Bengals bring back Jonathan Fanene

In 2009, Jonathan Fanene was a significant contributor to the Bengals’ defensive line. He played in all 16 games, starting 10, and he also started the Bengals’ playoff game. He had six sacks. And his 45-yard interception return for a touchdown turned around the Bengals’ win over the Lions.

In 2010, Fanene was limited to just two games because of a hamstring injury, and as an unrestricted free agent, he didn’t garner much interest.

Now Fanene has re-signed with the Bengals, who are hoping they can get the 2009 version back. The team announced today that Fanene is back.

Fanene was a seventh-round pick of the Bengals in 2005, and he has played his entire career in Cincinnati.

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  1. That loss to the lions tells us nothing about what the bengals will do this season.. they had 6 wide receivers injured, 3 running backs, 3 D lineman, 3 defensive backs, and 2 linebackers.. on offense they had 5 rookies playing… 1 at qb, 1 wr, 2 rb, and 1 left guard.. and numerous first year players with the bengals.. not to mention less then 2 weeks in a new system under a new offensive coordinator. let them get more practice time in and open up the playbook a little more on both sides of the ball and they will be far from the worst team in the league.. once the defense gels a little more, i see no reason why they can’t be a top 10 maybe top 5 defense.. i do believe there will be a learning curve for dalton and the offense.. but i dont think 8 wins is out of the question with there schedule….

  2. I live and die Bengals…I am not very confident going into this season. Our defense was supposed to carry us a little and they looked like the bad news bears out there….jus sayin

  3. ticalcaldwell: they had 3 linebackers that have never played together before, 2 of which are completely new to the system and the other played his first game playing the middle backer in the pros.. throw in clements at corner playing his first game in the system.. in a very vanilla playbook.. they rushed 4 and dropped 11 .. no blitz’ or schemes once so ever…

  4. I believe the game against Detroit was not a good representation of the 2011 Bengal’s team. The D, though Detroit passed pretty easily, stopped the run. The first TD, was a clear push off by Calvin Johnson to Leon Hall, Hall was actually in good position. The second TD, I can’t for the life of me, understand why we didn’t see another view of the fumble on the kickoff, leaving the ball inside the 20 yard line. The O, slowed down and was able to move the ball a bit. I love what I see out of AJ Green, he’s going to be a star in this league. Watch out for Cedric and Simpson this year too. Go Bengals.

  5. Stop making up excuses for this Bengals team. We all know our pre-season play has been our in-season play for the past few years. Just like last year when we repeatedly heard from OchoCinco how ” Once we get it all together we’ll be unstoppable” That, we heard for weeks and the ‘ All together’ , was 4-12. Lets stop using speculation and assumptions to determine what this team will do and let them DO THIER TALKING ON THE FEILD. I’m a die hard Bengals fan, but face it… Our pre-seasons are usally a good determination of our regular season. The league is going to be white and black this year just like most preseason scores. Either your an outright winner or you sub .500 , by a lot. In the end i would love to believe what ya’ll are saying but frankly its best to be realistic. Marvin Lewis better be a friggin coaching genius this year or run 65% of the time.

  6. @ jhoerst

    Do you mean to tell me the Bengals had injuries, and rookies playing?! Wow!! What an advantage the other 31 teams have – they only play veterans and their best 53 players are never injured.

    You do know that injuries and rookies are part of the game for every team, right? Next you’ll tell me the Bengals lose because they get flagged for penalties.

  7. What people don’t talk about is how well Benson ran (as if it matters). Just like Flacco, Roethlisburger or even Mark Sanchez, Andy Dalton will pass when necessary. Benson will get 30 carries a game. Praise Carson all you like, but I don’t think Dalton will even be in the position to throw 20 int.

  8. crownofthehelmet: tell me how many other teams have a rookie starting QB and rookie number 1 receiver starting week 1 WITH a new offensive coordinator.. add in shipley and gresham and there starting in only there second year.. no other team in the league has as many new starters at so many different positions then the bengals.. and they led all teams with the most injuries going in to preseason week 1…. i know all teams have only had 2 weeks of practice… but with so many new people starting in so many different positions is where im making my point..

  9. tkraw33: they held detroit to 2.1 yards per carry on 33 attempts rushing.. just gotta see how they do when they open up the playbook and schemes a little more on D..

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