Report: Houshmandzadeh working out in New England tomorrow

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The Patriots have one former high-profile Bengals receiver on the roster.  They could soon have two.

Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald reports that receiver T.J. Houshmandazadeh will visit the Patriots on Monday.

Houshmandzadeh, who played for the Ravens in 2010 after being cut by the Seahawks, has drawn little attention during free agency.  Apart from a rumor last week linking him to the Colts, his memorable name rarely has been largely forgotten.

The 10-year veteran joined the Bengals the same year as Chad Ochocinco.  Houshmandzadeh has 616 career receptions for 7,091 yards and 43 touchdowns.

Whether it leads to anything more remains to be seen.  Informed of the news via IM (remember, we’re 14-year-old girls), resident Patriots homer Rosenthal said, “Ugh.  Man, I hope they don’t sign him.”

At least he didn’t say “OMG.”

30 responses to “Report: Houshmandzadeh working out in New England tomorrow

  1. Fair warning, Brady… You won’t be able to do anything right by this guy. Throw it perfectly and as it bounces off his hands, he’ll blame you and throw a temper tantrum on the sidelines. And if he has to actually stretch for a ball to make the catch, watch out! This guy defines locker room cancer.

  2. NFL Football Now says:

    Make sense as a redzone target …

    Tell that to Flacco. After all his bragging, he dropped a critical on-the-numbers pass against Pittsburgh in the playoffs. If he hadn’t, he’d likely still be in Baltimore.

  3. Chad Johnson, Haynesworth and now Houshmanwhatever??
    Ever seen a locker room implode?
    Would be worth seeing.

  4. But I heard that Haynesworth accidentally ate Chad “look at me” Johnson’s left foot.
    He’s on IR so it kinda makes sense.

  5. Deb beat me to it; TJ, while being a great guy, literally dropped the ball on the last Ravens pass of the season (which also happened to be 4th-16, I think). If he catches that pass, the Ravens have 1st-10.

  6. ronswansonsdinner says: Aug 14, 2011 10:17 PM

    Houshmandzadehhhhhhhh…yeah yeah…..HOUSHMANZADEHHHHHH

    I think that ESPN commercial is hilairous.
    It’s funny, yes. And I still say “TJ HOUSHMAZILLI…LOCK IT UP…CHAMPIONSHIP” sometimes.

    I hear they’re talking to Jerry Richardson about coming out of retirement to play WR for them too. Sheesh.

  7. Housh is the biggest crybaby in the league. I’ve lost respect for the Patriots organization for even considering this guy.

    There’s a reason no other team is going near him.

  8. @nomoreseasontix–

    “But I heard that Haynesworth accidentally ate Chad “look at me” Johnson’s left foot.
    He’s on IR so it kinda makes sense.”

    No one is on “IR” you moron. There isn’t one person on injured reserve. That’s means that you’re out for the entire season.

    Haynesworth is on the unable to practice list, b/c he has knee treatments every single yr, and they’d rather allow him to receive his knee treatments and be able to play in real games. It’s something they already knew when they signed him for a bag of peanuts.

    Oh, BTW–Belichick just said last week that he’d most likely be back in a week or so.

    You need to learn the difference between IR and training camp PUP.

  9. The Pats gotta save a boat load of cash when the team goes out to eat….Senior discounts help after a long lock out! This team rivals most retirement homes.

  10. Did BB wake up and think it was 1992 and he was the Cleveland Browns coach again, trying to show up the in-state rival Bengals???

  11. If Rosenthal really IMed that, there’s no way that you didn’t edit it for typographical and spelling errors before posting it in your story.

    Here was Rosenthal’s real IM: UGGGG mann ii hoap thay doant sine himm

  12. Sorry but I dont see that happening, they are already crowded at WR

    Price are all locks

    You still have the young WR’s that they like

    Plus a special teams guy like Slater who somehow always makes the team and is listed a WR.

    Farnham and Jenkins have practice squad written all over them. Plus they drafted Ross.

    I dont see how Housh is better than Tate or Edleman, and he is way older. It would be hard to cut a 25 year old WR under your control to sign an older WR for one season. Especially considering Welker and Branch will both be FA’s next year.

  13. I wonder if there may be a motivation issue going on? Bringing in seasoned DB’s and TJ would make certain complacent new additions to the team pick up their step a little?

  14. Just call him Houshmandloozah. This guy might still be a great football player if he could only get over himself. His attitude in Seattle sucked and so did his work ethic. I watched him give up on so many plays…Something he and Deion Branch have in common they deserve each other.

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