Status still undecided, Pryor seeks a meeting with Goodell


The supplemental draft is scheduled to be held in only three days.  And the NFL still hasn’t decided whether former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor will be included.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Pryor and his representatives hope to meet with Commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday or Tuesday in order to get an answer, and ultimately to get in.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that, with all due respect and deference, the NFL is jerking Pryor around.  At this point, even if they let him in, he’ll be hard pressed to conduct a Pro Day workout before Wednesday.

We’ll have more details about Pryor’s case for inclusion later.  Apparently, Pryor already has shown that it was inevitable he was going to get kicked out of Ohio State before he announced that he was leaving.  That fact, if true, would undercut the notion that he’s being excluded because the league doesn’t want players to be able to become eligible for the supplemental draft by quitting school and hiring an agent.

42 responses to “Status still undecided, Pryor seeks a meeting with Goodell

  1. I hope to God he’s ruled ineligible. He got off way too easily from OSU. You shouldn’t be able to simply escape to a better lifestyle after breaking all the rules.

  2. He quit after being suspended from his college team.

    Why should he be rewarded for breaking the rules and quitting when facing the punishment.

    Make him sit a year.

  3. Yeah, this is stupid. The NFL needs to quit being babies and let him in. It proves nothing to exclude him.

  4. Roger promised a decision not later than then 25th of April 2012.

    “It wouldn’t be fair to Terrelle to keep him waiting any longer than that.”.

  5. Who does this bum think he is?
    He stinks as a QB……he’s a liar, cheater and a scumbag……why would Goodell even waste his time?

    The NFL should all do a WINK WINK with each other and they let him in the supplemental draft and NOBODY takes a chance on him AT ALL….but I guess that would be collusion, eh?

    Oh well…..he’s not really sorry for trashing Ohio State……he don’t care at all!!!
    Now we all know why he picked OSU over PSU, because Joe Pa is not a CHEATER!!!!!

  6. rules are rules and if the rule states that if he is not eligible at Ohio Stare then therefore he is eligibel for the supplemental draft. This is a ten million doller lawsuit that Pryor will win if his rights are viplated. There needs to be a seperate organization that polices the ncaa and/or the nfl. Because this is obviously collusion between the nfl and ncaa and possibly blackmail if the ncaa is threatning not to give a service if the nfl does not keep Pryor out of the draft. Big time investigations and lawsuits need to happen if this kid does not get in and get in with enough time to have a pro day. Goodell smells bad on this one; as well as the ncaa. A.j. green was suspended four games for violating a small rule which was his own property he sold anyhow; someone needs to be in place to police the ncaa because they are obviously involved in this process and are obviously committing criminal offense as well as the nfl.

  7. Rot in hell T.Peazy! Karma needs to bite this guy right in the a$$. Here’s to hoping the NFL doesn’t let him in and he rots a year or has to go the hard way via the UFL or CFL…or better yet, not get one single shot.

  8. Everyone dumping on Pryor, be warned that if they **** the guy over any more than they already have, you can kiss the NFL draft and college feeder system as it is now a firm GOODBYE.

    This situation is such an egregious denial of basic human rights NATO will be bombing the stadiums next month if the NHL continues to be ridiculously stubborn and pigheaded.

  9. If he’s not eligible, he’s not. He created his own problems, so let him suffer the consequences. Does he really think meeting with the commish and acting sincere and apologetic will do anything? One thing Goodell has been consistent about is that the rules are the rules, no exceptions.

  10. Put it this way – If that phony Tressel wanted to get a job coaching, he would be allowed to. That doesn’t mean teams would have to hire him.

    Pryor should be eligible. If teams have a problem with what he did, they are welcome to not draft him.

    Anyone who thinks differently does so for purely emotional/homer reasons.

    Simple as that.

  11. It isn’t fair that the NFL is excluding him, but the whole situation reeks of KARMA.

    It is up to the 32 individual teams to evaluate Pryor’s complete ambivalence to NCAA rules and how that speaks to his character or lack thereof. It should not affect his eligibility for the suppl. draft.

    However I feel that the NFL is making and example of Pryor because of the way he brazenly ignored NCAA rules (a nod of support to the NCAA in return for its no cost NFL farm system) and in the real world that happens and fair is thrown out the window.

    Pryor is the victim (a well compensated victim) but his fairness was apparently signed away when he pressed Sharpie to anything Red or Silver.

    Karma I guess.

  12. If Terrelle Pryor enters either the CFL or UFL and plays this year, can he enter the NFL next year as a Free Agent or must he enter through the draft?

  13. Not sure why it matters…Pryor will never be successful in the pros – he’s all about himself, not the team. Maybe CFL – but only losers would go to Canada (hence the Buffalo Bills).

  14. This self-centered brat is still under the delusion he’s entitled to special treatment.

  15. Sit down and shut up, kid.
    You’re only guaranteeing that any NFL career you have will be short and irrelevant.

    Look at the others who have forced their way in. It’s a sure path to nowhere.

    You screwed up. Take your lumps like a man and hit it next year.

  16. Let him, so he can quickly realize that he was a decent College QB, but never will be a factor in the pros.

  17. Do you guys only read the first paragraph of these stories? I don’t like him either but if he had already been kicked out of OSU before he was suspended he should be allowed into the supplemental draft. Thats kind of what its for.

  18. cakemixa says:
    Aug 14, 2011 4:09 PM
    I hope to God he’s ruled ineligible. He got off way too easily from OSU. You shouldn’t be able to simply escape to a better lifestyle after breaking all the rules.


