Graham Gano wins D.C. kicking competition

The Redskins attempted five field goals in their preseason opener against the Steelers. Graham Gano went 3-for-3. Shayne Graham went 0-for-2. And with that, the Redskins’ kicking competition is over.

Shayne Graham has been released, Adam Caplan is reporting.

Graham missed wide left from 29 yards and wide right from 49 yards against the Steelers, while Gano was good from 32, 34 and 45.

Gano struggled as the Redskins’ kicker last season, and the Redskins were hoping Graham could push him. But one preseason game and two missed field goals were all the Redskins needed to see of Graham.

33 responses to “Graham Gano wins D.C. kicking competition

  1. Knee jerk reaction shanny! We all know gaNO cost us 3-4 games last year with his inaccuracy and just plain choked! I’d atleast give Graham the rest of the preseason.

  2. Possible mistake.

    Shayne Graham went 12/12 last year with the Patriots. He hasn’t hit below 80% of his kicks since his second year in 2003. He’s a reliable kicker.

    Graham going 0/2 and Gano going 3/3 were both flukes.

    Gano does have a powerful leg, so I guess the Redskins feel like they know enough.

  3. @ Knee jerk reaction shanny! We all know gaNO cost us 3-4 games last year with his inaccuracy and just plain choked! I’d atleast give Graham the rest of the preseason.

    Do you know how BAD you have to be, for my team (the bengals) president MIKE BROWN to actually cut you from the team? Shayne Graham is garbage, he missed a few kicks, it got into his GINGER brain and it was all over. There are some people that once u shake their confidence, its over for them. Shayne graham is one of the worst kickers ever. He will miss ANY clutch kick for you, guaranteed. He missed from 29 yards, I mean REALLY? There is a reason this guy was cut from the bengals, and never got another job. He will miss EVERY CLUTCH KICK guaranteed. I was so glad when we finally got rid of this fool. I’ll take dave rayner or who we currently have, mike nugent, any day of the week.

  4. Good, Gano was doing kickoffs the entire game and was putting them through the crossbars from 65 yards out.

  5. Shayne Graham – 12-12 for NE last year, 23-28 for Cincy the year before that. 86% career success rate.

    Graham Gano – 24-35, a career 71% success rate.

    Yeah, they totally didn’t overreact to one game or anything.

  6. Shayne Graham cost the Bengals the playoffs in 07 I believe and he cost them several games by not being able to come through in the clutch a missed extra point cost them games against the Steelers and Broncos in past years oh and his 0 for 3 against the Jets made sure the Bengals stayed out of that game

  7. even Redskins kicking competition made the reporters n other teams fans excited, wonder do they really have any news that not related to us? wonder if our players r more well known in their fan base then their own? 30% of the news in here r about us, they should call this PFT NFL REDSKINS NEWS!!!!!

  8. @itsmebobd… So Shayne Graham had ONE bad season in Cincy, yet he kicked great in New England. He was stuck in a bad situation on a piss-poor team. I’m sure Shanahan will give him a call when he releases Gano in a weak or so.

  9. The skins haven’t won the division once this millenium .1999 was the last one but at least your talented enough to finish 4th, AGAIN, this year.

  10. t16rich says:
    Aug 14, 2011 12:49 PM
    Could Rex and Graham be co MVP’s at this years superbowl?

    Awesome! If that happens, i will never watch football again. would be fn funny though! Go REX

  11. stupid cut – cause of all his knee-jerk reactions these past couple seasons, shanahan isn’t the hall of fame coach we once thought he was

  12. For those talking about knee jerk reactions, Shayne Graham has struggled throughout camp. He hasn’t just been missing in practice he has been shanking kicks way, way wide. By contrast, Gano has been taking most of his chances.

    Gano has got a very strong leg, but he is young. The coaching staff obviously like his attitude and think he has got talent. They obviously want to give him the opportunity to develop because they kept him when he was struggling last year. It’s a good move, we’ve given up on young kickers far too earlier in the past.

  13. The only knee jerk reactions are the ones some of you posters are making. Shayne struggled throughout camp in a bad way.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if they brought in another kicker that could actually compete with Gano.

  14. mcconnellrules says:
    Aug 14, 2011 12:21 PM
    Good, Gano was doing kickoffs the entire game and was putting them through the crossbars from 65 yards out.


    Everyone keeps saying for 65 yards, including the “tool” Joe Theismann. It’s 75 yards. The uprights are 10 yards from the goal line.

  15. Can anyone give me Shany’s number? I figure he’s my best chance to kick in the NFL without actually… you know… knowing what the hell I’m doing.

  16. To all those idiots that don’t know anything about management that think this was a premature/kneejerk shanny move:

    there are close to 90 players in Redskins camp. Shanny has to whittle that down to 53 in about a month. He does not have the time nor attention to delay this move any longer. He appears to have a clear-cut winner and loser in this battle. He makes the move and moves on. The other positions are a lot closer and needs more of his attention.

    If you agonize about every little decision, you become parallized.

  17. Knee-jerk reaction? These guys have been taking the same kicks throughout training camp — each guy had roughly 20 field goal attempts. I forget the exact numbers, but Gano has 1 or 2 misses; Shayne has 7-8. Then Shayne goes out and shanks a 29-yarder (horrible miss) and doesn’t come close on a 49-yarder.

    Shayne has been a terrific kicker for years now. He’s having a bad camp, and that carried over into the game. No sense wasting time hoping he’ll straighten himself out.

  18. was thinking of same: Gordon Gano of violent femmes…is he related to uncle graham in any way? or nephew graham…? not sure. let me go on, like a …

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