PHI should be solid favorites to win the division. With that said, PHI has a lot to prove, mostly because what many of you have already pointed out, their QB and coach have many question marks about how they end seasons! NYG fans are correct in saying for how good PHI has been in regular season games, there has to be a time to show up and do something in the playoffs! Thats a fact, I don’t care how well your secondary looks on paper, Asomugha will be tested this year finally, and we will see how he responds when he gets thrown at. My guess, he will be looked at like a average cb after this season, just a hunch.

  13. Osi defines the word “greedy”. He signed the long term contract and hasn’t met expectations. If anything the Giants should have demanded a REDUCTION in the contract. DeSean and Chris Johnson deserve new contracts. Osi does not.

  14. wryly1 says: Aug 14, 2011 10:41 AM

    At some point, JPP will insist on being paid, too.

    And he will DESERVE IT, duh…

  15. It seems like the ONLY argument people use against Eagles fans is “HOW MANY SUPERBOWLS DO YOU HAVE”?…….

    Honestly, I think that is a WEAK argument, and obviously….OBVIOUS!!!!!!
    what are you all gonna say when they win one?

    It’s not the fan’s fault they haven’t won a SB, don’t blame them…..

  16. Giants defense only cares about sacks? Top 10 in pass defense. Top 10 in rush defense.#2 in the NFL in takeaways. Top 10 in pass efficiency defense. They were the best defense in the NFC east last year and it was not close.

    With regards to the Giants offense sucking, they were the #5 offense in the NFL last year, #7 in scoring. You guys should at least do your homework before running your mouths like that.

  17. ebeg420 says: Aug 14, 2011 4:11 PM

    It seems like the ONLY argument people use against Eagles fans is “HOW MANY SUPERBOWLS DO YOU HAVE”?…….

    Honestly, I think that is a WEAK argument, and obviously….OBVIOUS!!!!!!
    what are you all gonna say when they win one?

    It’s not the fan’s fault they haven’t won a SB, don’t blame them…..

    No, until they win something, while the other teams in the division have ELEVEN Super Bowls, they have no right to talk. Much less talking MORE than all the other teams’ fans combined in the NFC East.

  18. Broken WRs? How many WR tandems scored more than the 20 touchdowns Nicks and Manningham put up last year? One of the best duos in the league.

  19. You eagle fans are hilarious. You act all calm and collected yet you can’t resist to read articles about our players and comment about how we are going to suck this year. Personally if I think a team is going to suck I don’t give a crap about them and could care less what’s written unless it directly affects us in any way.

    If you weren’t worried, you wouldn’t be on here trying to talk yourselves into being confident. Psychology 101.

    One of you assumes that Gregg is a Giants fan, until you were put in your place by him telling you where he grew up. I live in Patriot country and they hate the Giants almost as much as you perpetual losers.

    Then another one of you talks about Karma!! Look up the definition of karma, you’ll be surprised what you read. Karma doesn’t exist as a whole not to mention wtf does it have to do with anything giants/football related.

    Your sad pathetic attempts to bring a team down are just that…PATHETIC!!!

    In all sports there are “market corrections”, so be ready for that to happen….until then, enjoy your high murder rates, keep that competition with Camden going!

  20. the only thing better than miserable, hating eagle fans is miserable, hating red sox fans.

    all their loud mouthing can’t transform the fact that i’ve seen my team win 3 super bowls, and i’m only 33 years old.

    haters gonna hate, eagles gonna choke. it’s the way of the world.

  21. Sorry jints fans – can’t get too worried about Peter Paul Mounds having 2 sacks in a preseason game. Maybe if he had backflipped his way to the QB…

  22. kingjoe1 says:
    Aug 14, 2011 11:08 AM
    JPP is a workout star. When the bright lights on the big stage come on, he will fade like newspaper in a car window.

    Quit plagiarizing parts of articles from bad columists….if this was truly the case the Raiders would have drafted him with the first pick.

    Watch a practice or better yet a game before commenting……

  23. This person ahead of me is a fool. Of course he doesn’t have the perfect technique, yet. He has only been playing football for 7 years. He already sheds well, because of his wingspan. Go SADDOWN, Eagles fan.

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