    So he shouldn’t be allowed to leave school? They should hold him there against his will? The NFL should punish him for something that they are not involved in?

    Get real, dude. There is NO reason he shouldn’t be eligible.

  19. The really sad thing is that Pryor p*ssed away an education he’s probably going to need.

  20. “I don’t like him either but if he had already been kicked out of OSU before he was suspended he should be allowed into the supplemental draft.”

    But doesn’t that just open up the situation where someone who wanted to come out early can just get themselves kicked out of school? That seems like an ugly and uncomfortable paradox for all involved.

    Bad behavior should have consequences. Waiting a year to enter the draft would certainly be that….

  21. Firstly, most running backs and wide receivers are about themselves. That’s the way of the new game. Look up the other guys that went into the supplemental draft. Then compare to Terrell Pryor. Why let Reggie Bush have a career and TP not? You people need to stop being hypocrites In America TP deserves his shot. I bet most of you people who think TP doesn’t deserve a shot calls Obama a socialist.

  22. Make an example out of this unhealthy character Terrelle Pryor. Let all of these college players know now that it is unacceptable to quit school, hire an agent and expect a shot in the NFL. Maybe this will keep a few more future players in school trying their best to succeed in order to make it here.

  23. UNLESS he was informed by OSU or the NCAA that he was inelegable for the ENTIRE season, contrary to the report of the 1st 5 games, he’s NOT eleigible for the SD under the current rule. The fact that he got bad advice from Drew Rosenhaus and signed with him is irrelevant!
    Whether the Comish wants to bend the rule is another issue.

  24. If Pryor doesn’t get in the supplement draft, it would just be more of him honing his skills just without a playbook. That’s where his problems lie with the task of adjusting to the NFL as a QB. Its not like he’ll get any reps with any team now that the season has started and most teams value experience more at this point.

  25. cfl is in full swing, so no legitimate team would waste their time w him. ufl seems to be his only shot considering i doubt a team from ohio would draft him, unless some coach somewhere is enamored w him and picks him in the supplemental draft. 6th round at best.

  26. Good for the NFL. Showing a pompous, arrogant jerk that there are consequences for his actions. He QUIT OSU because he was suspended…F U Pryor!

  27. I don’t see why there’s animosity towards the kid. NCAA and NFL have always been about giving kids the chance to play in the NFL. If he doesn’t make it, no hair off anyone’s back, but to exclude him on that basis is silly (umm Cam Newton, Reggie Bush, everything turned out fine for them).
    Kid was given a tough deal like Dez Bryant (who turned out fine missing a year and w/ ongoing character issues).
    Missing a year isn’t that bad, but he wouldn’t be selling jerseys if his family was well off, so I can assume the NFL is his family’s meal ticket. Let ‘em eat.
    And I agree with realdraftgm, this has been going with the NCAA for years. Their “rules” perpetuate the exploitation of these kids and make millions then leave them out in the cold if they don’t play by their “rules” Pryor is a prime example of what’s wrong with the NCAA and it goes back to Blue Chips, remember that movie?

  28. Ok canetic. Who’s do you like? Ohio state produces as many professionals as any other school in the NCAA. I don’t like pryor and I think he’s a complete head case, but don’t trash OSU because of Pryor. Every major program has had its share of black eyes.

  29. You all are still forgetting that when Pryor opted for the supplemental draft, there were no rules at that time. The NFL and NFLPA cannot retroactively declare him ineligible based on rules that did not exist at the time he declared.

    His lawyer could possibly sue the NFL, NFLPA and try to get an injunction on the supplemental draft or even the start of the regular season.

    It should be a slam dunk that there is some injury to Pryor and at the least, he would be declared a free agent, able to negotiate with any team, not tied to a draft.

    In other words, Goodell is punishing a person, who would be otherwise eligible, for things done while not in the NFL.

    Goodell has done this at least once before, suspending the Bengals Frostee Rucker for things done in college (the court case came up after he was drafted, but all charges were filed before the draft). But in that case, Goodell applied the suspension after Rucker had become an NFL member. In this case, he is effectively applying punishment to Pryor before he becomes an NFL member, so it becomes an actionable offense, IMHO.

  30. “This situation is such an egregious denial of basic human rights…”

    Since when is the privilege of playing a sport for a living a “human right”?

  31. It’s becoming more and more obvious that, with all due respect and deference, the NFL is jerking Pryor around.

    Thank you! I have been tryingto figure out the issue, and now I know: It’s more of Goodell’s creative godlike decisionmaking. I hope voyager6 is right and someone eventually sues the NFL as a result of the commissioner’s uneven and megalomaniacal approach to “discipline.”

  32. i say let him in. i mean a guy like McAdoo is in. so why not let Pryor in, now if McAdoo wasnt allowed in then i could agree, but McAdoo had contacts with agents AND had academic misconduct.

  33. so the nfl is jerking TP (toilet paper) around…serves the chump right, he’s a punk that abused the privileges afforded him at Ohio State and instead of owning up, he tries to high-tail it to the nfl…Roger Goodell has every right to play this thing by the book and shut him out if that’s what the rules allow him to do…nicely played commish!!!

  34. @nnagi …

    Pryor stayed at OSU to serve his suspension out of loyalty to Tressel. He didn’t attempt to leave until Tressel did. Then OSU kicked him out. I’m not excusing his infractions, but he didn’t try to high-tail it to the NFL.

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