Cooley says he expects to play Week One

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Redskins coach Mike Shanahan recently said that tight end Chris Cooley will miss at least two more weeks with a bad knee.  Though his specific return date remains to be seen, Cooley is confident he’ll play in the first game that counts, three weeks and six days from now.

Grant Paulsen of 106.7 the Fan in D.C. reports that Cooley has consulted with Dr. James Andrews.

“To be honest with you, and I mean this,” Cooley said, “I would be amazed if I didn’t play against the Giants.  We had the wrong plan.  Now I’m confident we have the right plan.”

The Redskins host the Giants on Week One.

Cooley had arthroscopic surgery on January 3.  He says that, even though he’s not practicing, he has been working out six hours a day, and that he weighs 241 pounds for the first time since high school.

During eight NFL seasons, Cooley has been durable, missing only nine games due to a broken ankle in 2009.

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  1. Alright…I get to be first comment…let me save the usual suspects a little trouble…Shanarat, overpaid, celler dwellers, Eagles dream team, Shanahan would never have gotten those two rings without his franchise qb unlike all of those other coaches who have won the SB with no name qb’s, Shanallen, Cerrato lol, hopefully I misspelled plenty of words as well, just to make it authentic….

  2. During eight NFL seasons, Cooley has been durable, missing only nine games due to a broken ankle in 2009.


    Hmph. Rosenthal said DeMarco Murray could never stay healthy because he missed 6 games out of 56 during his 4 year college career. Stop handling east coast teams with kid gloves, please.

    P.S. Cooley has played seven seasons, by the way.

  3. Nice player stuck on a suck team, with a horrible owner, an ovverrated coach, no QB and a clueless offensive coordinator. Nothing against ‘Skins or their fans, but this is truly a baaad situation.

  4. @tcawa757

    Yea shanny did win with elway, but so did coughlin with manning, tomlin and cowher with roethlisberger , mcarthy with rodgers,jones with aikman, belichik with brady, peyton with brees, dungy with manning…need i say more??? I thought this response was about cooley? not ur jealousy over a coach whos made a hall of fame career over ur “would u like fries with that” future of yours.

  5. Cooley is at 241 pounds for the first time since they announced a more stringent drug testing policy.

  6. How is it that Cooley is injured? I have friends that played agaisnt him this summer in a flag football league in Fairfax and they say Cooley played DL/LB/WR/QB… that doesn’t seem like he was too injured, does it?

  7. trollaikman8—–your dad should have launched you into an old sock….you’re an idiot!

    and that below average player has owned your team when he’s played them

  8. Shanahan equals Barry Switzer


    Not even close. Not only does Switzer have double the championship rings as as a head coach as ratface has, he also has a better NFL regular season record as well as a better playoff record and a spotless head-to-head record against him. Barry Switzer is one of only three men to win a college national championship and an NFL championship as a head coach (the other two are Jimmy Johnson and Paul Brown). Barry Switzer is in the College Football Hall of Fame. Barry Switzer is a Jim Thorpe Lifetime Achievement Award winner along with the likes of Tom Osborne and the great Muhammad Ali. Collectively he’s 25-8-1 against some of the best football coaches that have walked the planet – Tom Osborne (12-5), Joe Paterno (1-0), Bobby Bowden (3-0), Jimmy Johnson (5-3), Woody Hayes (1-0), and Darrel Royal (3-0-1). That’s 8 of his 11 total losses in 15 years as a big school college head coach. They made a movie about Barry Switzer’s life. Shanahan will be lucky to get a 2 minute ESPN2 tribute sandwiched between infomercials at 3a.m. when he retires.

  9. @ hosslaxx

    Uhhhmmmm…….step away from your keyboard……check my post for satire…step back and own up to your “oh yeah” moment…obviously I was making the same point as you….well…..obvious to most readers I suppose….As far as “fries”…you clearly have more experience in that realm than I.

  10. @melonnhead ..

    Amazing isn’t it, how people think that since Switzer *won* a SB with the team formerly coached by JJ that Switzer is some kind of hack.

    As if JJ instilled the talent in Aikman, Smith, etc

    What sense does that make?

    Especially since Switzer owns JJ in terms of college accomplishments. And if anyone wants to argue about who did what in college…save it neither were choiboys but only one is now doing “Extenze” commercials.

  11. @tcawa757

    Yea ill step back from my keyboard, so someone can sit down and teach ur intelligent self how to type a statement that makes atleast a little sense considering knowhere in ur comment did it seem as if u were makin the same point as i…and yea i am pretty ballin at makin fries,just like i am at typing things that make sense….i mean u went from sayin shannarat to the dream team…really?? Make sense when u type ,uve officially been downgraded from frys to handing out smiley stickers as a wal mart greeter

  12. hosslaxx

    OK….first, I don’t get the ad hominem attacks that are not related to the topic…not logical. Second, You will note that the items I mentioned are the typical items the haters post on nearly every article pertaining to the Skins. I hate to be the grammar police etc, but when you start making comments about “making sense” and the intellect of others, you might want to turn the spell check and grammar check on. I suppose there’s always that guy who doesn’t get it. I know it’s difficult to admit you’re wrong…(wait a minute, I mean “knowhere in “ur” comment did you admit that “i” might have been misunderstood by “u”.. not sure what “uve” been thinking about that) but like some other poster stated in a different thread…if you have to explain it, it isn’t funny…..

  13. Tcawa757

    And yet u continue to prove ur a genious at typing and making sense of what ur typing, give me back that roll of walmart stickers and go stand in the county soup line,u officially arnt gonna make it in a career as a greeter

  14. troy…ok give you that one…but he ain’t average either…check the stats…hey maybe my comment about you was over the top..but don’t disrespect a good player b/c he has an Indian on his helemt and you cheer for a team that has a star on theirs….if a player can play, he can play…no matter his colors…

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